Depression and other mental illnesses

I wanted to make this thread to discuss how other people may deal with depression or other forms of mental illness on this forum.

I kinda admitted to myself recently that I may be depressed, and when thinking into it I think I have subconciously been so for so long, as I don’t have enthusiasm for anything anymore, I don’t enjoy life at all, I have suicidal thoughts. So I trotted off to the GP and she suggested I take meds and maybe counselling, It took me a week to muster the courage to swallow the thing but I just did and I feel kinda weird. Anyway, I feel like these aren’t the answer to my problems and I wanted to discuss with others how they handled their depression and how they got their life back on track after long term suffering with it or something similar (and should I keep taking these meds lol.)

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I’m new to this.


Leave this thread before Anglepalm gets here, it’s the only way to save yourself.

Well, just so you get something before you’re fed to SRK, I had a pretty severe patch of it myself a few years ago. Never took meds for it, just had to find things to keep me going. Take stock of where you are right now and what used to really motivate you. Try and see if you can get back into at least one thing that makes you feel “normal” in your life.

Google anti-depressants and see the monstrous amount of side effects that they have, one is that it might impact your sex drive, so consider all that.

You made an account on SRK, just to talk about your mental disorders? If you want this place to make you feel better about your depression, good luck with that.

I’m sure I have a few screws loose but nothing clinically diagnosed. Havent been to the doctor in ages.

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How to not be depressed:

  1. Don’t do stuff that makes you feel depressed.
  2. Do stuff that you enjoy (sports, video games, etc).

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Find something other than medication to keep you afloat. I have days where I’m feeling down (not really suicidal but moreso just having an apathetic attitude towards life) but I refuse to ever take antidepressants because medication can’t help you psychologically. That shit does more harm than good.

The human brain has a negativity bias to it, so it’s all the more important to find the things in life that consistently elevate your mood and make you feel good.

Use your depression to fuel a vendetta against those that cause you grief. Teachers, bosses, internet trolls, the police, your parents, etc.

  • Hunt them down and dish out some personal justice.

Find out what’s making you depressed and give it a serious ass kicking - or die trying.

Excuse you kind sir. It’s not porn. It’s art.


I’ve dealt with it a lot. I’ve been on medication but it has always made me feel like a zombie and like I’m in no way in control of myself.

I’ve thought about getting remedicated in the worst moments though, but never have.

I’ve vented a lot to friends, it helps but it isn’t the solution. Finding positive things about yourself helps. If you know you have worth in some area then it may be enough to get you through.

If you can’t think of any ask someone that you know who cn objectively tell you.

eh, nah, I’ve had a SRK account before, lost my login, I don’t really care for trolling I’ve been on the internet long enough, I know the side effects are “monsterous” but depression isn’t easy to deal with. I’ve grown tired of a lot of games, even playing street fighter or tekken I tend to get completely bored and null playing after one or two games, much like everything nowadays

Are you suicidal at all?

If you’re insured it may not be a bad idea to do an intake at mental health facility just in case. They can provide much better help for you than your family practitioner can, regardless of whether they treat you as an inpatient or outpatient.

yeah sometimes, wouldnt admit myself to a mental ward. my whole family have mental illness, as in, every single person, I don’t even admit to them because they would get ill themselves, and I’m only 18 and English so I dont have health insurance or anything like that lol, I’m not quite sure what to do

I’m not sure about England then.

Do you hace frequent contact with your family, as in daily?

I have no idea on the healthcare system over there. @crucades‌ @"The Furious One"‌ might kniw more

I live with them so I see them everyday, here they pretty much give you counselling, or feed you pills or if you get bad stick you in a mental ward, counselling from what I’ve heard sounds like they pretty much try to find out why you’re feeling like this rather than look at a solution

Counseling should always be two pronged.

  1. Figure out what’s causing your emotional instability
  2. Come to a solution for the root cause.

I’m no professional counselor, but one thing that I might suggest as part of the problem is your family situation, with everyone having mental illness, that kind of environmental circumstance can drag you down whether you are predisposed to it genetically or not. Couple that with the fact that you’re repressing your situation in front of them, and that is a recipe for compounding the issue on top of itself.

