Devastation 2008 - Year 4 Feb 9-10, 2008 - Phoenix, Arizona

Devastation 2008
- Presented by The Temple Arcade
Saturday and Sunday, February 9th and 10th 2007
Phoenix, Arizona

New site is now launched, so get on and get pre-registered:
If you do not see the new site hit ‘ctrl+F5’ to refresh your cache - it happens to the best of us.

You will create a login and then “Register Now” for Devastation 2008

Tournament Games
Capcom vs SNK 2
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition
Super Smash Brothers: Melee
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Virtua Fighter 5
Guitar Hero III
Call of Duty 4

Babylon Banquet Hall
8035 North 43rd Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85051

  • Yup, we rented out an 8000 SqFt location for TWO days this year!

As always, we will have the largest area of casual play set-ups around… with over 20 areas available you will have games to
play every minute you are not battling your way through a bracket.

Quick list of details[LIST]
[]Entry fee: $20.00 (covers both days)
]Per game registration: $10.00 (goes entirely to pot with 70/20/10 split)
[]Winner Bonuses: To be announced per game/sponsor (ya know, exciting things like Xbox 360s, extra cash and, of course, our one-of-a-kind-every-year-cooler Devastation trophies!)
]Raffles, Exhibition/Grudge/Money Matches, Swag, Sponsor Booths, and more…[/LIST]Out of state players - we are working with a few nearby hotels on group rates and whatnot - let us know if you are

We are proud to announce the first round of sponsors for this year’s tournament…

Arizona Derby Dames
Midnite Movie Mamacita
Play N Trade - Foothills Mall, Tucson
Arizona Hobbyists Paradise
Bruce Brown & Company Catering & Events

Be sure to check in with each of these groups at the tournament and learn more about them and how you can, in turn, support them in their efforts… In the case of Bruce Brown Catering - just be sure to eat tons of food = )

Oh, yes… This does mean that the BBQ is ON and better than ever - because we are having professionals cook it up this go around.

Okay, that looks like a good start. Let’s chat peeps :tup:


Will Jad be there?

You know it!

I have had him wearing his gimp suit down in the basement since last year to make sure of it.



Nice, will Jad be there?

triple confirmation needed for Jad being there.

Don’t have guitar hero 3, Wes is a monster on that axe.

Jad will be there; Jad is ALWAYS there…

In fact… I think I am going to move him out of the basement and into one of the stprage rooms at the Hall so he is there way before the tourney starts…

Microsoft is flying in an 8 year old from Colorado to win that GH3 tourney… at least that is the story on his sKILLs


Considering going, but only for GG. Will it happening on Saturday AND Sunday? or will it just be on one or the other? I ask cuz I dont want to pay $20 for two days if I’m only gonna be there for one. :stuck_out_tongue:

jad=best tourney ever

The idea is to play all brackets to semi/finals, for our purposes it will be the final four in each tourney, all day Saturday. Then on Sunday AM we start the finals to completion for each so the peeps that need to leave can and the rest can stay until we close, hanging out playing casual, etc.

We want to give the focus on the finals that they deserve.

This is, of course, tentative based on how many actual players compete. If we have a huge showing and the place is full we will probably have to go this route - if not, and we have lots of twiddle-thumb time we will run each tourney to finals and then start killing each finals off Saturday and leave Sunday for a screw off, hang out day for those who wish and can attend.

The two-day event is really an insurance policy in case we have the blowout we are shooting for - we get 200/300 peeps in there Saturday we may be hard pressed to get it all done just that day. Especially considering how many of them are show-up-day-of-registrations :bgrin:



omg im wet

Lets Do This!!!



any way the fee can be removed or reduced for out of towners

especially if we have to pay for a hotel

i’m not trying to spend $100 just to go to this

especially since we’d be coming with a packed car

bill i can probably get you housing.drop me a pm on how many people you bringing

i would love to house you guys but i moved into a new house and dont have the room anymore

anyways i’ll see what i can do

The AZ peeps have always gone out of their way to get people housed who need it…

If anyone really needs the love let us know and the word will spread :tup:


damnit! i missed last time because of a work schedule problem and this time a life schedule problem. sigh I think colorado players may be showing to this again… Ill let them know about the thread.

Dont gimme that - yous gots a month and change to fix the problems and show up


Make it so!


Carlos and i are SUPER excited, Robb! PM me if there is anything i can do to help, Man.

Awesome, I was waiting for this. This looks really freaking cool, robb. I’ll definitely be there. I’m gonna be practicing everyday for this. I got a question though. Are you still gonna have the similar stick setups you had last time?