[Dec 3, 2011] Northeast Championship XII, in Philadelphia Pa. Over $3000 in... (Philadelphia, Pa)



NECXII will be sponsored by:

Classic Game Junkie:
111 S. Easton Rd.
Glenside, PA, 19038


University Family Fun Center
4006-08 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19141


Big E Gaming
Philadelphia PA 19143


Team Sp00ky
201 Battery Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209


Namco Bandai Games


Madcatz and Markman


Atlus has just joined our sponsor family, more info to come later.



Aksys Games has just joined our Family. Glad to have them on board for NEC12

"BlazBlue players, are you ready for the next Rebel? Aksys Games proud to announce that it is bringing the yet unreleased console version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND to NEC 2011! For the first time in North America, players will be able to try out some of the new console only features in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND!

Not only that, but Aksys Games will sweeten the deal by adding a $500 bonus to BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II tournament pot. Whether you’re on the fence about coming to NEC or competing in BlazBlue, this should help change your mind!"


[FONT=Verdana]NEC XII and NAMCO BANDAI GAMES Inc. presents :[/FONT]
**NAMCO BANDAI X NEC XII : 3D Fighting Game Extravaganza **

Make your way to NEC XII, to get your hands on playable versions of SoulCalibur V & TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2! This will be the FIRST EVER, U.S. hands-on event for both of these games!

[FONT=Verdana]“I’m really excited to see both of these games at NEC XII. The idea is to let the entire fighting game community get a feel of whats coming, play, chat and to bring the communities together through games. The EC has been waiting patiently, and for that we will bring the best that we have. You can’t beat good games with great friends,” said Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui, NAMCO BANDAI GAMES | Community Manager.[/FONT]

If you still cannot make it, don’t worry! Both games will be streamed over the weekend by 8WayRun. You can find a link to their stream here: http://www.twitch.tv/8wayrun
Don’t miss out on the final blowout for the East Coast and “Get Ready For The Next Battle”



12/3/2011 – 12/4/2011

Sheraton Suites
4101 Island Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Located in the south west Philadelphia area 1/2 mile from the Philadelphia International Airport.

They have 3 hotels in the same complex all owned by the Sheraton.

DISCOUNT ROOM PRICES: $95.00 plus tax.
click link to reserve: http://www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=1111213403&key=65C8D

Will be streamed by none other than the infamous Team Sp00ky! The stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky
Big E


Rob Hubbs
(610) 573-8305

Online Venue Pre-Registration: $30

At The Door Venue Registration: $40

Spectator Fee: $20

Pre-order your NEC XII T-shirts
Link coming soon
If you would like a small, 3XL, 4XL or 5XL size, please order any shirt and email me (Big E) to change it to a small. To guarantee your t-shirt order please purchase by 11/25.

Players if you’re arriving Friday please call me, you can coming to my room (801) and pay your registration and entry fee or buy one of the fly ass NECXII shirts (designed by Kazi). That would really help me out if you guys can do that. See contact section for the appropriate information.

I have changed a lot of entry fee so players can have some kind of money left over to do other things with like eat and party or do whatever. I think this will help the numbers in some of the smaller games too.

Unless otherwise stated all console tournaments will be played on PS3.

All singles tournaments will be standard format 2/3 games for normal matches and 3/5 for finals matches.

Team tournaments are single match the entire tournament including all finals matches.

Venue and entry fees will be collected between 9am and 5pm both days. Please allow 1 hour prior to tournament start time to register. Even if you preregistered online you will still need to check in at the registration desk for each tournament.

Saturday 12/03/11
Team Tournaments:

SSF4:AE teams 3v3 – 11:00am – $30 per team

UMvc3 3v3 – 11:30am – $30 per team

3S:OE 3v3 – 6:30pm

AH3 - 2v2-- 2:00pm

MB:AA 3v3 – 2:30pm

ST 2v2 – tbd

More to Come.

SATURDAY 12/03/11:

Singles Tournaments:

SSF4:AE – 5:00pm – $10 – will continue Sunday–ps3–$750 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes

UMvC3 – 5:30pm – $10 – will continue Sunday–ps3–$750 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes

MK9 – 3pm-- start time – $10–ps3-- $250 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes

SC4 – 1:00pm start time – $10 (top 8 sunday)–ps3-- Pot Bonus info coming soon

TK6 – 1:00pm start time – $10 (top 8 Sunday)–ps3–Pot Bonus info coming soon
If you entry both T6 & TT2 it will be $16 entry

TTT2 - 3:00pm start time --$10 (top 8 sunday)–arcade

BB:CS2 – 1:00pm start time – $10–ps3-- $1101 pot Bonus plus some HOT prizes.

