Decaying Interest in Marvel vs Capcom 3

So, just as the title implies, my interest in Marvel vs Capcom 3 is dying with each day. I used to play the game hardcore up until a week or two ago. My best friend and I were constantly going at it to see who was better. Now that Mortal Kombat 9 has come out, we have pretty much permanently taken it off the table.

Has anyone else lost interest in MvC3? I still play MvC2 like a fiend, along with SSFIV, BB, and MK9. I can’t quite place my finger on why I’m not liking it anymore. Its like every time I boot up the game, I turn it back off and put in something else.

I’ve personally lost interest in damn near every FG honestly. SSF4 is done, MvC3…I can’t even bring myself to play anymore, it’s boring. I have BB:CS and Tekken that I haven’t played in months…and I can’t get hype for anything…I should be hype for greatness like Skullgirls…and I can’t…idk what the hell happened, but all hype from me just got killed.

It’s called ADHD.

I lost my interest one week in. Only played it once since then, just casually with a friend who loves MvC2 (I do as well)

I don’t give a fuck if you don’t want to play anymore.

Does this look like livejournal to you?

When did SRK turn into AA fucking meetings?

Me too…just started playing MK

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Hey funny thing about not giving a damn, you can just…not read the thread. It’s not like it’s in a major fucking channel taking up space. FG Channel is only used for 5 fucking threads, get over it or get the fuck out.

No, the two of you can use the BLOG that SRK provides you or FACEBOOK to air out your petty lack of enthusiasm for fighting games.

Seriously, a thread to garner people with the common ground of not being into a fighting game? In fighting game discussion?

Fuck outta here.

No one cares
wrong section
blog this kind of shit

He’s asking for how other people feel, too. So how about we don’t act like the garbage that half of this community causes to people like BurnYourBra and others?

To answer your question: I don’t feel like MvC3 has the same charm that MvC2 did. For one, MvC3’s crazy jazzy (and out of place) music really made it feel unique. Also, the spread of characters was interesting. And in MvC3, I feel bored, even when watching pros on streams play. I just wait for a combo to begin, get a soda, the combo and the match are over, then wait for the next match to begin. That, and it’s an unfinished project. Spectator mode is an almost deal breaker to me. It helps streams get shown, and also helps me learn combos when I’m playing in large rooms (not to mention it gives me something to DO while I wait).

So I don’t blame you. Everything feels bouncy and slow in MvC3, while in MvC2 I didn’t feel like I was fighting in low gravity.

I don’t know, there’s just this CHARM missing from MvC3 to me, both in the play mechanics and the presentation.

I traded in MVC3. The main sign for me if a FG is clicking or not, is if I want to learn how to play for real. No matter what I tried in MVC3 I just couldn’t bring myself to bother learning anything. Dante is my favorite character and I don’t give a shit about learning him either. I have Tekken 6 and no competition yet I still go to TZ and look up combos and the works. I’m looking for a 3rd character to learn while still improving my Kazuya and Jin. I still practice EWGF and EWHFs. But MVC3? That game died for me within a week. I tried multiple team combinations and nothing. I just don’t care.

I got Mortal Kombat now and I really like it. My only problem is that I have to limit how many characters I’m learning because I’m juggling two teams right now.

Again, not the place to do it.

I know this reeks of some nazi shit but there’s something moronic about having a thread where the topic of interest is the lack of interest. What’s there to discuss? You would do well to talk of it elsewhere, plain and simple.

Come on now.

My main issue with MVC3 is that you’re forced to play it certain way. They limited all planning/strategy/keep away, and now its about running in and just comboing people all day, and the hit boxes are pretty stupid, and the ease of execution and timing really burns my balls. People that claimed for years that MVC2 was too hard, now think they can hang. Capcom just needs to go somewhere with this “empowerment of noobs” bullshit. This is why I dont want to see darkstalker revamped.

That said, I’m still playing it, because it’s the main game of the front-runners. I’m playing to win, I’ll exploit every bit of stupidness that I can.

Alright, whatever. I guess I’ll go back to trashing the netcode of every incoming game as it seems that’s the only thing I can do without getting yelled at by someone.

So you’re losing interest in a game? So what? People lose interest in games. It doesn’t say on the box “If you aren’t having fun with this game for at least 6 months please contact a physician”, so you certainly don’t need to consult SRK every time your interest wanes in a game.

Thread: I don’t like this game

I don’t like this game anymore. Can people come into the thread and agree with me to make me feel better? Thanks.

It’s a shame because if you have a good offline scene like me, then MVC3 becomes a funner game with every week.

I for one am having lots of fun with MvC3 and the many other fighting games in my library currently, on my PS3, 360 and on PC. My days are filled with light and joy as I practice combos and develop strategies to crush the competition with, not to mention the exhilarating rush of actually encountering a good player in a real match and testing my skills against their own. :coffee:

Pherai, let’s get married.



it’s hard to enjoy mvc3 when it’s laggy :confused: also i don’t know if north york toronto has any nearby area where there are a ton of fighting game lovers