Did i desolder too much at the end and will solder flux work?

[/img]this image is the pcb of the mayflash arcade stick that i’m modding, I desolder the stocks part off but i don’t know if i overdid it on the last one on right

My friend told me to use solder flux i guess it was due to myself for overdoing the last one on the PCB and what other tools i need for solder flex, I have a solder iron but can that last part be soldered again


I can’t make out anything in your one working thumb nail image.

From what I can see I am assuming you lifted the last pad off the PCB by applying the soldering iron to the PCB for TOO LONG, and now you can’t solder to that point.
You have to follow the trace and find a new point to solder too.

sorry how about now

does that mean i have to buy another mayflash arcade stick and take that pcb as replacement???


I think a copper pen (used for drawing leads) may work to repair it. Otherwise, trace the line, and try to find another place to connect.

Follow the little copper line that runs from that pad that you lifted. Find yourself a new spot and solder to the actual trace line.

I’m a little confused about what everyone is saying, no offense, i’ve never solder before i just use the green spot right i where i messed up the last part?

trace the line??? i don’t think there is another place to connect for this

See those silver/metal spots is what you solder your wires too.
That last spot is missing it’s silver spot. That metal piece gone missing and you can not solder there any more.

The Work around is to follow the trace, the circuit pathway of the board.
You follow that thin line going from where your missing pad is to the next sport some exposed metal or solder is and you solder THERE.

If this is still over your head, perhaps you need a NEW PCB all together.

If you only want PS3/USB connectivity get a Toodles Cthulhu PCB, there no soldering required, just place wire in the correct screw terminals.
if you want PS2 support get a PS360+

well i can’t find another spot to solder to replace that last but this is strange, cause i’m looking at my pcb right now so far i desolder well on (L1, L2, R1,R2, circle, triangle, square, FO i guess that’s “X”, but i dont know what ADCHo stands on the one i messed up, Is that important?

and how can i add that pcb on my mayflash, even that’s ps3/ps2/pc PCB

Does the other side still have a metal area? Does that still connect to the rest of the circuit?

you mean under?? yes the last one i burned still has metal plate underneath, will that work when adding solder for the buttons?

It should, try it out. Just make sure you test it before going any further, and hot glue the shit out of the joint if it works.

question how do i test it to make sure it works??? and hot glue on the pcb??, should get solder flux as well or not

Once the wire is soldered on, plug the board into your console/pc, then touch the other end of your wire to a ground contact. The button in question should register as pressed in game.

Hot glue around the joints will help prevent wire movement from causing your solder joint to fail.

Flux will only help, but you should be using solder with a flux core anyways. I use this: http://www.frys.com/product/5842113?source=googleps&gclid=CIH65rvPq70CFUNqOgodOwMADg

I used to have much more trouble with soldering due to using higher melting point, thicker diameter solder. Switching to thin 63/37 helped immensely.

is that the solder iron point replacement… I’ll come back i have to go to school now

No, that’s the solder itself.

Also, while this isn’t exactly relevant to the current discussion - would you mind using an image sharer like imgur or imageshack to post pictures? It would allow bigger images, which will be useful in the future.

where can get my img url anyway, should i get a new solder or clean my current solder iron