Delta Red Debriefing: SSF4 Cammy Video Thread

First match vs. Andre, Winner’s Semi-finals, Battlefield Arcadia XIV. Cammy Vs. Bison


Second match vs. Arturo Sanchez, Winner’s Finals, Battlefield Arcadia XIV. Cammy vs. Dhalsim


I played Andre again later on. I’ll post that video as soon as it’s up.

nice matches. i will add to our youtube Channel playlist when i get home from work. i was keep thinking ultra, ultra after dhasim long arm overhead and you finally did it at the end.
and i finally have more time to play the game last night. i will upload some matches against mokoto later.

great idea, let me know if you want me to upload some videos. i have some good footage against saqs (rose player) from a rank match, i got about 5 videos i was gonna upload to my youtube channel.

me against Adon :xeye:


checkout standing far jab @0:44… thats what i was talking about in the matchup thread…

to stuff HK jaguar tooth you have to be a step from full screen… jab once he launches himself from the corner you should be able to stuff it CLEAN! :wow:

important to shutdown his options for baiting Cannon Spike…

(not the best cammy display sorry guys im still adjusting :razz: )

yea, can you upload to the channel? we have no video right now. i stole my friend’s capture card and uploading few videos against those new characters right now. i will send you login info later.

here is the playlist so far. I upload the vid of me playing against new characters. i failed on alot of combo. and i forget to use lk cross up.

Cammy vs Adon
Cammy vs Bison
Cammy vs Cody
Cammy vs Dhalsim
Cammy vs Juri
Cammy vs Mokoto

Cool, we have some videos! If we can get a few players uploading their matches it might be good to get a playlist for each player, and playlists for each match-up. I think they’re pretty easy to create and edit so they can be changed whenever a new video is uploaded.

yeah they are easy. when we have more matches against other characters. i will create a list for each character.

Here are the video’s I uploaded from yesterday to the srkcammy account . Don’t mind my dropped combo’s and failed cannon strikes. lol

Cammy vs Rose 1-5:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

And I played Justin Wong again from that Galaxy4gamer site. I won again. :slight_smile: Thanks to the new feature of saving replays on super. I uploaded our match. Enjoy.

Justin Wong (Abel) vs My Cammy:

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

lol… congrats again!!.. but i wonder why Justin was playing Abel (off all characters? :shy:)…

impressive… :wow:

Hey guys, I uploaded one of my Cammy matches, would love to get some critiques and comments :slight_smile:
It’s not the best quality, sorry about that.

Double post my bad

You killed that poor bastard! Looks solid to me. Nice combos and rushdown. I wonder how you would do against someone that put major pressure on you. I don’t think I can teach you anything.

I’ll upload a video of me getting my ass handed to me as well, lol

WTF double post again lol

i will state the obvious… meter consumptions… :sweat::nono: you burn meter like crazy… at least save 2 bars for ultra setup…

you use meter as soon as you get it with EX Strike… :karate:

duddly sux (i hate him)… good job anyways :tup:

so is Justin W. free to you now? does anyone think the timing for combo are little bit different? i finally have time to play today, and i’m dropping combo like crazy. maybe i need to go back to training mode. Picked up ibuki, she is like free to everyone. she is like viper hard to use and win.

updated the list:
Cammy vs Abel
Cammy vs Adon
Cammy vs Balrog
Cammy vs Bison
Cammy vs Cody
Cammy vs Dhalsim
Cammy vs Honda
Cammy vs Juri
Cammy vs Mokoto
Cammy vs Rose

Nice OS SA after the whiffed C.strike to catch the back dash.

lol @ the input display… :looney:


That is the funniest SF thing I’ve seen in weeks. I really LOL’ed. :slight_smile:

I used to try and store up meter but for some reason, I guess it’s just how I play, as SOON as that super bar gets full, rest assured i’m going to accidentally throw it out instead of doing a cannon spike, spiral arrow, or any other move really. So I’ve gotten into the bad habit of burning meter quickly so I don’t stock up on it.