Demon's Souls

Although finals are coming up I’ll probably still find time to play throughout the month. If anyone needs help for something feel free to send me a message via PSN. I got a SL 85 and SL 121 character atm and if anyone is looking for a buddy to play with from the start, I can make a new char too. :wgrin:

This game is so much fun. I haven’t had too much time to try out the multi-player aspects, but I might have to hit you up on that soon.

lets say, i start a new char… and get someone in game with me. can we both go through levels and finish quests and beat boss’ together and all that jazz? or does only 1 person get the like… acomplishments and the other gets screwed. i remember in like… 1-2, that stupid red eyed knight right with the lance, i summoned help there and he still raped us both haha. that knight is stupid strong :frowning:

You’re not really supposed to be able to beat him until you get higher lvl… and even if you do at a low lvl, if you haven’t gotten the mausoleum key yet then you’ll realize you went through all that trouble for nothing, lol.

so i just got this game yesterday, and i love it. it’s hard but i love that about it. i picked a solider to start (i know i know) but i got past the first boss. now i’m afraid to go any further. my PSN name is: NYPhrost. hit me up

make him follow you all the way to this stair case at the end of the hall and he aill follow you and fall off and die. get 3000 souls…the dude behind that door killed me in 1 hit.havent played since lol

this game is the fucking boss, most rewarding game ive played next to 3s… i hate rpgs but this one is just way too much fucking fun.

my brother was watching me play this today and says “this game looks easy as fuck why the hell are you even playing it”, i replied saying “if you can make it to the boss in this level i’ll give you 100 bucks, if you die though you owe me 50”. easiest 50 bucks i ever made.

even funnier was i was dicking around in the tiny king level and he still died on his first enemy encounter.

quick question, when and how do you get to be a black phantom?

When in soul form, go to your items and use the black stone.

If you want to be a dick as a Black Phantom, make yourself a Scraping Spear. With a couple of stabs you’ll break all of someone’s equipment, which is just fucked up. Also free Sage Freke as early as humanly possible and learn Death Cloud. At early levels, not many people have Plague Resistance.

im trying to make a mage build where do i rescue freke.

also would a mage mixed with some stealth atributes be effective or just dumb?

You should be able to find him pretty easily in 3-1, but if you’re just starting out… you’re not going to have much fun trying to run through Tower of Latria, methinks.

I have to kill False King and then end this game cycle, but I really don’t want to. I didn’t quite do all that I wanted to do with the PWWT event, so I’m a little annoyed. I spent too much time drunk, and not enough time taking advantage of the easy WT changes. Ah, well.

Anyone else think the giant goblins are a pain in the ass in 5-2? They’ve got like, super hearing or something. Even with thief’s ring they still spot me a mile away, and love to speed their way through the swamp. :rofl:.


Also, anyone got any idea on how to…

old monk event


get summoned as a BP for a chance at the headwraps? Is there a particular spot that you need to try to use your black stone, or another method?

I hate those giant goblins!!! Not as much as the mage creature things in 2-1 though.

For the old monk event it’s best if you put the blue stone down. One day I was puttng my blue stone next to the maneaters all day and no one would summon me, except when I got summoned to that event… of which I did it 4 times in a row in one hour.

Oh, interesting. I didn’t realize you could get summoned via blue stone for that event. Nice, I’m gonna put mine somewhere retarded (one the outside of the towers or something lol) so that I only get summoned by the Old Monk :smiley:

Thanks for the info Yousef!

Mages are easy. They’re pretty dumb, too. You can just hide behind a pillar. They can’t see you very well, even if you’re not completely hidden. So, stab them in the back, hide behind a pillar, rinse and repeat. This is how I killed, and farmed their souls and sages, at low levels. Also, you must not open the cells with zealots in them, no matter how tempting. They get in the way, and you can’t have this happen at low levels.

Giant goblins are a problem if you aren’t set up properly, but thankfully most appear someplace you can hit them from a higher ground.

The black phantom with the meat cleaver is much more trouble than these guys are.

Get the fireball spell using the Iron Spider’s demon soul from Sage Freke. Lock on to them, keep your max lock on distance, and hammer them with the spell while walking backwards. They won’t run to you, they’ll walk, trying to figure out what’s hitting them. Works every time.

I had no problem at all with the meat cleaver BP for some reason, though everyone tells me they have problems with her. I guess it’s because you can’t roll in the swamp and she can, but I have enough stamina to be able to take her hits any counterattack anyway. Plus, I always ench+warding when I spot a BP, because I’m mostly a melee guy for this character. She actually hit a lot weaker than what I expected with that huge cleaver :rofl:

Thanks for the tip about Fireball, maybe I’ll give that a shot since I’ve got the spider’s soul still, not sure if I’m going for all miracles or all spells first though.

Are people still playing this in SRK? If so I would like to trade some ores(upgrade items). Pretty much need Chunk of Hardstones/Spiderstone and Pure Moonlightstone. Would like any other types of chunks/pures except for Sharpstone/Clearstone. Really only need the “others” for trophies so if someone would like to setup a trophy trade back hit me up. Got rings/weapons too if anyone is interested in “Obtain all rings/valuable weapons” trophy.

for me, the worst black phantoms are the ones with the scraping spear, a high forged dark silver shield and a meat cleaver. also faced a live bp old monk and the dick just kept rolling around. what a pain. didn’t realize how much fun it was until i tried it myself on some guy wearing heavy ass armor LOL. anyone have a high dex stat and using the blind sword? thinking it might come in handy in PvP…

You have to get really, really close with that sword, so I hope you have high magic res or high health. Magic users will bust you before you get to them without anti magic field, and big fellas with lots of health who like to wield dragon busters are going to stomp you before you even get close, and will laugh your pitiful damage right off.

Spoiler answer here:
Use blue stone (blue, not black) to enter another player level just before entering stairs. That should work