Deejay Safe-Jump/Anti-SRK/Setup Guide



By RoboPope


Hello there, my name is RoboPope. I’m a Deejay player from Melbourne, Australia. Please enjoy this short guide. I hope it helps both those new
to Deejay and veterans alike in the shoto match ups. I know there’s a lot of info in the forums about these sorts of setups, but I noticed
there wasn’t a single compiled list of setups. So I thought I’d try and make one. Feel free to amend or add anything.

These safejumps and baits are designed to be used against shoto/srk characters and in conjuction with Deejays main BnB’s.
I believe the fact these setups come off all of Deejay’s BnBs proves their importance.

Moreover, once the opponent is conditioned to merely block on wakeup, you are given free ambiguous jump mks.
Since there’s plenty of material on the art of ambiguous jump mk’s I won’t have a section on it in this guide.


  1. MGU: Machine Gun upper.

  2. UK: Up kicks.

  3. SJ: Safe jump. Setup that beats, blocks or avoids a reversal completely and leads to either a hit or a block on
    the opponent.

  4. BT: Bait. Setup that blocks a reversal. If an opponent merely blocks on wakeup this jump in will wiff. These
    jump ins should always have an immediate croutch-tech at the end. Can also function as an instant low attack mixup.

5.OH: Overhead. If this setup is blocked low it will function as an overhead. The reason I’m including this note is to
make it easier for people to mix the instnat low setups with the high hitting setups.


To apply most of these safe jumps you need to first be familiar with the myriad jump arcs DeejaysKnee drop (down+lk in the air) accomodates for.

Also, whether you are picking up Deejay for the first time or are a seasoned Music man, it will take time to become comfortable with
executing these jumps. Practice makes perfect.

There are three types. My apologies if I’m perverting any terms used by KoF players :smiley:

  1. Half jump: this can be measured/learnt by executing BnB 2. After the, jump at normal crossup range and cancel your jump with a Knee Drop when you are nearly congruent with your opponents body. This range is very similar to the vortex jump mk distance. If done correctly, you should land for a fake cross up.

  2. Third jump: This will be your most useful tool. Unfortunately, it can’t be taught cookie cutter style.
    There are a few examples you can draw on though. Firstly, the lowest jump over a fireball has similar timing, you’re close. Secondly, you all should know how to micro jump (i.e. the lowest possible Knee Drop jump, executed by instantly pressing down and lk after pressing up), this jump is slightly higher than a micro jump.

  3. Micro jump: See above.


  1. cr.lp, cr.lp, - LK Sobat
  2. cr.lp, cr.lp,
  3. cr.lp, cr.lp, MGU (any non ex)
  4. cr.lp, cr.lp, mk UK
  5. cr.lp,, lk UK (!!!this combo is not lenient, the is needed for spacing/timing!!!)

NOTE: These combo’s are merely the easiest way to apply the safejumps. If you preffer you
can change the specifics. As long as they end in a that is within far stand lk range , and LK Sobat, or the specified UK’s.

NOTE: Combo 4’s setups, though valid given the situation, should always be forgoed for a follow up HK UK if it leads to a cornered opponent… cornered opponent = even bigger Deejay smile :DDD

==Against 5 frame opponents==

  1. Combo 2. Micro step back, or wait a few frames, Half Jump. SJ-OH
  • Beats SRKs and leads to a combo or a block
  1. Combo 1. Third Jump. SJ-OH
  • Same.
  1. Combo 1. Micro Jump. BT
  • Safe against SRKs, no combo. Croutch tech the second you land.
  1. Combo 2. Third Jump. BT
  • Same.
  1. Combo 3. Third Jump. BT
  • Same
  1. Combo 3. Wait about 20-30 frames, jump in fp. SJ-OH
  • Beats SRKs, leads to a combo or a block.
  1. Combo 4. Hold up forward, jump in mk. BT
  • Beats SRKs, no combo, croutch tech.
  1. Combo 4. Micro step forward, Mirco Jump. BT
    _ Beats SRKs, no combo, croutch tech.

  2. Combo 5. Third Jump. SJ-OH

  • Beats SRKs, lead to a combo or block.
  1. Combo 5. Hold up, cross up mk. ???
  • This setup seems to either stuff or force a whiff out of all SRKs (3 and 5 frame). However, I believe it needs more stringent testing.

