Deejays BnB

Can i get some of deejays bnbs posted here plz?

Jump in attack cr lpx2crmp xx special
If you’re poking with cr lk chain into cr lp cr mp into special or use cr mk instead of cr mp if u want knockdown
If u can link do jump in attack, st mk cr mp (or do cr lp then cr mp if u need more time to link) xx special

Time to get into the lab and test those
btw could u explain wut mgu is?

I’m in training mode ATM and I’m doing cr lk cr lp cr mp and the cr mp won’t come out could anyone help wif this issue?

The cr mp is a 1-frame link. It’s tricky timing. Too early and it won’t come out.

An easier and more reliable combo (just added in Arcade Edition) is c.lp(lk), c.lp,, hk.Deadkicks.
There’s loads of different ways you can put together combos in AE so try stuff out.

Hm ill try that
and thx for the cr mp info
btw u would happen to know if Deejay in training mode is AE deejay?

If Deejays cr, hk goes really far then its super. If you’re in the training mode character select and Oni is there then its AE.

You know its AE if that HUGE GOLD STAMP appears at the main menu or before the round begins.

my main combo right now, is j.d+lk, cl.lp,,, HK sobat. cant remember the exact damage, but I think its like 240. you can subsistute for for like 20 more damage.

There’s the classic one from ST/HDR, though it used st. mp instead of cr.:

cross-up j. mk > cr. jab (2) > cr. mp > dread kicks

You might wanna go light on the links depending on how good your opponents connection is. had to learn that the hard way.

Just wondering guys, do Dee Jay’s combos require a lot of plinking? I guess in comparison to Balrog. Sorry I don’t have Super or AE at the moment, but when I get AE definitely wanna get stuck into Dee Jay :P. Even though I’ll probably get bodied online for the first 100 matches.

Anything into, but i personally plink everything all the time out of habit.

plinking helps a lot.

I always use jump in > cr. LP > cr. LP > cr. MP xx HK sobat as my bnb out of habit. It’s a 1 frame link and I get it almost all the time online cuz I plink. Also sometimes it’s better to combo into knockdown. idk when though, cuz I’m a random scrub.

If i got ultra or alot of ex, i do c.jab xx ex mgu ultra/ex sobats

else i do hp mgu or lk dreads depending on the range. Knockdown > damage for me. Sweep if i dont have charge or the character struggles against crossups.

I use this if opponent is blocking:

cr.lp,,, l sobat

Is it really 1 frame link? because compared to Balrog (boxer) 1 frame link st LP cr HK its totally easy, even without plinking.

btw I got another question, this is not the right topic, but I will try… How do you do Ultra 2 move? I have square gate and when I basically slide down side of gate (db,d,df,d,db) and then left side (db,b,ub) ultra 2 comes out 2 times of 5 tries, but when i do db, f,df,d,db,b,ub I can do it with 100% success, I thought that maybe it needs f move in input too, so I tried to slide it little bit more to F and than hcb up to ub and still its like 2 out of 5 tries, so I wonder whats the difference in this 2(3) inputs

1, db,d,df,d,db,b,ub(u)+PPP
2, db,d,df,f,df,d,db,b,ub(u)+PPP

On unsuccessful try instead of ULTRA 2, EX MGU comes out, I do 3rd input for U2, I am just aking whats the difference? I tried on my normal gamepad with analog stick, and 1st/2nd input works, every input works to be honest, but on my stick and exactly the same input only 3rd works for me. I just dont understand, maybe it must end in Up position, and it takes input from negative edge, but its nearly the same motion as 3rd version.

^^^ Go to the training room and look at ur inputs

I said that with analog stick are same inputs as with arcade stick, I dont know if there is something like “assist” with gamepad.

even with plinking you still need to know the timing and the “rythm” of the char. crlp, crmp link is almost free for me. but I cant do the same with balrog or guile.