Demon's Souls

this thread is for anyone who wants to hook up and do some co-op. in order to do so, you gotta get the blue eye stone after beating the first boss (phalanx or whatever). one person has to be in body form and the other two have to be in soul form.

so with that said, who’s up for some dragon ass kicking?

When I learn more about the game and have some experience in it, I’ll be happy to help out. For now I just want to enjoy single player a bit. DS is going to make me rusty at HDR.

Yeah, I’m doing the single player as well. Just taking my time and exploring every area trying to level up.

I beat the first level without dying, but have died about 50 times since on 1-2 and some other first level.

I am a Royal, because they start with magic and I prefer range attack over melee.

I may jump in this, just got it yesterday. I started off as a wanderer and they seem pretty cool to control. I’m loving the evasion and agility too.

this game looks awesome!(i don’t have it yet), it reminds me to oblivion, and oblivion is beatiful!

FUUUU I just went to the only place on the island that gets in games in a decent timeframe (Believe it or not, it’s a Blockbuster Entertainment), and they don’t even know that the damned game exists. Then they politely informed me that, “however [they] just received in more copies of Halo ODST if you’re interested in that!”

I wanted to kick the guy in his throat.


This game is tempting to me but I hear the difficulty is ridiculous and that it can be a pain in the ass to setup a co-op game with a specific person as opposed to someone just randomly hopping in.

Far, far superior to Oblivion visually. The only thing that is similar is the character creation and the shoulder button controls. Other than that, they’re totally different games. One actually looks good and maintain a steady framerate, takes strategy, and skill, to play.

If you like Oblivion, you have to get this. It smacks Oblivion around from a gameplay perspective.

Oblivion offers a much more open world and more character interaction so far, and is more freeform in what you can and can’t do. It still pales in comparison though.

This game is so very hard, but os very fun. Its a vicious cycle.

add me sometime

This game is so stinkin hard, I’m still trying to figure the single player out.

I’m on NG+ right now. Having some trouble with a few bosses since they do RIDICULOUS damage in this mode. I’ve beaten the game once before with another character, just didn’t want to play as that one anymore so started from scratch and made another one to main. I any of you guys need some help, feel free to add me and I’ll see what I can do. I believe you have to be within 20 levels of each other… and I’m at around 105ish right now.

I love this game!!! I’ve been playing it all week. My first character I was dying a lot but now I’m on my 5th and I almost never die (damn you MANEATERS!!!).

These are my characters right now:

Guts: Guts clone from Berserk SL 98. He weilds 2 big swords. Just started NG+ with him.
Amy: Magician SL 66. I have firestorm so some bosses go down in 2-4 hits.
Roc: SL 42. Another soldier type that I’m building to have big axe + long sword combo for devestating attack then speed rush.

Anyone who wants to add me I’d gladly help you out with some bosses and I’m always re-making characters to try to make the best ones so my SL is all over the place. Just add my PSN (Yousef5) and give me a MSG if you need help. I also want to train for PVP so if anyone wants to go 1 on 1.

Here is the main thread in general discussion.

I love this game! I’ve been playing it non stop. Not quite as hard as the reviews made it out to be, but the difficulty is what makes it so rewarding. Haven’t had time to coop yet though.

man, if you don’t think this game is hard, wait until new game +++ and fight maneater…that fucker cheats every time it seems…

you blocked this, fall off die, bleh!!! mk2 bridge fatality ftw

You can roll away from all of their attacks. The only time they really hit me is when I’m trying to roll away from 1 of them and get hit by the 2nd one lol. No need to block!

this game is ammmazing, and really… if it was any easier, it would be a bad game. although i do hate almos tbeating a lvl, dying at the end only to run through it all again with respawning enemys :frowning:

i started a barb, beginning of the game is so gay cause you got no armor and a shitty club. once you get abit into it, double fisting that bitch = winbutton for me

also, how do i turn into a phantom and start messing shit up?

To be a phantom, you need to be in soul form, go into a level and put up your red or blue “flag”. It’s great fun when you get invaders, Halberds ftw

When you are in soul form, go to your items and there will be a red stone which will allow you to invade a game as a black phantom. The blue stone will put down blue text and people can summon you if they touch the blue text.