Delta Red Basic Training: Moves, attributes, and combos



Cammy?s fast dashes and walking speed allows her to close the distance on her opponents with ease. Coupled with her Spiral Arrow (at the correct distances), Cammy can ensure that she is in the face of her opponents when she wants to be. In addition, she can use these abilities to get past projectiles with ease.

She also has a fairly quick focus attack that can be used within footsie range to help keep her opponents in check.

Cammy has the ability to instantly cancel her jump into a Cannon Strike (also called a TKCS), to where it appears the Cannon Strike is performed while on the ground. This move allows her to maintain substantial pressure on her opponents and also provides one of the best mix-ups out of all the characters in Super Street Fighter 4.

Thanks to the fast start-up of Cammy?s Ultra 1 (Gyro Drive Smasher), it can be used on reaction to punish many blocked and whiffed moves.


Cammy?s cannot combo into full ultra off of a juggle.

Her armor-breaking move (Quick Spin Knuckle) has slow start-up and can be easily punished if your opponent sees it coming.

Cammy cannot do a non-EX Cannon Strike when doing a neutral or backwards jump.
With a majority of her moves being highly punishable on block (when up close), this can make it difficult against really defensive (turtling) characters. Visit the match-up thread to find character specific tips on how to break their defense.

Below average stamina and stun.


Stamina (Health) ? 950
Stun ? 950

Moves List:

Special Moves

Spiral Arrow


The range and damage of the Spiral Arrow is determined by which kick button is pressed (Short = minimum range & Roundhouse = maximum range) Roundhouse Spiral Arrow is cancellable on the first hit.

EX-Spiral Arrow


1st ? 25th frames are projectile invincible

Damage Comparison:

Light (Short) = 100 | Medium (Forward) = 120 | Hard (Roundhouse) =140 | EX Version = 160

Cannon Spike


The range of the Cannon Spike is determined by which kick button is pressed (Short = minimum range & Roundhouse = maximum range)

EX-Cannon Spike


1st ? 6th frames are invincible

Note: Cannon Spike on block pushes Cammy backwards and can be punished by almost every ultra in the game.

Damage Comparison:

Light (Short) = 100 | Medium (Forward) = 100 | Hard (Roundhouse) = 100| EX Version = 150

Quick Spin Knuckle (Spinning Backfist) ? ARMOR BREAKER


The range of the Quick Spin Knuckle is determined by which punch button is pressed (Jab = minimum range & Fierce = maximum range) The move is cancellable on the first hit and goes through projectiles.

EX-Quick Spin Knuckle (Spinning Backfist) ? ARMOR BREAKER


1st ? 25th frames are strike invincible (great way to escape a corner if you predict your opponent will perform a DP, Ultra, etc)

Damage Comparison:

Light (Jab) = 160 | Medium (Strong) = 160 | Hard (Fierce) = 160| EX Version = 160

Hooligan Combination


The range and height arc of the Hooligan Combination are determined by which punch button is pressed. (Jab = minimum range/highest arc & Fierce = maximum range/lowest arc)

There are three follow-ups once Hooligan Combination has been activated:

? Fatal Leg Twister/Crossed Scissors (:lp:+:lk:) ? The throw follow-up is the most common use of the Hooligan Combination. Note: Characters must be standing or in-air for the throw to grab your opponent. It will not grab a crouching character

? Razor?s Edge Slicer (no inputs entered) ? If no buttons are pressed after activating the Hooligan Combination, the Razor?s Edge Slicer will be activate when Cammy approaches the ground. This is a slide that if not blocked, will knock down your opponent. You can also land Ultra 1 if successfully landed mid screen.

? Empty Hooligan ? (:lp:+:lk:) ? When you press lp+lk and you are not near the opponent, Cammy will cancel the Hooligan Combination and land on her feet. Once landed, there is virtually no recovery.

EX-Hooligan Combination


Using EX-Hooligan Combination will direct (track) Cammy directly to your opponent anywhere on the screen. The arc/height of the move is also much greater than its normal counterpart. The speed is also increased.

All of the follow-ups for the normal version of the Hooligan Combination are available during the EX version as well.

