Discrimination Against Anime Fighting Games

if there’s one thing hurting the revived fighting game community it’s the way we treat games termed “anime fighters”. weebo is another label used to belittle and disregard those games. im confused though; because a game has an anime background that automatically means it lacks in quality? most 2-d fighters are made by japanese developers. what does the look of a game have to do with how it plays? Arcana Heart 3 is one of the most balanced and dynamic fighters on the market, but people won’t go near it because “it looks like something a peedo would love”. Blazblue is another one that gets this degrading because of it’s art style.

so i ask you guys/girls: what makes an “anime fighter” worse than a fighter that you like playing? i mean is there really a difference? or are people really just that insecure with themselves?

I put fighting games into several categories:

Sex offender list fighters: Arcana Heart 3
Jocks with no taste fighters: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 4
Nigga moment fighters: Marvel 2
Baby’s first fighting game fighters: Marvel 3, any Dead or Alive
Macho Man Randy Savage “Cream of the Crop” grade fighters: Vampire Savior, VF 5: Final Showdown, Super Turbo, King of Fighters XIII

I think KOFXIII should be on the sex offender catagory if you play as Yuri or Athena. They were basically the prototypes for AH characters.


I can only see good things coming out of anyone that replies to this thread.

So show me SRK, show me those good things.

I believe part of the reason is some identification people have with some characters. For instance, some army guys would love Guile, and it is a fact that most girls would play Chun Li. Ask the average 30 year old who Chun Li is: she knows her as much as she knows Mario. It is also the reason kids today love Ben 10. Ever been to a male kid’s birthday party? Half of them around here have Ben 10 stuff.

I personally dislike Anime cos it lacks the character traditional drawing gives to characters. While there are exceptions, the default is some template people fill with different eye and hair color, and “hair” form (or whatever they have in their heads). I loved anime when I was a kid (Zillion, mostly, I found Dragon Ball too slow or something), but I just favored traditional style cartoons and comics more. I learned to admire masters such as Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema, Jack Kirby, Alfredo Alcala, Joe Kubert, and Galep and several Italian artists. I particularly like B&W drawings as they can often portrait more details than classic color comics could. I believe the comparison with the in-game art of vanilla Super Turbo and the redrawn graphics in anime style and HD are a good example: despite having better resolution, the new graphics are arguably worse and less detailed, due to using less colors and less facial and muscle traces.

While there are quite old anime games, like the alpha series, several of them have been released those years Capcom stopped releasing good fighting games and SNK became SNK-Playmore. Games by then had to compete with MvC2 and CvS2, which had a big roster and - specially MvC2 - lots and lots of long and flashy combos. They went this route, for flashy stuff and long combos. I am a fan of classic SF2: positions, counters, zoning, hard to obtain positions and hard to escape when you allow your enemy to get a good position, that sort of stuff. Combos were, mostly, not a factor, since 3 or 4 hits and most characters felt dizzy, already. Many matches would not have combos: just simple attacks, throws and chip damage. Simply being able to jump over projectiles an inch closer than your opponent gave you a big advantage: anime games and Marvel give characters several ways of dealing with projectiles, including air blocking.

For me, that’s it. I’m relatively old, and still miss the magic SF2 brought. In some places, arcades are still alive, and it is cos of no other reason than SF2. It’s why SRK and GGPO even exist, and the only reason I still play games.

Edit: this is a good example of Barry Smith’s art. Nowadays, one would get a template with those leaves and repeat them over and over. Barry drew every single one of them. In addition to it, he managed to, somehow, imagine how the leaves and the character would look like if some sort of fence was between the scene and the imaginary light source. It goes unnoticed the first time you see it, but it is absolutely brilliant.

Didn’t we have a discussion similar to this just recently (about 2 weeks ago)?

Honestly though, I don’t mind anime-themed fighters as long as the quality and gameplay is good which is why I like Arcana Heart 3, KOF, Ougon Musou Kyouko Cross, Aquapazza, Melty Blood, The Queen of Heart, & many others like it or those within the doujin catagory. Of course, I do have my exceptions like Phantom Breaker which seems to be way below doujin tier quality but I’ll still give it a try before I can say I’ll trash it. Anyway, Most of these games are non-mainstream which is why I like them more than your usually SSFFIV, UMvC3, MK9, or whatever because they just seems more enjoyable. I think it’s more of an aesthetic reason for most people when it comes to visuals which is why they tend to steer clear of them and just d-ride along with everyone else who tends to bash it before even trying it and giving an actual opinion on a game (IE: Back when Arcana Heart 3 hit consoles in Japan). This is what pisses me off with most of the community because as we all know, if it isn’t from Capcom or Namco…it’s ass…at least, that’s the vibe I get from the majority of the people here at times but I could be wrong.

Bottom line is, you really shouldn’t care what other people think about the game you love playing. If you like it, forget what everyone else think and try to prove to them why “insert game name here” is a good game. It’s sad though that people have to generalize these types of games to the point where they get no exposure or the wrong kind of exposure that drives people away or to hate it.

It doesn’t really have to do with anime fighters, but more due to the FG scene’s adoption and exercising favoritism. Why is it like this, I’m not sure, but before the “flood” of anime games, people always would shit on other fighters. You know…like when CvS2 players would hate on 3s cuz it was too random. People not liking Cvs2 because it was “slow”, or MvC2 because it was a bug fest.

well anime games just have a longstanding history of being linked to infamous pedophiles, the same way Kof has developed into a dominant cultural force in hispanic countries (comparable in influence to Catholicism) and ST alums include nobel prize winners and virtuoso artists.

Anything that isn’t MK is an “anime” fighter since all that ish comes from Japan. The title should really read, “Why doesn’t anyone like the games that I like?”

Bottom line is people compete in what is popular, and around the states popular games don’t involve feelings of shame for being that guy that plays Ero Visual novels in the dark and fighting games based off of those said novels/games. It’s just that simple. You don’t like it then you can go to Japan where they make that stuff and probably have really awesome tourneys for them…lol.


I support being against anime fighters; you should just know what you’re disliking when you are.

No, dude. Just no! Anime = anime, that’s all. That’s a style. Dungeons and Dragons, ThunderCats and SilverHawks have been animated in Japan, but use a comic style.

Like who?

When people say ‘anime fighter’ what they really mean is ‘generic combo orgy with faggy characters’.

They were still anime regardless of what stylization they use. You might as well say that Berserk isn’t a manga and anime because of that.

Actually anime = animation.

I’ve never understood why some people twist the meaning of the word. It’s just Japanese for animation, not one particular style of Japanese only animation. People just like to label, often it makes sense, here it is unnecessary. At least in my opinion.

everyone posting in this thread but SK is a fag

The only thing worse than the people who bitch and moan about anime fighters are the people who bitch and moan about the people who bitch and moan about anime fighters.

They don’t like what you like. So what? Fuck 'em. No reason to get your panties in a bunch.

I don’t think people know what they want in a fighter to be honest.

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