Disconnect % flawed?

I dont play people with anything above 1% DC so for me the % isnt messed up but I do think the bars are since I have played people with 5 green bars and gotten a hella laggy game and then play a guy who has 1 red bar and get a really responsive, fluid match so IDK.

whether or not its accounted for accurately, the point is its “curbing” the amount of disconnects. in ranked matches the whole experienced was killed when i know 9 out of 10 times after i win their all gonna disconnect. since i started playing championship, the connections are better, competition is better, and out of so many matches, i only had 1 person rage quit, and it didnt bother me, because i rather have 1 rage quit on me, than 100.

Drop the superiority complex. Did you not read the post you just quoted?

He said that he has played fewer than 100 games in Championship mode and he has had 3 players disconnect on him. That would mean that if those counted against him he would have at least a 3% DC rating. You countered by saying that he obviously has played more than 300 games so that’s why he has a 0% rating. Which makes absolutely no sense.

Also, DC% is something they did after the game came out, and it’s not stored on your hard drive, so I don’t think it counts your DCs and total games played before the patch. They couldn’t just magic that data on your disconnect history out of thin air.

And where did you get this idea that the DC rate doesn’t differentiate between the puller and the victim? It’s too late for me to check my PS3 tonight, but I know one of my first Championship mode matches was a ragequit, and my DC% didn’t shoot up to something outrageous like 10%. It’s always been 0%. And I’ve had a fair number of disconnects between rounds (I think the netcode messes up or something, because I’ve lost connections after a non-laggy round when the other player was winning). I would definitely say at least 1% of all my matches end up as a DC (especially before the patch), and I’m at 0%.

Good lord. Not everyone here isn’t arithmetically challenged, but you sir must be at least slightly impaired when it comes to reading English. The responder even went out of his way to point out the number of matches he had under his belt to indicate what the percentage would/should roughly be.

You seem to assume everything is black and white. You assume if someone quits after 1 round there’s 0% it was a rage quit. Then you keep espousing on this DC % issue when people have gone ahead and taken it into account. If you’re gonna pretend your all high and mighty, it REALLY helps if you can get your facts straight. Otherwise you look like even more of a jackass, which I didn’t think was possible. Unless you know how the code works completely (which you don’t cuz you didn’t write it in the first place) and know the precise detailed psyche of a ragequitter, just shut your trap and move on.

I had a few disconnects, I have 0% ratio.
I’ve matched again with someone who I’m sure disconnected on me just before, s/he had 0% ratio as well.

Well, I really dont know whats going on with this game anymore.

I’ve been playing ranked today and getting disconnected mid game, and had rage quitters. My DC % has gone from 0% to 3% and my BP is going up and down when I get disconnected.

I am on a wireless connection so I know its not the best, but something is wrong.

Again, I was on 1916 BP, got DC on the loading screen and my BP goes down to 1850.


My connect ratio is messed up as well.
Just saw my disconnect bar this morning & it shows 1%
There is a new hack going around that actually floods your side with packets until you drop.

(posted b4 in another thread)

if people are actually going to such lengths to do that, then they are fucking losers.

last night and i got disconnected twice from matches, and then everytime after that i would constantly get the “tournament did not end correctly” message after EVERY match, even if it saved correctly. Needless to say after a few of those my disconnect percentage went up to 1%… now I know how you guys feel. I get kicked from games now once and a while… its rare but it happens. So lame

I just entered a match with someone with 4 bars & a 6% DC ratio.
He booted me…
Maybe he saw my 1% DC ratio and said “F that dropper!”.
I’m tainted for life now :sad:

“Don’t look at me! I’m hideous!”

lol i got kicked by a 19%er yesterday ;(

not having that 0% anymore next to my disconnect really sucks, especially when i dont deserve it

I agree i think the dc % and bar are flawed. The bars before were more accurate.

You see the player who initiates the disconnection is more than likely to make it a habit anytime he loses, and thus his DC% will go up. Those of us who are unfortunate to play quitters will also rack up DC% but considerably less than those who do quit.”

LMAO thats so ridiculously stupid that you even said that. Your saying no matter which party quits during the match both players will get a DC%. Please think about that just for a moment my gawd.

I know for a fact that you rage quit on me tonight. sounds like the game is working fine.