Damage Comparison (Razor?s Edge Slicer):

Light (Jab) = 100 | Medium (Strong) = 100 | Hard (Fierce) = 100| EX Version = 120

Damage Comparison (Fatal Leg Twister/Crossed Scissors):

All versions for Fatal Leg Twister (ground grab) = 130 | All versions for Crossed Scissors (aerial grab) = 140

Cannon Strike (in-air) ? Forward Jump ONLY


The forward arc of the Cannon Strike is determined by which kick button is pressed. (Short = minimum forward range & Roundhouse = furthest forward arc)

This is one of Cammy?s main pressure tools since she can basically cancel her forward jump at any time using a Cannon Strike.

Cannon Strike (on ground) ? Also known as the Tiger Knee Cannon Strike (TKCS)


Cammy can immediately cancel her forward jump with a Cannon Strike. This makes it appear as if she is performing the Cannon Strike directly on the ground.

Just as her in-air version, this is a great pressure tool for Cammy and can be used to punish opponents that spam crouch-techs.

**EX-Cannon Strike (in-air) **


The EX-Cannon Strike is very useful, as it is the only version that can be done with jumping in any direction.

EX-Cannon Strike (on ground) ? EX-TKCS

:qcb::uf:+:2k: or :qcb::ub:+:2k:

The EX-TKCS is an excellent move to master. Cammy can chain multiple EX-TKCS into each other and can also combo directly into Ultra 1 from this move.

Damage Comparison:

Light (Short) = 60 | Medium (Forward) = 60 | Hard (Roundhouse) = 60 | EX Version = 80

**Spin Drive Smasher (Super) **


Cammy?s Super has very low start-up and hits her opponents low. Best if used in a combo or to punish fireballs up close. 1st through 6th frames are invincible.

Note: Cammy sometimes will heavily rely on her EX meter to perform EX-Cannon Strikes, FADCs and EX-Hooligans. Just because you might have a full Super meter, doesn?t mean you have to use her Super unless you know it will finish off your opponent.

Damage = 350 (on full hit)

**Gyro Drive Smasher (Ultra 1) **


Cammy?s Ultra 1is very effective against projectile characters, as it will pass through projectiles during the first 10 frames. Just like her Super, Gyro Drive Smasher has a quick start-up. 1st through 10th frames are invincible.

This ultra can be used within a combo, but the complete animation is not always given depending on how the Ultra was used within a combo. (example: Cannon Spike xx FADC (backdash), Gyro Driver Smasher will not end in a complete ultra sequence)

Damage = 480 (on full hit)

Cammy Quick Combination ? CQC (Ultra 2)


The CQC Ultra is a counter ultra. Once activated, Cammy stands in place and the Ultra will only connect with the opponent if she is attacked by a non-armor breaking move. She is also vulnerable to throws once CQC is activated.

Damage = 470


standing :lp:
standing :lk:
standing :mk:
crouching :mp:
crouching :mk:
standing :hk:

Cammy can make use of all the moves above to have an effective footsie game. st.lp and have very short range, but have a fast start-up and can actually beat several specials (example: st.lp can stuff Honda?s headbutt and Balrog’s rush punches).

Her and st.rh are both long range pokes that can keep your opponent from freely walking forward.

Her is a great long range attack that hits low. This can be very useful against heavily footsie influenced opponents, as it forces them to block low and can punish several standing normal attacks. You can also use it to land a counter hit and combo in to a Spiral Arrow for good damage + a knockdown.


close standing :mp:
close standing :hp:
crouching :hp:
standing :hk:
Cannon Spike :dp:+:k:

Bread & Butters (BnB) Combo List:

All of the combos listed about will use the abbreviated versions of each move. Here is a simple glossary to better help you understand each move:

cr = crouching (example = crouching light kick)
cl = close
st = standing
lp = Jab/light punch
mp = Strong/medium punch
hp = Fierce/heavy punch
lk = Short/light kick
mk = Forward/medium kick
hk = Roundhouse/heavy kick
SA = Spiral Arrow
CSp = Cannon Spike
CSt = Cannon Strike
SBF = Quick Spin Knuckle/Spinning Back Fist
FADC = Focus Attack Dash Cancel
xx = cancelling a move
/ = when a / is present in a combo, it is being used to seperate the different options you could choose from. (example:, cr.lp, means that the last hit of the combo can end with either OR cr.lp), cr.lp, xx Spiral Arrow

This is Cammy?s main BnB combo. There are several variations to this combo and some are character specific. The first hit lands low, which means that your opponent must block low to avoid getting hit. Great combo for beginners/newcomers to Cammy.

