Delete this thread please..i can't seem to :p

plz delete

You didn’t include mine :frowning:

great job!

Dayum. I’ll take the Ryo one if you don’t mind.

Go ahead. you are more than welcome to use it. :tup:

could you make me an AV with Baiken’s taunt with her hand on her face?

Thank you!:lovin: :karate: :woot:

If you want something different let me know.

i like it, but i would like my full name in it. maybe a different font color and along the bottom?



-Bg is changed to make name easier to see.

-The font size on the 1st one,even though it was larger,makes the ‘strider’ part hard to see once it hits Baiken’s clothes.So the font was shrunk.

-Black border as opposed to white border.

i dig it, thanks!

hey can u make me an avatar that’s rock in black doing RAGING STORM? and my name DAN on it? thanks!

Im not sure if you wanted Rock in an all black outfit,so i kept the trim and star white.

wow that’s really what i wanted…but can u make my name a little bit more fancy…? like some red flames and the name like this \ tilted so it fills out the space? thanks!! it looks totally awesome!! :rofl:

I wasn’t sure if having the flames would take up too much space (didn’t want to conflict with rock on the other side).But a fiery glow was added and the letters are put diagonally like you asked

hmm…yeah it looks weird with red letters…can u do me one last favor? i’ll stick with the first one and the letters move to the middle of the space? sorry for being so picky =( but the avatar looks awesome!

here you go

i noticed you make a lotta vanessa av’s

can i get one?

or can you show me your vanessa art?

It’s mostly fanart i find on the net with some of the nests era stuff.but if you want an av i can set you up. :tup:

here you go man