DIZeLAN Street Fighter IV Open Team 3v3 - Azusa, CA - SAT 08/01/09

Think I’ll show up to support my friends

Think I might do photos.

Think I’ll say hi to Glove Friend.

Arg, 360… I was thinking of picking up a 360 TE for dual mod but still not sure I want to drop the money on that now.

Well… I have a week to decide, I guess.

reserve a spot for team YJDK please. not 100% sure on our lineup but almost certain we will be there :slight_smile: hope this is gonna be good!

Team BBA is back

my team wants in on this check your pm’s. hmmm i think ill stop by today and check this place out.

Team is decided, so please sign us up. See you guys there!

I’ll be there

anyone want a scrubby ryu? <------ I’m not being modest

oh btw fadeout sorry I didn’t talk much at evo I was kinda in a rush at that particular time :\

if only they were being recorded for youtube :frowning:

everytime i wanna get tourney practice in, the big names come in and destroy my life Lol. oh well, bring it

I think I’m going but, this is at 9pm or is that a typo of some sort? 32 teams double elim at 9 aiming at 10pm… we’re gonna go home at like 3am!!

I’m guessing you haven’t reached your cap yet since I haven’t read any post regarding such information, so could you reserve a spot for team Southtown Syndicate? Thanks. :wink:

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Please reserve a spot for “Team Cupcake”


yo can people on the same team use the same character?


1st page.

shit, my bad. I read thru it a couple days ago. Must have missed that.

ill be heading down there as well :]. I have a team, i just dont know who it is lmao.

@BlaqSkillZ: You’re the vega player right? :smiley: We’re encountered eachother in CE matches, and we will encounter eachtother in PERSON xD!. Ya ready for me?

dont worry, all is welcomed ^^