GG:AC – 4:00pm start time --$10-- ps2

ST – 5pm-- start time – $10 – held on arcade cabinet–Pot Bonus info coming soon

MK2 – tbd start time – $5

SUNDAY 12/4/11:

SSF4:AE – continued from Saturday – 1:00pm

UMvC3 – continued from Saturday – 1:30pm

KOF13-- 4pm Start time–$10–$1000 pot bonus–ps3


MB:AA – 12pm-- start time – $10–Pot Bonus info coming soon

AH3–12pm-- start time-- $10 entry fee–ps3

3S:OE – 2pm start time – $10–ps3–Pot Bonus info coming soon

CvS2 – 6:00pm-- $2 – PS2

UMK3 – 5:00pm – $5

KI – 5:00pm - $2

A3-- tbd

CE – tbd–arcade

If time permits after all tournaments have finished we will bring back the long awaited coin flip tournament! Rules to follow soon!

I will also be adding more games to this list in the next few weeks.

I want this to be the BEST NEC ever but i can only do it with the players help. There will be food and drinks available to purchase for cheap.

So that’s it for now. To get a rough head count just please post or e-mail me at eric2necphilly@yahoo.com with your first, last and gamer name, the state your from and game(s) you plan on entering.

I will Post players update list on other pages.

Guys if you see names down twice or if you don’t see your name on the list let me know.



NECXI will be helping out the local community by having a CAN DRIVE … so bring canned food and non-perishable foods for donation … let’s show the rest of the community that we do more than play fighting games all day everyday!


Keep the negativity at home. We’re all here to have a good weekend with such an amazing community.


Lets get some stuff going people!

NY v EC 15v15 or 20v20 again?!

Nice! I’ve been waiting for this one. I really wanna go to the first umvc3 major, and this looks like the right place!

Mmmmmmmmaaaannnn it’s gonna be cold!? Anything special I should know? What’s the best airport to fly into?

Thanks up to fran and quotes.

We had over 700 players at NecXI, let’s top that.

Where are you from.
Philadelphia international airport(phl is the airport code).

Very disappointed that there is no mention of KOF 13 at all.

Good to see it’s at the Sheraton. I’m 85% positive I will be there.

Quick question, anyone interested in a side tourney for the following games?
[]Marvel vs Capcom (1)
]X-men vs Street Fighter
[]Street Fighter II: Championship Edition
]Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo
[]Super Gem Fighter
]Street Fighter Alpha 2
[]King of Fighters '98
]King of Fighter 2002
[]Last Blade (1? 2?)
]Garou: MoTW
Any/all would be on arcade hardware.

Let me know.

seconded (even though I’m trash at it)!

in there like swimwear

ninja edit: ide enter xvsf

Kof13 and all the games Matt just asked about will be added to the side tournament list don’t worry.

Count me and the DRS boys in for this also. Dont forget about King of fighters 13

Why kof13 gotta be a side tournament I demand it be a main game

Side tournament?

I don’t mean to sound like a troll but, CvS2, GG, 3SOE, SC4, MK2, MB:AA are in the official lineup and KOF 13 is not? I really don’t see how you came to this conclusion, KOF is not just one of the most anticipated games in the FGC but it’s a NEW game. Even if there’s no KOF scene in the East Coast at the moment the game is coming out the last week of October so I’m sure that there will be enough hype to carry over to this tournament to have a decent turnout.

You can advertise your tournament in our website www.dreamcancel.com

Ok my friend I will do that. Thanks.

I would enter Alpha 2.

me and jtmb will run a kof13 side tourney. he said there are people from the west coast that will fly out for it.

Kof13 will be added to the main game group.

We do apologize for the lack of KoF13 mention. Given the small KoF scene on the EC it gets overlooked sometimes but if players are willing to travel from out of area and make some noise for it we’re more than happy to give you guys some of the spotlight with stream time and the whole 9 yards. We’ll fix this as soon as possible and get you guys the attention you deserve.

Word to the wise though, **if you guys are entering our main games and we are offering online registration for it please help us and yourselves out by taking advantage of it. This NEC I would like to start bracket development prior to Saturday which can only benefit you guys in terms of skill and location seeding as well as timeliness. **The turn out this year should be crazy with UMvC3 and the potential of AE 2012 being released right before this so we need to make sure we can eliminate any last minute registration efforts so people don’t have to wait around all day to play their matches. Like I said before, this is all in the best interest of you the players! With cooperation from you guys we can make this the best NEC yet!

If you guys need any help running KOF XIII, give me a shout hubbs. Setup, stream, i’ll help how I can.
Also, no AH3 listed?

are you gonna come out of hiding for that game??? ill enter it of course and guys ST will be hype for this imma make sure of that already got ideas in the works gonna ask spooky to stream ST for top 8

I cannot book my Megabus tickets now but when the time comes, I will book them and will try to bring more people with me.