Decapre`s Devoted Dolls

Thought it be a good idea for people to post their details if they main Decapre so we can get like minded Doll fans together to run sets or organize online training etc.

Please post your gamertag, what system you use and also around what times you are on?


For the most part, I think I’ll still be a Bison main, but I really want to learn a new character and she’s definitely going to be it! XBL/PSN: xSHOGUNDo

GT: Retpetty
System: Xbox
Time on: Normally around 9pm PST weekdays then moreso on the weekends.

I main Decapre and Guy

GT:Big Jerds
System: Xbox
Time on: Random

I’m in the UK so people in Europe would be preferable, connection might be okay with east coast US too.

GT: UPNevan
System: PSN
Time on: random

I live in Portugal, so PSN users from EU, gogo :stuck_out_tongue:

GT: tariikz
System: PSN and Steam
Time on: all day

Germany here. I won’t main her but I really want to learn her though.

GT:Salty Glove
System: Xbox
Time on: Random

GT: GR Stabicron
System: XBL
Time On: Mostly whenever I am not working

XBOX LIVE gamertag saltyscrubb7


GT: Tohmane
System: PSN
Time On: Most evenings

Sweden, crap at Akuma, Guy and Decapre

GT: iHopperr
Time on: usually 8pm till 1am GMT.
System: Xbox 360

Oh, Imma add you =)

Mind if I add you?

GamerTag - Tandris
System - XBOX
Main - Decapre, Makoto, Guile
Time Available - 7pm - 1am EST

I added all of you on xbox, I`ll host an endless when i get on and invite you if your interested :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t play for about 24 hours because of college commitments, but any other time I’d be super up for an endless set.

XxUltimacloudxX PSN im on alot but its random times.

Usually all day long
im still newish to the game but really wanna learn it, love her and a few others, would appreciate a good teacher to help me out

For the time being Poison is my main, as I had intended to main her since she was announced. However, I’m thoroughly enjoying Decapre and may make her my Alt. If I continue to do well, might make her my main.

XBL: Icewrench
PSN: Stormwrench (Dont have Ultra yet here)

SYSTEM: Xbox360
REGION: Ireland (Europe)
GT: Garak001
MAINS: Deejay, Decapre

  • Icewrench, I think we played last night.