Dee Jay's New Summer Vacation Costume

I have no words. This is just embarrassing… Full details here.

Are a few good ones, some decent ones and alot of terrible ones. DeeJay fals in to the later catogory. But I’ll still prolly sport it on ocasion if it comes in Pink.

Banana belt and watermelon pants? Capcom, that’s really classy.

The more i see that alt the more fucked up it seems to me.

At least all the other costumesbare garbage tho.

But hey, yall support it, yall give them the money. I’m done putting blood, sweat, tears, and money into this franchise until there is proof of some sort of reasonable decision-making at capcom.

And that extends to more than just street fighter.

Yeah, I kinda like the shin guards thing going, but the hair and glasses, plus that peace sign are just a bit overkill.

“I wonder what will hurt DJ players most… I got it! Lets turn deejay into a battybwoi”

Honestly after looking at them all this is the most hideous. That said, probably look better with an afro rather then those poorly drawn dreds. Those shin guards will probably get good use with the lk sobat nerf.

This was my first reaction. Like, watermelon pants? Seriously???

I have a sneaking suspicion that Capcom Japan has no idea why that might be insanely offensive in the US, but that leaves no excuse for not running the concepts past someone from Capcom USA… Anyone with a brain could’ve flagged that shit while it was still on the cutting floor. Instead it’s just another “WHOOPS. SORRY GUYS.” moment in “LOL JAPAN GAMES” history…

Give him Damn D scheme as one of the colors and i can accept it :smiley:

The more FF references the better

I thought it was Dee Jay as a cricket player… everybody knows how much Jamaicans love cricket.

Actually, it’s definitely Dee Jay as a cricket player.

I hope he whips out cricket paddles during the u2 animation. Didn’t realize cricket was so popular in Jamaica.

Cricket is very popular in Jamaica. (My father won’t shut up about it lol)

That alt is not cricket attire, nor was it meant to be.

No, It’s indefinitely a cricket guise covering the obvious offensive racist imagery.

There’s already a thread up on Unity complaining it’s racist

all being said i don’t think the pants resembling a watermelon was intentional.

that plantain belt tho…

I don’t know fellas. That watermelon design on those pants looks intentional to me in the pic. Like some have stated, Japan lives in a bubble when it comes to obvious racist stereotypes…especially Capcom.
They think stuff like this is “humor” when it’s not humorous at all to people of color. They wouldn’t understand that and see’s it as no big deal. Which is bizzare someone like
Combofiend wouldn’t put a stop to it and educate them(Japan) in that regard…on why an alt costume like that would offend people. But who’s to say he hasn’t already…and they just don’t care?

Yeah that belt is like…whaaa?? Really??

Lol…At least they gave him some “shabba” like glasses.

People of color or not, nobody from the states would consider it humor. Tasteless maybe, but not humor. As for Combofiend’s involvement, I think we should keep in mind how terrible of a history Capcom Japan and Capcom USA have when it comes to communicating with each other. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom USA saw these for the first time when we did and that, quite frankly, could’ve been acceptable as growing pains over a decade ago, but Capcom is an old enough company at this point it should know better. Chances are nothing caught Cap Japan’s eye as potentially being problematic so they didn’t bother asking Cap USA when the POINT of asking your other half is to see if they see something that you didn’t. Japan sees watermelon simply as a summer fruit and as a fun loving summer vacation costume idea, watermelon pants make sense. Putting these pants on a happy-go-lucky character also makes tons of sense. And for Japan, that train of thought can end there because there isn’t much else to see. The problem with this design choice is that Dee Jay is black and when you put watermelon print anything on him the image takes on new meaning in the U.S. and Japan isn’t being conscious of the dark past that kind of association has in other cultures.

From a cultural perspective having studied a lot of Japan over the years I can understand how they could’ve missed this. But from a business perspective with a history of offending people overseas with their character depictions, I cannot fathom why Capcom Japan or Udon (OR BOTH) didn’t confer with Capcom USA to ensure that Capcom wasn’t about to repeat past mistakes. A quick exchange of emails could’ve resolved this.

Very true indeed…culturally Capcom Japan may have thought watermelon, happy go lucky character…no big deal etc. BUT…I know the USA branch must have saw these a while ago and SOMEONE must have noticed Deejay and said…“Ummmmm…guys?”

Seriously…It seems sometimes like they(Japan) literally watch or get inspired by something like the below and mold their character’s actions(Deejay’s getting hit animation is kinda racist to me when his eyes bug out)…thinking it’s really funny…I would think even today they MUST know some of this is not cool.

That’s a new one to me…

Yeah…it’s probably just me then.