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The game was patched a few days back. Anything significant?

What impact will Midway’s new owner have on the game or any potential sequels?

Cool, it’s about time that this game received a legit thread.

Anyway, I went to CA last week for the holiday and in my spare time, I dropped in on the folks at Family Funtime Arcade. They had a few Street Fighter IV cabinets and as I mentioned in the old thread, they had MKvsDC set up for competitive play on an Xbox 360. I brought my arcade stick and sat down with the game. There were some players already there who knew how to play the game rather well. In particular, this guy named John had a really good Liu Kang. He made up some mad juggles with him and was able to beat my Sonya numerous times with him. Captain Marvel was a different story though :lovin:.

Playing this game offline against good competition revealed an entirely different game than the online version. Many more attacks are not completelty safe on block as they are online, making the game much more balanced. Deathstroke could not gut stab you indefinitely like he can online and the Flash seemed easier to fight against. A blocked spin allowed me to easily counter attack him. But, he still has his pressure combo loops, making him just as nasty. There was even a guy who used the Joker there that day. He made him quite effective with his mix ups and usage of the rage meter after certain attacks.

It’s too bad this game does not play exactly like it does online as it does offline. There are so many great juggles and attacks that wiff online that severely reduce many characters effectiveness thus, further unbalancing them. Sonya is a perfect example of wiffed pro-move combos. She rarely connects with the double bike-kick pro-move online. Now that I’m back home, I will find other, alternative combos that do work online with the characters that I use.


seriously mk vs dc…

Add this to the new thread: [media=youtube]Rysyw2LvXGM"[/media]

Is MKvDC a porno?

G4 spoof on MKvDC fatalities:

Playing online can be a lot of fun, but I’ve been playing more offline and offline the fun is still there, but the game feels way deeper.

The issue online to me is that moves trade much more than they should, so it gets a little more random. Parry and Magneto could get away with it, and some randomness online can be entertaining, but offline we get a better grasp of what beats what and how, which makes it easier to evolve the gameplay IMO.

I do have to ask the scrubbiest of all questions though. How do I do a combo breaker? I’m just mashing it out most of the time or saving it for Rage, and I still can’t figure out how those things work

Hold Block and hit forward.

forgive me i haven’t played this game before but if you block 1 hit in those combo’s doesn’t that mean you can duck?

and if the next hit is a break and a mid doesn’t that mean you can duck the first then stand block the second hit?

if yes that means they’re only as good as tekken 10hit strings

i dont have much interest in the game but im just curious :rofl:

further into the vid i can see batmans and flashes rage combo’s look real broke if you cant quick side step like in the other 3D mk’s

Unless I missed it pretty badly, I haven’t seen any talk about this.

Coming from someone who hasn’t actually played the game yet, I had sort of imagined the Superman infinite would be something complex that looked incredible and awesome. Well I just saw it on YouTube and wow, that is probably the lamest infinite ever. :rofl:

It’s looking more and more like Midway is on their way out every day now.

I think it’s pretty likely that they’ll go out of business, however I doubt that would mean the end of the Mortal Kombat franchise. I’d wager to guess that the MK franchise and some of their team members like Ed Boon will get bought up by someone like EA, who lately has had a pretty good streak of making efforts to satasfy hardcore gamers. Making an MK game that’s actually worth hardcore fighting game fans’ time would definitely earn EA some kudos with the core gamer demographic. As long as MK doesn’t get picked up by Activision or Ubisoft, I think it’ll be pretty safe.

A part of me can’t help but wonder though… What if Capcom buys MK? Yeah, it’s possible that they’d end up just sitting on it for the most part since they’ve already got several other fighting game franchises that they’re working on, but could you imagine the possibilities of Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat? That is the game that fanboys have been thinking about since as long as I can remember. Even if it means Capcom having to work out an agreement with whichever publisher ends up owning MK, SF vs. MK has got to happen somehow, some day.

No, you idiot, it does not. No one with a working brain has dreamed about a Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter crossover. You want your crossover? Here. Now shut up.

Yeah, honestly, I don’t think anyone has given a damn about MK vs. SF since the mid 90’s.

Of course, I used to think the same thing about Mario and Sonic, but then we got that crossover earlier this year.

Making a fun, deep, and competitively-viable fighting game hardly earns “kudos with the core gamer demographic.” :smile:

Sub Zero 75% wall combo (an 80 has been found by Check) non doable on vs match unles VERY specific setup is made.


How come there’s no downloadable demo for this game?

You obviously A) never had an imagination B) have never liked both Street Fighter and MK at the same time, or C) were never a child

Everyone I knew when I was a kid who had played both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat always wanted to see the characters from both games fight each other. Seeing a crossover between the two would be a long time wish fufillment for a great many people, so I don’t see why you felt the need to become offensive when I brought it up.

The idea was great when I was nine years old. The difference between me and you, it seems, is that things that were SO TOTALLY NEAT when I was nine years old don’t exactly appeal to me anymore, such as a crossover of two fighting games with completely different mechanics, plotlines, and graphical styles. The fact that you seem to have not changed at all since you were nine years old is almost as charming as it is pathetic. Go back to Gaia. No one wants you here.

On topic: I haven’t played this game in a good long while because of STHD. Unless they patch it to improve the online play I’ll probably just go for acheevmnts and 1000 gam3rp01n5!

Okay, so you don’t like the idea of mixing Mortal Kombat with Street Fighter. But that does not give you an excuse to act like an imbecile and show no respect towards other people and their opinions.

I have respect for people who deserve respect. You don’t. Stop talking.

That time of the month eh?