Important: To perform this combo effectively, you will have to leave a slight pause between the second and third button press. The reason for this is due to the fact that you must link the normal you plan on cancelling into the Spiral Arrow. (Example:, cr.lp (slight pause) xx Spiral Arrow)

close, xx Spiral Arrow

This is a good combo with great damage output. Better used for intermediate players.

cr.hp, st.lp/ xx Spiral Arrow

This is Cammy?s most damaging BnB combo. There are several variations of this combo and some are character specific. Better used for advanced players.

st.hp xx Spiral Arrow/Cannon Spike

It is best to use this combo as a punishing combo (whiffed DPs, etc) xx Spiral Arrow

Just as the combo above, this is a great combo to punish whiffed moves when the character is just within sweep range.

Complete Combo List w/ Damage Details

Here is a complete list of all combos (currently under construction) that are possible when using Cammy. Some of these combos aren?t useable against all characters.

Standard Combos

st.lp xx SA - Damage = 165
st.lp xx CSp - Damage = 125, cr.lp, xx SA ? Damage = 163, cr.lp, st.lp xx SA ? Damage = 163,, cr.lp xx SA - Damage = doesn’t work at all?, cr.lp, s.lp, xx SA ? Damage = 167, st.lp, st.lp, xx SA ? Damage = 172
cr.lp, cr. lp, xx SA - Damage = 158
cr.lp, cr.lp, st.lp xx SA - Damage = 158
cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp xx SA - Damage = 154
cr.lp, (close), xx SA - Damage = 240 (hard)
cr.lp, (close), xx SA - Damage = 240 (harder)
cr.lp, st.hp (close) xx SA - Damage = 232 xx SA - Damage = 210 (close) xx CSp - Damage = 170 (close), st.lp xx SA - Damage = 207 (close), xx SA ? Damage = 207 (close), xx SA - Damage = 247 (close), xx SA - Damage = 247 (hard) (close), cr.hp, xx mk SA - Damage = 296 (harder, character specific) (close), cr.hp, xx hk SA - Damage = 254 (only one hit, character specific)

st.hp (close) xx SA - Damage = 240
st.hp (close) xx CSp - Damage = 200
cr.hp, cr.hp - Damage = 180
cr.hp, st.lp xx SA - Damage = 222
cr.hp. cr.lp xx SA - Damage = 222
cr.hp, xx SA - Damage = 227
cr.hp, xx SA - Damage = 272 (hard)
cr.hp, xx SA - Damage = 267
cr.hp, xx SA - Damage = 267
cr.hp, s.hp - Damage = 210

Combos that use FADC

CSp xx FADC (forward dash), CSp - Damage =
st.hp xx CSp xx FADC (forward dash), CSp - Damage =, cr.lp, xx HK.SA xx FADC the first hit (forward dash),, cr.lp, xx SA - Damage = (there are several variations of this combo. try to mix and match them using the combos above.)

Combos ending with Super

Quick Spin Knuckle xx Super (cancel the first hit of the SBF) - Damage =
Hooligan Combination > Razor?s Edge Slicer > Super - Damage = (you must time this correctly, as you will be catching your opponent before the hit the ground.) xx HK.SA xx Super (cancel the first hit of HK.SA) - Damage =
cr.lp,, cr.lp xx HK.SA xx Super (cancel the first hit of HK.SA) - Damage = (there are several variations of this combo. try to mix and match them using the combos above.)
cr.hp, xx SA xx Super (cancel the first hit of HK.SA) - Damage = (there are several variations of this combo. try to mix and match them using the combos above.)

