Divekick Controllers

I guess calling them a “stick” doesn’t really work.

Does anyone have any info on the custom controllers they’re using for the Divekick promos? I’m mainly after what console buttons they map to, the size of the buttons etc. I feel like having a go at making my own or possibly making a two-player controlpanel styled one.

I believe that they’ve stated that they’re bound to X and O – that said, they’ve also mentioned that it’ll be re-bindable, so it doesn’t matter too much. I’d say X and O are just convenient 'cause they’re useful-ish menu butons (if you add a d-pad somewhere, you could probably get away with just those two buttons :D).

The Divekick controller looks similar to a Pop’n Music controller, huge 120 mm arcade dome buttons.

It’s a shame, I really fancied making an Astro City styled 2-player divekick control panel, but those big buttons don’t come in green or pink.

The beauty of the game is that the controller just does not matter all that much. You could use a keyboard or the DK Bongos and the game would function the exact same way.

More I think about it, the more a dive kick controller sounds stupid. DK Bongos, (sarcastic tone) oh boy.
I could just rewire a NES controller for the game and call it a day.

The Dive Kick folks used the largest arcade buttons they could because it looks interesting for their promos.
Then again the more I think about it, the more I think Dive Kick sounds dumb.

Pop’n’ music has green buttons. You could also just buy white ones and insert ‘custom art’.

If you have an sega candy cab at home, here’s a good conversion kit lol.

We can’t have an ironic fighting game without having an ironic controller.

I’m indifferent to whether or not Divekick controllers should become a real thing. But I’ll be laughing SO hard when people start insisting on using their own Divekick controllers and they have to do button checks before matches.

Yeah you can get multiple colors of those buttons, green’s an option and the custom art option is pretty cool too.

The funny thing is that the big button style controller is probably the most inefficient way to play, just using your TE or something and using two fingers on X and O is more responsive. The big buttons are just fun as hell and really add to the experience.

> The big buttons are just fun as hell and really add to the experience.


Modded bongos incoming…

Wait… Does this mean DDR fightpads… Holy shit…

I think you can still play Dive kick with sticks if you want to.
just mod and use a taiko no tatsujin TaTaCon/

nes power pad… or power glove comes to mind…

Staples “easy buttons” would have to be the standard Mod project for elite…

this could go all kinds of dumb

I’m still going with using foot petals from a steering wheel controller for my setup.

Two-way joystick, no buttons.

An all-stick Dive Kick Controller


twin dpad?

I want a b15 DIVEKICK custom!