==Against 3 frame opponents==

  1. Previous section setups no. 3,4,5,7,8 and maybe 10.


Please keep in mind these setups are meant to function as part of an overrall gameplan. To wit, Deejays ability to switch from zoning, to mid range footsies, to wake up abuse/the vortex. You should combine these setups with the normal vortex options to keep opponents guessing.

Hope this guide helps all the Deejays out there when fighting reversal happy opponents, or just the shoto match ups in general. I’ll be lurking the Deejay forum every now and, as I usually do, so feel free to post.

Probably going to write a match up guide and frame trap/counter hit guide soon as well.

Props to all the pro Deejays out there!

Keep on Dancing, Keep on Smilin’.


solid guide

these are some of the things i do naturally and don’t think to tell other ppl. not because i withhold info, but because i do it without thinking.

don’t limit yourself to these setups. be creative, especially when your opponent realizes they can’t srk or reversal

[LEFT]Just wanted something on paper that will allow us all to easily create the ‘anti-srk atmosphere’. After it’s established, sky’s the limit as far as mix ups go :)[/LEFT]

RoboPope, thanks for the guide, I’m looking forward to practicing these and adding the unfamiliar ones to my game. I’m definitely looking forward to taking my mixups to the next level.

I’m also in Melbourne, and I thought I was one of the only local Dee Jay players. Hopefully I’ll catch you at a local event, it’d be good to talk Dee Jay with another local player. Do you go ever go to the SNL tournaments or Box Hill Tuesdays?

What bout Sakura and Dan?

3 frames srk
ken (mp srk is 4 frames!)
evil ryu

4 frames srk

5 frames srk

(6 frames lp, 7 frames mp, 12 frames hp)

Which setups are you concerned with in regards to sakura? In theory all the setups should work fine against slower reversals as well (sakura, viper, deejay, chun, guile, gief)

Also, I’m in the process of testing the setups in conjunction with some OS’s against other members of the cast.

I’m not really concerned, mainly wondering :slight_smile:
Gonna test some stuff out now! Thnx =D

As a bit of an abstract question, what factors go into these setups?

For example, you list a couple of setups to follow up (cr.lp, cr.lp xx HP MGU). Do things like knockback distance affect these setups, making for different requirements after, say, (cr.lp, xx HP MGU) or (cr.lp, cr.lp, XX HP MGU)? Or, does the setup depend more on the knockdown and properties of the move that ends the BnB (in this example, the HP MGU)?

EDIT: I noticed that you address this somewhat in the main post, which I missed the first time, so I suppose I can figure this out by hitting training mode and seeing which combos still space within range for the non MGU combos.

cr.lp, cr.lp, (x)MGU will wiff on a lot of characters after a jump in. Only time you’re likely to land that full combo (i.e. get an MGU with a full machine gunned hit, which is needed for the setup, I think) is on a wiff punish. I haven’t played around a lot with the MGU setups, just put them in for posterity really. Having said that, if you change the setups lead combo (the one you start it with) it has an impact on the opponent. I wanted to make opponents say “He gets a safe jump after EVERY combo?! 0_0” lol

This thread is really needed. I will add more info when I get the time.

After reading this guide, i’v been trying to learn some setups.

I just tried this one against Adon:
Safe jump against rising jaguar, crossup mk beats jaguar tooth/kick.
Mk also beats a delayed rising jaguar (not shown in vid)

I guess this is a correct example?

I wanted to throw some of my tech in here:

Anti air>>microkneeshot

Uncertain about the frames here but I used it on a cammy who mashed reversal and it was blocked. I haven’t tested it since I main Gen.

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St.hp not
Phone failure

Does that beat auto-correct and ex/ultra? Also, work on anyone else?

Still need to test more. After throw, st lp seems to work against Sagat (Afii tipped me while i was in Cannes)

Couple of setups

6 frame safejump+sagat/cammy/blanka, whiff cr.jab,

6 frame safejump +sagat/cammy/blanka
f.throw, backdash, j.whatever

This is something I haven’t really explored and someone should do testing now that I’ve dropped Deejay again even for fun training mode stuff.

Along those lines, I think you can time f.throw, backdash, knee shot safely, but I’m not sure what the specific timing is.

hmm i think blanka has a 4 frame upballs. does that still works?

He gets up 2 frames late

just realized you tested this one way. if you can reproduce the setup you should try to wait with adon and do his dp at the latest moment possible.