Combos ending with Ultra 1
(Unless stated otherwise, combos ending with Ultra do not achieve the full animation)

EX-CStrike xx Ultra 1 - Damage = 464 - Full Ultra Animation
CStrike xx Ultra 1 - Damage = 444 - Full Ultra Animation
EX-CStrike, Cstrike xx Ultra 1 - Damage = 476 - Full Ultra Animation
cr.hp (on counter hit), Ultra 1 - Damage = 496 - Full Ultra Animation
nJ.hp, Ultra 1 - Damage = 484 - Full Ultra Animation
FA lvl 2, Ultra 1 - Damage = 416 - Full Ultra Animation
FA lvl 3, Ultra 1 - Damage = 456 - Full Ultra Animation
Quick Spin Knuckle > Ultra 1 - Damage = 400 (you must time this correctly, as you will be catching your opponent before they hit the ground.)
Hooligan Combination > Razor?s Edge Slicer > Ultra 1 - Damage = 340 (you must time this correctly, as you will be catching your opponent before they hit the ground.)

The “Sako” Combo FAQ by James Chen
FACT:* The “Sako” combo was used by vanilla Cammy players way before Sako used it :slight_smile: *

Hey, all. I did some testing this weekend and I’m really getting Sako’s Combo down, so I really got annoyed when I kept missing it on characters that it doesn’t work on. So I did some research on the Sako Combo AND her high-level BnB, and I’m gonna post up my findings here.

(Note: Sorry if a lot of this is known or already posted, but I figured it would be nice in chart form.)

These are Combos for when you KNOW you are gonna punish someone. Be it a Focus Crumple, a Stun, or a whiffed DP, there are the main combos you’ll be looking to land. There are really two combos: the High Damage BnB and the Sako Combo. The BnB has 3 variants and the Sako Combo has 2 variants.

The combos, all 5 variants listed, are:

(<Start> basically means a TKCS, a Jump Roundhouse, or nothing.)

–== High Level Bread n’ Butter ==–

<Start>, Crouch Fierce, Crouch Forward xx Cannon Drill
This is the standard Bread n’ Butter for damage. Works pretty much on every character (except 1!!!) but sometimes, you need to do the Forward Drill for max damage as Roundhouse Drill will only hit once. Relatively simple difficulty.

<Start>, Crouch Fierce, Crouch Strong xx Cannon Drill
This Combo does the same amount of damage as Low Forward into Drill but is much easier to do, thanks to the 1-frame faster speed of Crouch Strong, giving you a three-frame window to land the link. However, it misses on some characters and, on others, the Drill only hits once where the Crouch Forward into Drill hits twice, which does more damage. Very easy combo, though.

<Start>, Crouch Fierce, Stand Strong xx Cannon Drill
This is the hardest version, as Crouch Fierce into Stand Strong IS a one-frame link. However, the advantage of this Combo is that it works on 100% of the characters, always into the Roundhouse Drill and it does the most damage, as Standing Strong does 50 more damage than Crouch Strong or Forward. It is the hardest one to do, but if you learn it, you’ll never need to learn the other 2 ever. I go for this one pretty much 90% of the time now. But it is a one-frame link, so unless you got your Plinking down, you’ll miss this from time to time.

–== SAKO COMBO ==–

<Start>, Stand Close Strong, Crouch Fierce, Crouch Forward xx Cannon Drill
The standard Sako Combo. Huge damage, but high difficulty. But worth it if you get it down.

<Start>, Stand Close Strong, Crouch Fierce, Stand Strong xx Cannon Drill
Again, much harder thanks to the one-frame link, but this must be used on certain characters.

