Disney buy marvel $4Billion Effects Marvel vs Capcom?

So with the news today that Disney has bought Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion, will this be a nail in the coffin for never seeing another Marvel vs Capcom game?

Thats of course if Disney doesn’t want their characters in that type of game, since they own 5,000 characters now.

Article here

If Disney is anything lime Time Warner with DC and their characters, they may not want violence anymore.

So what do you guys think?

LOL you beat me to the post.

I dunno, Marvel vs. Disney could be interesting.

Watch out for Goofy! (<-- if any of you get that, I will be ashamed for you)

Already a thread on Gen. Discussion…search next time.

Power Rangers and now Marvel…
My childhood is flashing before my eyes :frowning:

oh fucking no…

if those fags at disney buy at marvel i’m gonna haveta kill somebody disney better not lay one fucking finger on marvel or so help me i will kill michael eisner, this is a complete travesty, i’m ascared




For 4 Billion dollars.
That’s 4…and 3 groups of 3 zeroes behind it.

STFU Denjin_Man.

Disney, Marvel, and Power Rangers crossover fighting game? That sounds so ridiculous its awesome. =p

Or how about a Kingdom Hearts game featuring Final Fantasy, Disney, Marvel, and Power Rangers characters? >=)

every 13 year old boys dream come true :rolleyes:

Bambi assist will be top tier.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Do you want to read the fanfic I’ve been writing, which is based on the exact same thing?

all this means is that marvel is secure to never go bankrupt, unless disney really fucks up royally
nothing will change at all in the marvel universe. disney isnt stupid, you dont spend 4 billion dollars on a company you intend of fucking up

Garbage, nobody wants to see mickey vs magneto. Gtfo

Seeing as there would never be a Marvel v Capcom 3 anyways it doesn’t change much.

4 billion…Can’t blame em. But i can’t help but feel this isn’t a good thing for marvel fans.

Hopefully we dont get toned down movies and cartoons.

oh god, wow. Gonna pray for good…

Chip and Dale vs Magneto

Isn’t this just about Disney making money? Can’t see them interfering with the Marvel universe to be honest.

More or less it is, but if they see more $ signs by tweaking or shifting thngs in the house of ideas. It could mean problems etc…

Just that i always read about possible MvC3 at comic cons and dont rule it out remarks etc… Not sure Disney would want this for them. But it was just announced today so got time till we see what happens for marvel.

Why does this hurt the chances for Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Capcom made games for Disney back in the day (Aladdin, Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales), and they were fantastic.

Moreover, Disney likes money.


I’m thinking along these lines to be honest.