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Word up! I love how you added the cool tone to his face and inside Sol’s coat (a bit warm on his left, NICE). I think it’d be a tad bit more fitting if that same cool was added in the bg. Nonetheless your choice is hues are nice and subtle. And that’s why I love you you dirty bitch. :slight_smile:

Looks at Alucard

You got painter? Since when?

No, kiddin’… That’s enough to fill you for weeks… I haven’t been to the Sketchbooks forum as of late though… I’m going for the masters like Mucha, Bougereau, and some game designers like Kawano, Tae-Kim, etc… :sweat:

Painter (I got IX) is HEAVENLY!!!.. I use it for colouring now instead of Photoshop… The finishing touch of Photoshop still benefits more to the work though especially the resizing, rotating, and saving to JPEGs of images…

Not fanart but what the hey





Lol that girl reminds me of adams family, you always me their lips pouty and sexy thats cool.

She’s actually from the movie Ed Woods

Vampira rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



the Sol WIP is coming along nicely! keep it up!

Nice sky ^^

Hey Phong,

Long-time, no-see your art, ma’ nigga.

Looks like you leveled up quite a bit. Your female drawings compliment you, since you have a soft, effeminate style. Your legs are still a tad on the thin side. Your dudes still are a tad too effeminate…na’ mean?

Like I said before, your PS skills still compensate a lot of your flaws in fundamentals. Hopefully that art school can fortify what you know already, and strengthen your weaknesses.

AIM me sometimes, and I can critique you.

Keep up the good work.

~ Thai.

i like that first girl you did, reminds me artgerm’s pepper drawings

Awesome stuff.

Note: Rep comment wasn’t complete. Damn ENTER key!

those are awesome clouds. looks like it was taken from an animated movie or something. nice!