Notes: The Sako Combo works on 17 of the 35 characters. You’ll see this listed below. The way to read this chart is if the value is “-”, that means this Combo doesn’t work at all. It will whiff or can be Blocked at some point. If it reads “1”, that means you should be buffering into the Forward Drill, as the Roundhouse Drill only hits once. If it reads “2”, buffer into the Roundhouse Drill as you’ll get both hits, for most damage.

          |  B   B   B  |  S   S  |
          |  n   n   n  |  A   A  |
          |  B   B   B  |  K   K  |
          |             |  O   O  |
          |  E   S   O  |         |
          |  A   T   P  |  S   A  |
          |  S   D   T  |  T   L  |
          |  Y          |  D   T  |
Ryu       |  -   2   2  |  1   -  |
Ken       |  -   2   2  |  1   -  |
Chun Li   |  1   2   2  |  1   -  |
Guile     |  1   1   2  |  -   -  |
E. Honda  |  2   2   2  |  1   -  |
Blanka    |  2   2   2  |  2   -  |
Zangief   |  2   2   2  |  -   1  |
Dhalsim   |  2   2   2  |  -   -  |
Cammy     |  2   2   2  |  1   -  |
Fei Long  |  1   1   2  |  1   -  |
Dee Jay   |  2   2   2  |  -   2  |
T. Hawk   |  -   2   2  |  -   -  |
Balrog    |  1   1   2  |  -   -  |
Vega      |  1   1   2  |  -   -  |
Sagat     |  1   2   2  |  -   -  |
M. Bison  |  1   2   2  |  1   -  |
Abel      |  1   1   2  |  -   1  |
C. Viper  |  2   2   2  |  1   -  |
Rufus     |  -   1   2  |  1   2  |
El Fuerte |  1   2   2  |  -   -  |
Sakura    |  -   2   2  |  -   -  |
Dan       |  1   2   2  |  -   -  |
Gen       |  1   2   2  |  -   -  |
Rose      |  1   1   2  |  -   -  |
Adon      |  1   1   2  |  -   -  |
Guy       |  2   2   2  |  -   -  | *
Cody      |  1   2   2  |  -   1  |
Ibuki     |  1   2   2  |  -   -  |
Makoto    |  2   1   2  |  -   -  | **
Dudley    |  1   2   2  |  -   1  |
Akuma     |  -   2   2  |  1   -  |
Gouken    |  2   2   2  |  1   -  |
Seth      |  2   2   2  |  -   -  |
Juri      |  -   -   2  |  -   -  | ***
Hakan     |  1   2   2  |  -   -  |

    • Guy is the only character, for some strange odd reason, that a Combo into the Roundhouse Drill in the corner makes Cammy go UNDER Guy and end up in the corner, which is REALLY bad. So if you are fighting Guy, remember to use the Forward Drill in the corners to stay in front of Guy. Use Roundhouse Drills only midscreen or if you wanna try some mix-ups in the corner.

** - This is not a typo. Makoto, oddly, is the only character who is backwards with the BnB Combo: Crouch Strong into Roundhouse Drill hits twice, but Crouch Forward hits once! So if you fight Makoto, use Crouch Strong for a 2-hit Drill instead of Crouch Forward.

*** - WTF, Juri?!? Only combo that works on her is the Optimal BnB. Even the standard one has the Crouch Forward whiff. She’s the ONLY character it whiffs on!

Here is a .jpeg version of the chart provided by theDUKE:

So, with the Sako Combo, we can see it only works on 17 characters. How on earth can we remember which characters it works on? We won’t be able to look things up at a tourney, right? Well, I came up with a couple of ways to help remember. Just know that 17 characters (half of them) can be Sako Comboed. Break them down like so:

10 characters for Standard Sako Combos.
3 characters for Alternate Sako Combos.
2 character for modified Alternate Sako Combos.
2 character with special notes.

So the 10 standard characters that get hit by the Low Forward xx Forward Drill finisher, I have two methods of remembering them: the 4-3-2-1 method and the 4-3-3 method. Once you think about this long enough, however, it becomes totally ingrained in your head. :slight_smile:

4-3-2-1 Method
4 Shoto Clan: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Gouken
3 Initial Names: E.Honda, M. Bison, and C.Viper
2 Chinese: Chun Li and Fei Long
1 Mirror: Cammy

4-3-3 Method
4 Original Asians: Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, and E. Honda are the only original 8 Asian characters
3 Bosses: M. Bison, Akuma, and Gouken
3 Speedy Chars: Cammy, Fei Long, and C. Viper

For the 3 Alternate fighters, where you HAVE to do Stand Strong into Forward Drill, just remember these:
Abel, Cody, and Dudley