Considering your age, it’s pretty hard to just up and move away from them, and I wouldn’t really suggest you to sever ties with them. What you need is a friend that you can confide this stuff in that isn’t judgmental and will at least listen to what’s going on and provide you some kind of safe haven when you need it.

Have you normally been viewed as being emotionally stable by your family?

Yeah I was supposed to go to university this year but it got deferred for the year. They don’t help at all and they tend to notice when I’m not having a good day and badger me and it makes me feel worse. Yeah they think I’m like the rational and stable one of the family when really I don’t feel okay lol. Yeah I’m gonna inquire to my doctor about counselling but if there’s fees for it I don’t really know how I’m going to pay for it at this point in time. I had a girlfriend but we broke up recently cause I pretty much wasn’t motivated to do anything and when I felt anxious I’d act out of character. My friends have all gone to university so I’m pretty much by myself right now which doesn’t help, might just have to go counselling and get a job and try piece my life together I guess

I’ve been doing my best to avoid taking medication. I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression and general anxiety due to my chemical imbalance. My family situation wasn’t the best for awhile, as well as other outside factors played a bigger role in my mindset for awhile. But, I remember how my ex was when he took his meds, and I didn’t want to feel like a zombie. I already feel lifeless as is. Speaking to a psychologist was helpful for awhile. Just talking to a 3rd party person with no preconceived notions about you was relieving.

Sadly, I don’t think I can really avoid it much anymore. My panic attacks get worse and worse and I get more exhausted after each one of them. I’m really hoping going back to the gym will take some of the edge off of things to try to stabilize myself naturally. But, in terms of family being a root cause, I had to put my foot down and put myself first and get out of that environment before I took the best of me. I’ve been lucky to have my boyfriend and his family that took me in during that took and provided me with a safe haven when things got overwhelming for me. Like MP said, you really need a willing and helping friend to get you through some of these things, cause trying to fight the storm alone is hard and it only gets harder and can drag you under.

It took something drastic to repair my relationship with my parents, so in that respect, that pain was definitely worth where my parents and I are now in our lives. It’s hard, especially when the pain is coming from someone as close as your family, I completely get that. But, I hope you can get some help, especially professionally (if need be) or at least someone (or more than one) to be there for you. Having a strong support system is what helps us trudge through ourselves.

Speaking from failed attempts, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, which I’m sure you’ve heard. But, I’m going to reiterate it. I know it’s bad and it hurts. But please, we are worth more than we think we are. When you tell yourself you are nothing and no one, that is just your depression getting to you. Don’t let it grip you hard, please don’t. Bad times are just times that are bad. Things get a little bit brighter, I promise they do. Only if you allow it.

/Shuts up now

I’d say it’s a mixture then of just the environmental factors (Re: Misery loves company) and codependency. Like you said you couldn’t tell them out of concern that their mental states would go for the worst if you did. You’re willfully denying yourself the freedom of helping yourself for the sake of others, and that is at it’s core, being codependent. A little bit of it is good, but with regards to how you’re taking it, it’s dangerous.

That’s too much pressure for one person to take. Especially considering you’re 18 (I’m guessing the youngest out of the family?), it’s not exactly fair that they lean on you at a young age for emotional stability, and on top of that, they badger you when you’re down? Yeah, no wonder you’re depressed.

So I would lead to believe that that would be the exact root cause of how you’re feeling. If you’re spending a lot of time at home, then getting out of the house is probably a good counter for the stress at home.

Getting a job is one way to get out, but bear in mind that if the job stresses you, it may make things worse instead of better. Plus, you still have to come home sometime. But on the other hand, you can make friends through working, so that could benefit you in more ways than just getting you out of the house and making money. Just monitor yourself, you know how you’re feeling better than anyone. If the job starts making you feel worse, ask if you can take on less hours. I wouldn’t quit outright, because that would just stick you back at home with all this going on. If it’s the job itself, then look for another place to work (which I would advise you to do before you quit the first one).

But I do know one thing, staying in that house all day would be the worst thing you could do for yourself.

While you are severely depressed like this, I would also advise you to take medication, but if you start feeling like the situation is going better for you, I would consider weaning off of it to see if you can handle this without the medicine. If you feel yourself slipping back into depression, get back on it. A counselor would also help you decide when it might be time to wean off.

Hope that helps in any way.