Disconnect % flawed?

I haven’t had a single game disconnect on me. Only once had a disconnect before we both were able to hit the ready button. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even me. I have a solid connection. Occasional lag spikes is the most I get. Yet now I have a 1% disconnect percentage. The game didn’t even start. And I though I read it was supposed to go away after a long time without disconnecting. Well I haven’t had a disconnect from either side for a couple days and it still remains. Seems messed up to me.


I have never had a disconnect or ragequit while playing. Every fight goes smoothly and points are taken/distributed like they should be. About 30% of the time I get the error telling me that I the previous match did not conclude properly and I have to start over. It’s not so much the disconnect percentage that pisses me off, its the fact that I cant ever finish a tournament. My disconnect percentage is now 9%.

I know when I am going to get the error because my disconnect percentage shows as 0% when it should be 9%. I have messaged almost everybody that I have had the error against and it is only me that has received the error.

Does anybody have some type of a solution to this error, or know what is causing it?

i think the connection bars a flawed aswell.

I went from 1% to 2% inbetween two games where I, nor my opponent, dropped. I had no errors, nothing. I admit to the 1% being from leaving 2 extremely laggy games, but the fact that it went up confused me.

i saw a flowchart ken player with a 1% disconnect. which i for some reason blew off as a accident. silly me, as soon as i did a rufus ultra juggle the guy dropped on me in the first round.

Lol, keep flattering yourself.

Ragequitters don’t DC until the very end. What you experienced was coincidental. I mean, think about it logically for a minute … Why would a ragequitter disconnect when he still has a whole 2nd round to go?

I swear some of you people on here just want to feel among the good players “oh gaiz i did a rufus ultra juggle u shud hav seen it!” who are actually being disconnected on … Lol.

i have 1% for when i got d/c cuz of my internet going out :<

Yes because this is always true 100 percent of the time and anytime someone gets smashed in the first round and leaves, its a coincidence.

QFT… … … I thought this was going to be a more productive post, but those 3 letters say it all…

In that case I guess the alternative is more reasonable? That is “anytime your opponent is down and the connection is lost in the 1st round the opponent intentionally disconnected”.

Yeah, I don’t know too many people who would put money on that theory. I still stand by “most quitters disconnect when they are positive that there is no chance they can win, this is never apparent in the 1st round”.

Ive had ragequits after you perfect them the first round.
Sometimes you just hit them with stuff that they know alludes to you being infinitely better so they jump out to save themselves time.
And yea, disconnect is odd. Ive had 3 people ragequit on me in the finals and my disconnect % still at 0.
and one time when I pressed to a join a room, before the Vega background even showed up it said i lost connection, then said game wasnt finished and lost my semi finals status. Just for clickin to join a game…
Its flawed as all hell. prob is when you join or create a game, I believe its setting a new bit in the championship save data, and then when a games complete, it resets the bit. so any booboos during a start or unsafe ending will most likely lead to loss of status.
If you had another memory card I believe you could try to copy your win status when in the finals and keep reupping it

Yeah… I had a pretty ordinary “Ken” rage quit on me after I pretty much dominated the match with my Akuma. He had about 15% health left, with 30 sec left in round 2 and he stopped inputing commands. I backed off and waited for him for a few seconds, he didn’t budge, so I decided to finish the match but as soon as I landed the first hit of my finishing combo, he disconnected.

Now, I know it can be frustrating when nothing works and you lose a match so badly. It happened to me when I first started playing SFIV online. I got owned pretty bad by another player because I just couldn’t get the timing right on my commands. So being down to almost no health at all, I just stopped playing and let the other guy finish me off. It wasn’t very “smart” of me (or honorable for that matter), but I just couldn’t settle down and would’ve lost anyways.

That being said, I never disconnected or quit the match. My opponent beat me with skill and it would have been wrong to deny him the win simply because I was rattled and couldn’t fight properly. On a side note, I got a 1% disconnect rate because I turned of my console immediately after having played a Championship match (and lost) without first coming back to the Main Menu. The next day on boot up, I get the message that the “Championship didn’t finish properly”. Next thing you know, there’s that 1% disconnect rate… No biggy, now I know better.

As for how the game rates “disconnections” and who’s at fault, I believe it can determine WHERE the loss of connection happened. For instance, if your opponent “rage quits”, the game register a disconnect coming from HIS console, so you’re % is safe. Or, it could just be that you have played so many online games, that when it rounds the % out, it still ZERO.

Here’s an example: you play 250 online matches. Out of those, only 1 have disconnected (either from your side or your opponent). Doing the math, that comes out to 1/250*100= 0.4. Rounding it out, it’s 0%. This actually makes alot of sense as I just passed 100 matches last night and I’ve had a total of 1 disconnect (because I turned off my console), so 1%.

I have 1% because apparently I was “disconnected from playstation network” even though I wasn’t.

You will get a DC if you don’t fully exit the match. I think it’s dumb but it is what it is.

ok i read somewhere that there are people that know how to disconnect after the match and get you penalized for it. Is this true? because this is happening alottttt to me… im at 5% now and ive never pulled out and its usually when i win the match.

i’ve noticed on PSN sometimes my disconnect rate is 0%, sometimes 1%. it keeps fluctuating, but i have not had a match disconnect all the time it has been doing this.

And has anyone else noticed that 2bars is now orange instead of read? sneaky.

Okay sorry to be harsh but … I would have expected a site filled with video game enthusiasts to be, at the very least, anything but arithmetically challenged. So many of you do not understand the concept of percentages, it is appalling.

Capcom registers a disconnect on both parties. Is this fair? Not necessarily, but it doesn’t really matter in the long run.

You see the player who initiates the disconnection is more than likely to make it a habit anytime he loses, and thus his DC% will go up. Those of us who are unfortunate to play quitters will also rack up DC% but considerably less than those who do quit.

Furthermore, the more legit games you get under your belt the lower your DC% will become.

Perhaps the only thing more stupid than the rumor that quitters have found a way to get other people charged with their DCs, is those who actually believe it.

I mean, it’s not possible to know who initiated a disconnection, unless you manually check if your opponent is at the dashboard. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Capcom’s DC detection, the DC goes against both players.

You have 5% because you probably haven’t gotten too many games in, that number will lower as you play more games without disconnections.

That is just like what I’m going through. I played a few matches tonight, never disconnected once. Next thing I notice is my DC% is 1, then 2, then 3. I got tired of not being able to finish tournaments because the game wasn’t “concluding properly” or whatever so I went over to ranked matches. Now I’ve lost a good 200 points or so… after winning.

Might want to check your facts on that… Because people have “pulled/dc’ed” on me and it did NOT count against me. Its happened to me 3 times today alone, and I’m still showing a 0% DC rate.

I don’t know what the criteria is for determining if you’re the one who initiated the DC or not, but I know that I’ve had matches end with the other person pulling, and like I said, I still show 0%.

Now… I’m no expert mathematician… but 0% means that I’ve never DC’ed… And if any of those games counted against me I’m pretty sure I’d have more than 0%. I have less than 100 games played in Champ Mode so by my rough guestimate (again, I dont have a math degree…) Going off of today alone I’d have over 3% if any game that ended in a DC counted against both parties.

So again, before you start getting so “harsh” and spouting out your guesses on how things must work, better make sure you get it right. Because what you just posted is false…

Did you not read the post you quoted?

Good lord people, it’s DC percent not number of DC … This means you can quit on someone 10 times in a row and remain at 0% (as the DC% is rounded to the nearest integer), depending on the number of games you have played since the game came out!

I’ll just stop repeating this, and just let the arithmetically challenged users keep whining about how flawed the DC% system is.