[Dec 3, 2011] Northeast Championship XII, in Philadelphia Pa. Over $3000 in... (Philadelphia, Pa)

we gotta get more games in this time around

i expect your hoku to be perfect at nec comeback.

I’ll be there. This time I want to do teams In AE.

I am def going

Who wants to help run a Vampire Savior tournament?

Penthouse charity party will happen Friday and sat night in room 801.

Also players the group rate discount is open for business. Link at the top of the page.

Hey Big E. DRS would like to help sponsor the tournament. I wanted to add a 100$ pot bonus to BB.

damn gs thanks.

damn gs thanks.

Yeah maybe this will bring out more BB players. I will send you that pot bonus money soon. So you can advertise that BB will have a 100$ pot bonus sponsored by DRS :slight_smile:

You know I’m in there. GGXXAC, SSFIVAE, and MK9. Maybe UMvC3.

Ok players should we do 3SOE on ps3 or 360, keep it real.

I know this will change before Nec.

And don’t just post cause you only own a ps3 are just a 360.

arcade cab if possible both system offer lag


Please consider adding a MK9 tag team tournament too.

will be there for the usual suspects ( UMVC3, AE, Melty, and if play enough AH3 then AH3) and what is this KOF13 i hear about? i hope it get some numbers cuse i would be quite intrested in this game

i am in there.

ST, A2, MK2, and that street fighter 4 newest edition game also.

Oh and kof13 is hot so i will be signing up for that also!

Colorado. You?

Philly obviously :smiley:

I will ask shock and Phil about that.

I would want 3s to be a arcade tournament if Diaperbomb and flare can bring it out. We can hold a charity event and try to get the cabinet up here if it’s possible. But overall no one should be complaining about 3so being on ps3 i tried my best to find something faulty with the ps3 version but it seems to be the same as the 360 version. I would say if we can’t get arcade just use the PS3 version.

Also get ready 3s players.

I will be holding the most hype exhibition that 3s players were looking foward to since last year.

East Coast vs New York Part 2: 20 vs 20

NY gather your best players because from what i saw at Summer Jam the EC team is going to be bringing the heat.

Last year’s team captains were for NY: Nica K.O. and for EC was Mr. Quotes

This year I want for NY: Chris G and for East Coast: Flare.

Start training!