Dee Jay

He needed his own thread for this.

love rog its all about deeee jay - edit before I get killed.

Anyone else gonna main him? If there dudley too its definately

DJ Rog Dudley (:

Come on… a new thread just for that? At least discuss him or put the links to his videos… Jesus…

P.S U god damn traitor.:mad:U better hope I don’t come across u two online.

yeah useless, and i love how u contradict yourself by saying fuck rog yet u have him in ur avatar still.

i quit playing 4 for a while now. Dee Jay changes EVERYTHING.

I noticed in the video that his old combos still seem to work. cr. lp,lp, St. mp, dreadkick. I hope he keeps his ST juggles and even expands on them.

I was kinda joking …

I want to see what kinda juggle he can get into ultra his uppercut attack looks like it could link like rogs

and fine heres a vid with him



why fuck balrog? because he’s black?

its an old fad, there was the “FUCK BALROG” club awhile back

Dee Jay’s black too and he praised him.

Deejay makes anything into a big pile of gold.
He’s worth 100 bucks

Yeah, but he’s cultured Jamaica, not ghetto american. And he has that FIRE ish.

I’m thinking since he’s going to most likely be a combo happy character they’re going to have to nerf his damage to balance. Hopefully he has a good overhead.

upkicks into ultra

the new headbutt to ultra
dj will be the shit

yeah at least there will be one more black guy
my friend jamal aways complains that im white i can be guile or ken or rufus but he only gets to be balrog

Do you think there will be any new attacks for him like how Rog got a new overhead and smash attack in 4?

DeeJay was one of the guys I wanted to learn to play in SF2, but never really got around to it… I’m totally going to get as good as i can with him when this comes out!


It’s show time!
In did

God damn, I can’t wait.

That video made me drool. Dee Jay is the character I’ve wanted to play in SF 4 from the very start. This is the happiest day of my life.

So…is being first to shit on a thread and make requests for it to be closed the 09’s version of “first reply”?

Oh yeah. DeeJay! :slight_smile:

FUCK YEAH. SF2 combos.
the new look of his kicks are awesome.

I can’t wait to use him. I was hoping his ultra would be like his LVL3 from Alpha 3, but this is cool too.

OMFUCKIN GAWD DeeJay is confirmed!!! I LOVE MY LIFE…and did i see t hawk combo off of dive…youve gotta be shittin me

I just thought of this: this may be the most black people ever in a fighting game. Most fighters just have one guy (if that).