Delta Red Debriefing: SSF4 Cammy Video Thread

I’m not exactly sure how I want to set this thread up yet, but I can either go by match ups or go by player.

Match ups I can dig through (or you guys PM me) videos we record or find and post them on the front page. I can also group them by player, so if you’re a big fan of a certain player etc, you can look up their most recent videos on the front page. Maybe I can do both… Anyways let me know what everyone wants! I’ll start uploading Cammy videos soon for Super…

Either way, feel free to post in this thread with your own videos.


I’m no youtube expert so no idea if you can but could we have a Cammy SRK channel/group where all the various Cammy players here can upload too? That might be cool.

by matchups sounds good

would have to make an account in which only srk cammy players knew :slight_smile: good idea

i can make an account to do that if you guys want.

Alright let’s make an account. From there we can separate playlists for each match up?

You mean a youtube account?

ok, i just make an account. But i need to find out who want to use it and who is reliable? So i can PM them the login information. Don’t worry about someone changing the password because i can change it back at anytime.

This account can use for gmail and other stuffs too.

yeah we can separate playlists for each match up. i make the birth date as 1/1/1980. so maybe this account for over 16 or 18+ only?

or you can just join the group and upload the video. i will categorize.

Cool :slight_smile: We could have playlists for tutorial vids, combos, match-ups etc.

We’ll need a nice Cammy background for the channel too!

I like these youtube ideas. I’ve joined the group and subscribed :slight_smile: However, I don’t know when I’ll getting Super because of the Halo Reach beta hahahaha
Ignoring the Hentai, here’s a load of Cammy pictures.

Also joined.

I’ll try to keep the first and second post up to date with links to the youtube channel. Thanks everyone for helping out.

good idea, subscribed…

Good stuff going on here.

Subscribes to YouTube channel

haha, i forget the password. i will approval them when i get home after work.

also, don’t just subscribed, but join the group also, so you can upload video to the group

Guess Ill just have these here then.

I am gonna subscribe and join the YT group. :karate:

^ good ones, kenuran. I like the guy ones… gotta learn this matchup.

this is me against a Rose (my first SSF4 battle ever). good for learn what you shouldnt do against Ultra 2. screw soul sattelite! :bluu:

the strange thing is, in another battle, I was able to Hooligan grab her out of Soul Sattelite (just like Dhalsim catastrophe) with the same setup (Cspike > F.Hooligan).
Maybe it is the timing.

Awesome I’m in!

good job guys will keep her as an alt for sure now!