Delete This Thread #2

I don’t think Tekken deserves to stand next to the big boys in the greatest fighting crossover ever, so I guess my answer is no.

I would rather watch three men try to cross their penises together than watch three developers try to cross their fighting games together.

Doesn’t matter, The new Team Ninja is doing more positive changes to the franchise also both companies can share interesting opinions about mechanics and deliver a good game.

What would you think right now if KOF XIII has a crossover with SF? considering the vast difference in terms of execution? it would be interesting to see a new learning curve for players from both franchises.

Gives whole new meaning to Touch of Death combos…

SNKP vs Arc or MK vs SF any day.

yes! me! i do!

i want to watch the shlarppion (that’s what it would be called) ferociously try to catch and eat its own fat self on the great underwater plains at the bottom of the Red Sea

Why not Capcom vs your mom?
Who can suck the most dick

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