Decapre`s Devoted Dolls

Ahh I think we did, the name is certainly familiar. I think, if you were the only other Decapre I faced, it was a rather close match between us :slight_smile:

GT = Zachar4
System = Xbox
Region = UK/EU
Times = Inconsistant.

My goto character (Adon) feels all sorts of weird in Ultra so looks like I’m on the Decapre train.

XBL - Nerds I View
PSN - Aphr0-punk

Usually on all times of the day. Mostly Xbox but I don’t mind hopping on the ol’ PSN.

BM Trajan on Xbox, used to main Dan and subbed adon , rose, bipson
On random times

Main is Guile but really liking Decapre. Not very good at SF at all yet but baby steps lol.

XBL: TheBobbieFiasco usually on M-F after 8 CT. Randomly on weekends.

XBL: ZombieOni
Region: US (CST)
Afternoons usually during the week, however weekends could be anytime really.

PSN: Squizzlebop
anyone online now (PS3) that can help show me what I’m doing wrong with “Hands cancel”?

I didn’t think I’d like her at first. I thought she wasn’t that interesting when I saw the footage before and I didn’t like her on day 1. But now that we’ve gotten to know one another better, I’m pretty sure that she’s the one. Been maining Boxer since Vanilla. Not really liking Ultra Boxer so it’s Decapre for Ultra, but if we’re playing edition select then it’s Vanilla Boxer all day.

Can you describe what’s happening? Is it not coming out at all? What normals are you cancelling from? If you hit the normal and it doesn’t come out, then you pressed the five punches too slow or you didn’t push five punches. If it’s coming out but you aren’t getting a combo off the normal, then you hit the fifth button too late. If you’re getting EX instead of the one you’re wanting then you might be pressing your five inputs too fast.
From what I can tell the #1 problem that players have when learning how to hit mash specials is impulse control. Look at your inputs in training mode, if there are more than five punch buttons pressed then you need to clean up your technique. When you throw a hadouken with Ryu, you don’t mash the punch button right? Same with mash specials. Consider the first four punch buttons the directional inputs, and the fifth one the attack button.
The reason why I think it’s the biggest problem is because if you don’t press each of the five buttons deliberately, and just randomly mash out punch buttons, then you’re not really executing the move. Instead you’re just hoping it will come out. Put your hand on the buttons and slowly press five punch buttons in succession in any order that YOU find comfortable. Then remember that pattern and practice it everywhere with a relaxed forearm and wrist. Try it on tables, your leg, while you’re reading, everywhere. What helped me a lot with cleaning up my execution is that I got into the habit of holding down the fifth button. This forced me to get a feel for where the fifth input was and stopped me from pushing anything extra. Another thing I do is when I’m in training mode I always turn the sound off so all I can hear is the sound of the buttons being pressed. This helps me get a better feel for the tempo that I need to hit to get the special move to come out.

Hope that helps. I hit rapid dagger 100% off cr forwards and cr strongs so I’m not just talking out of my ass. Just takes practice.

Inbox me if you wanna talk about it some more. I don’t want to hijack this thread with a discusson on hands.

i’m a casual player that mained guile, balrog and also played deejay and adon. I liked decapre because she’s new and had a unique moveset. I use her as a rush down character with jab and tick throws and cross ups and scramble mix ups. I haven’t been able to perfect the mix up game, so i decided to go on srk to see what i could learn and all i gotta say is HANDS!! Lots of good info here. My gamertag on xbl is the same as username.

Xbox: hikodavid
Would love to train

PSN: Zo_of_the_Enders

I’m always up for Decapre practice sessions. Feel free to add me.

XBL: Dawkness007
Times on: Random


tag is hakimrakim

I’m on during the day, I’m from Sweden and I’d love to train with someone with a good connection and who’s at least intermediate at the game

main is dictator and gen but ive fallen in love with decapre

GT= Swavey Life
System= Xbox
Region= US
Times= Any time

Up for training with anybody.

I’ve been using Chun Li for the life of the SFIV series, but I am switching over to Decapre. Part of the reason is wanting to try something new, and I never really found a home with any of the other charge characters in the game. Decapre is sort of what I’ve always been trying to make Chun, but now I have the tools to do what I want. I don’t really have much time to devote to the game these days, but feeling better ablel to use my preferred playstyle and having something different to look it at is enough to bring me back, at least for the short term.