Default Speed for EVO/Tournaments?

What speed is the game set on in tournament play? I’m just curious because I’ve been brushing up as of lately, thanks :wonder:

Go into the options and choose “Free Select”, then at the versus screen, choose Turbo 3. (Note that this is a different speed than just going into the options and selecting “Turbo 3”.)

Is that the closest speed to US/world arcade turbo 2?

I aksed a similar question about this a while ago. r3ko answered my by saying you should use the 2nd highest speed. So on World version you’d pick 2, and on grandmaster challenge you’d use 3. However, this made me confused when i saw the PS2 ST will be using 3?? Is it just because the speeds on CCC2 are different than world? or should I be playing 3 on World?? I was sure 2 was correct on world…

Yeah, but that’s for the arcade version, for what I know speeds are different on ccc2 (due to an error in porting?): turbo 2 on ccc2 is different than turbo 2 world/turbo3 japan (which are the same speed).

And yes, turbo 2 is correct on world/us

summary of this topic:

turbo 2 on world/us arcade
turbo 3 on 2x

free select turbo 3 on CCC2

" …Players will have the option to repick the stage if T.Hawk or Zangief stage comes up. They must decide this before the round starts. …"

I haven’t get CCC2 yet… what’s the problem with hawk and gief stage?

Slowdown, which can effect timing.

OMG, in 2007… :xeye: … anyway, are you talking about music slowdown (cause i’ve heard of it) or game slowdown?

just music i think

The speed of the music gets screwy, yes, but the actual speed of the game slows down as well. That is, on Zangief’s stage. On T.Hawk’s stage, it actually speeds up (CONSIDERABLY!!), which would throw me off hella.


Yeah I actually saw Hawk do dive from one inch above the ground, land into instant super the other day.

I was like wtf

I remember D. Sirlin said that maybe all bugs would have been fixed in the european version…

anybody knows?

Holy shit are you serious? Goddamn that’s terrible, the game’s fast as it is. :rofl:

What’s the game speed that was played at Evo 2k6 for AE? I usually play on Turbo 3 (not Free Select) as it seems close to ST Arcade Turbo.

I know I “should” have CCC2, but all the other games suck and I’m sick of paying 20 bucks every 4 years for a “perfect” ST.

just checked the europen version: no fix at all … slowdowns are still there…

Can someone confirm this? My US ST machine is set to turbo 2 in the system menu, as opposed to free select. Is turbo 2 the right setting?

when in doubt, free-select 3 ftw. <3

It’s right, yeah.

i use kawaks

in free select turbo 3 world/us is faster than jap

so which should be the right?! turbo 3 in jap or turbo 3 world/us

or should it be… turbo 4 in jap and turbo 3 in world and us

i don’t know please tell me~