DF's Sketches Ripository

Gonna try and update at least once a week.






haha thx.




is that hair in the first picture of the second update?
looks great.

Hot sketches DF. I’m enjoying the Morrigan, of course.

moleskins, ftw.

awesome sketches.

Woof: It’s Wolverine and a character I made up.

Man I really hate drawing Guilty Gear characters and the damn belt buckles.
Head too big, gonna have to redo in the morning. I wonder if anyone can get the reference.


freddy mercury, no? :smiley:

no doubt about it.

Bingo haha. Here’s another. WIP atm.


Dfist is getting kinda good now.

that last Holy Order Sol reminds me a lot of SFMC’s stuff, but with DFist’s own flavour.
Well done, keep it up!

i like this one, i can see your coloring is getting better too

Thx guys. As done as it will get.


dang phong… nice stuff there… shit man i wish i could still draw

diggin that king pin too… did you ever finish watching the spiderman i gave you?

hey thx Matrix. I on season 5 on the spiderman TAS.

Modern day Alucado


Oooh!.. Very awesome D-FIST!.. I feel like I could touch that Sol painting you did!..

Who’s been inspiring you to draw and paint lately, eh?!..

I get inspiration from you, mi boy.

Jeez, how long have I been gone? Your colour has improved a great deal! Those sketches are awesome too, I see your trying to perfect the art of the female. Your doing way better than me.

Damn good shit i can draw but damnnnnnnn you kill me in detail and color

From me?.. You’re pulling my chain there… :lol:

Well, give it back to me when you’re done with it…

haha. Actually from looking at the sketchbooks over at CA