For the 2 Modified Alternate Fighters, you have to do the Stand Strong into ROUNDHOUSE Drill for maximum damage:
Rufus and Dee Jay

And the 2 exceptions are:
Blanka - You can do the Standard Sako Combo but end with a Roundhouse Drill
Zangief - Just don’t try the Sako Combo. Do something safe, please. Last thing you need to do is die to a mashing Zangief churning butter for an Ultra, you missing your one-frame link, and dying a horrid death because of it. Just… do something simple. Please. :slight_smile:

So there you go: the 17 characters that the Sako Combo works on. 10 standard, 3 Alternates, 2 Modified Alternates, and 2 exceptions.

Final Notes: Keep in mind there are still LOTS of uses for the Hit-Confirm BnB (Crouching Short -> Crouching Jab, Stand Jab xx Roundhouse Drill) and the Double Strong link (Close Standing Strong, Crouching Strong xx Roundhouse Drill). The combos listed above are for damage and and punishing. The other two combos listed here are better for hit confirms and adjusting if you aren’t sure the combo is hitting or not.

Ok guys and gals,

I am in the process of combining the two stickies into one thread that I will keep updated. I’ve already typed everything out, but the combo file is at work. I will add the combos tomorrow morning.


nice work. I started writing one myself but stopped a little ways into it as I lost my motivation.

Nice read, well and clear written.

I started adding this to the wiki, hope you don’t mind. Maybe you could just continue your updates on that?

Cammy (SSFIV) - Shoryuken Wiki

Wait, I thought in SSFIV Cammy’s 1st ultra doesn’t hit low anymore. I’m pretty sure it hits mid now.

Excellent job on it so far too! Love it.

Well i think he should continue update here, any one of us can transfer to the wiki =o


I’m fine with that, but why duplicate the work? If we all work together on the Wiki, it could be one clear and concise location for information. No need to weed through pages and pages of forum posts…any noob question could be answered by “check the Wiki”

I agree we should just consolidate info on the wiki. Also perhaps we should have a separate thread solely on Cammy wiki discussion?

In the wiki vs ryu it says that xx fb is punishable on block and is punishable by super. Does it mean on block you can punish it w/ another move or only super?

Well that does make sense. I wouldn’t mind helping with the wiki, but i dont really understand Wiki-Speak but im sure i will be able to figure it out!

while i agree with the fact the we need a more indepth wiki page for cammy, i don’t agree with not having any of the information here. the standard across all of the other character forums is to have the information in both places. it might seem like it is duplicate work, but if we remove all of this information from the cammy sub-forum…we are asking for trouble and should expect a LOT more noob questions.

i think the wiki would be a good place to consolidate all of the information into one page that exists here over several threads, posts, etc. hell…i have the wiki page bookmarked on my phone for when i want to review frame data.

i will continue to make the updates here in this thread, but feel free to copy the data to the wiki if you want! :slight_smile:

you know…i haven’t even paid attention to that. hmmmm…can someone verify this? i will check tonight if no one has spoken up before i get home.

On Cammys pokes you have Cr.MP listed twice

I was bored once and did a lot of experimenting with this and found that if you do your super with either a lk or a mk, you will be more likely to get almost every hit out of your super. However if you us hk for your super, it will only hit once or twice. This may be character specific, but a hk super will screw you out of hitting every kick.

If I remember correctly, these are also subject to the same concept as my above statement. If you use either lp or mp for your QSK or Razor’s Edge, you will be more likely to hit almost all of ultra 1. This may also be character specific.

Ultra 1 does not hit low in SSFIV. You can standing block it.

i’m not sure if the fb is punishable on block from any ranges, i doubt it would be from max range, now if they mispace it you can punish between the and the fb cancel, super, ex arrow and ultra all work for that.

fixed the information on U1 and corrected the x 2 in the pokes section.

i will work on documenting the combo damage/stun information this weekend and also write up more information on her anti-airs.

if you know of a combo that isn’t listed (i didn’t feel like listing all of them at the time I wrote it), please post up the combo with the damage and stun information. I will add it to the list above.