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Much rather see a capcom vs SNK vs arc system vs tekken game then see mortal kombat.

the game you speak of already exists…as a card game. Check out Epic Battles if you ever have the time. Good stuffs.

Arcsys X Arcsys X Arcsys X Arcsys X Arcsys


I’d much rather see this…

throw in some BF, Nurarihyon no Mago, Hardcorps Uprising and DBZ Supersonic Waririors and we are good to go

Question: Do you want Mugen? Answer: No

I guess I’ll be the only one to not completely shit on his idea. No I do not want to see Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat X Tekken, I would rather see a Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter and Vice Verca but just leave Tekken out of it I would rather them crossover with Virtua Fighter or DOA.

Crossovers are overrated and played out. I’d rather they focus on new series or forgotten/obscure ones.

I’d be fine only if all the characters are from the same company.

BlazBlue VS Guilty Gear
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2

Hell no to SF VS MK VS TK

capcom vs snk vs namco
i want my steve/dudley/vanessa team

I want to see an ArcSys interpretation of SF characters.

What in th-- why?

Just give me “Capcom vs. SNK 2: Online Edition” without rebalance and shitty remixes, goddammit.

Mortal Kombat doesn’t fit with Street Fighter at all.

I’d much rather see Capcom, Namco, Aksys and SNK do a crossover. MK is kinda bland by comparison and with it needing to be so bloody to be true to itself it wouldn’t mesh well with the very PG-13 Street Fighter and Tekken.

I might play the SFxMK but not MKxSF. I never liked MK mechanics and the gore was just silly to me at best. However I would like to see Blanka get his spine ripped out.

I don’t know but i’m sick to see Ryu and CO. in every crossover (specially in the past 3 years), Capcom vs SNK 3? no thanks, we need something fresh.

It seems that Virtua Fighter Vs DOA is inminent because of the Akira Trailer and is going to be interesting.

SNK vs Arcsys is another cool concept, the SNK characters can provide insane and cool battle styles and both companies are really into the “sprite” concept.

NRS should buy the rights for the KI characters and merge both universes in one single game.

But please no more Capcom crossovers is starting to get boring and tedious.

Virtua fighter is like the most technical fighting game.
DOA is punch-out by comparison.

I’d rather see VF vs Tekken. CvS3 wouldn’t be so bad either. Capcom could go back to using sprites and price the game around 40. 3d modeling is expensive and looks nasty whenever Capcom does it.

MvC3 models are really pretty. The only problem with SF4 is the style they chose to take the characters in, not necessarily the 3D modeling itself. I will say that some of the walking animations look rough, but that’s mostly because translating the abstract postures used for walking into something you know has actual three dimensional depth messes with your mind.

Hippo x Shark x Lion

do you want to see this?

it would be the ultimate animal.

I didn’t like it because of how minimalist it was which clashed with actual comic design. Marvel’s comic design has always been rich and full and a bit gritty.