"Death by Degrees" - The Nina Williams Thread

Nina is a “back sway” character, she has an evade move by moving your stick QCB. This makes the Korean backdashing a little more difficult since inputs must be precise or you risk getting backsways in and not blocking.

QCB sway doesn’t allow you to block midway until it’s finished, you can stepcancel it with Up and go into her SS1—which can go into rolling dash or another backsway.

New moves to TTT2
f+2,1,1+2 (b!)

Here’s her frame data listed by speed

Staple combos:


df+2, df+3,2~ss1~f,ws+1, df+1, 1+4 (b!), dash up, ws+1, f,F+3
df+2, df+3,2~ss1~b~uf+3, 1, 1+4 (b!) ws+1 f,F+3
df+2, df+3,2~ss1~b~uf+4, ws+1, ws+1, ws+1, 1+4 (b!), dash up, ws+1, f,F+3

ss2, df+3,2, f+2,1,1+2 (b!), dash up, ws+1 , f,F+3
ss2, df+3,2, uf+4, ws+1, ws+1, ws+1, 1+4 (b!), ws+1, f,F+3
ss2, df+3,2, f+2,1,1+2 (b!) , df+1, qcF+2

qcf+1, uf+2,1 (b!), ss1~b~uf+4, 1,2,f+1+2
qcf+1, uf+2,1 (b!), ss1~b~uf+4, qcf+4,2,3
qcf+1, uf+2,1 (b!), ss1~b~uf+4, ws+1, ws+1, ws+1, f,F+3

uf+1, ws+1, df+1, b+2,2, 1, 1+4 (b!), ws+1, f,F+3
uf+1, df+3,2~ss1~f, ws+1, ws+1, ws+1, ws+1, 1+4 (b!), dash up, ws+1, f,F+3

qcf+4,2, df+1, 1, b+2,2, 1+4 (b!), ws+1, f,F+3
qcf+4,2, df+1, df+1, df+1, df+1, 1+4 (b!), ws+1, f,F+3

Solo combos

Tag combos


Looking forward to seeing more on this Williams sister! :slight_smile:

After only about a half-hour exposure it felt to me like Nina handled a bit slower than T6, and had somewhat stricter input limits on some combos, specifically her chain throws (which I liked!). Is this my imagination? Is there anything I can do to contribute to the communal knowledge of our heartless blonde assassin bombshell?

I have not gotten around to her yet but I heard that Nina was supposed to be really good in this particular game, much like she was back in the days of DR/T5.
I better get to work to make some contributions…!

She is pretty damn good, I just need to unlock the skills to use her lol

A lot of combos really seem slower once you attempt to get that final B! move on your opponent. One of Angel’s B! moves already seem damn near impossible on extended strings.

I hear Nina is really high tier, but she handles a lot differently than Law, whom I’m more familiar with.

Sidenote: I like how her alternate costume actually puts her in MORE clothing. Same with a LOT of the female fighters. That’s gotta be a first for a fighting game.

Hey fellow Nina players. I am having issues with Nina’s poison. I have turned on the input display and see that I am inputting the correct commands. But it seems I only have about a 25% chance of the move actually coming out. Is there any input tricks to getting this move to more reliably come out? Because ive spent hours in training mode trying to figure out ways to make it more reliable and I can’t figure it out.

Let her do the rolling dash and then db+2+3. It’s not a fast canceling move.

Brand new to Tekken in 3D fighters, and Nina seems to resonate with me best. Tips for noobs trying to improve with her?

Also, can you combo out of 1,2,1,2 other than f1+2 [W!]? Probably a stupid question, but it’s just an easy combo and a nice link from a poke.

Some ranked matches online I’ve found.

The Nina god from Korea himself, Only Practice matches


No, the only thing after 1,2,1,2 are very few things I believe. Best is the wall splat or wall break. Her pokes in here are pretty awesome.
My first Tekken being taken serious as well, so I’m trying to absorb everything I can with her.
Practice combos off her df+2 and ss+2 launchers. Big damage. I’ve been working on ducking a lot more highs and just doing ws2 so I can launch and do some more damage too and getting into the habit of utilizing d,DF+4, db+3 to poke more.

I wasted my first two weeks just trying to properly do her ws+1 combos. I’ve succeeded in doing like 4-5 in a row maybe three times out of thousands of attempts so far. lol

Nina has a lot of strings that can be changed from high’s to low’s so I utilize this mostly to get my damage and get lauchers.

e.g Nina’s d+3,4 is a double sweep but u can change that into d+3,2, this time it ends in a high and lauchers.

I am also trying 2 figure out her pokes as well since she has some nice ones

you have moves that can cancel into back sway

ss1 can be canceled into back for forward sway you can back sway from ss1 and quickly cancel that by pressing up to go into another ss1

and certain strings like uf+ 4,3 and
b+2, 2 can be cancelled into sidestep

I’m having trouble with the ws1 combos also lmfao i try to go by the visual ques right as she put her arm back
i love practicing it. its the most troubling thing i experienced in a fighting game. hard to do consistently

thank you for finding those matches! i was in training mode with nina and lars for hours the other day so i need to see a pro use them the right way lol

d+3,2 combos (obviously the 2 has to hit for the launch)

d+3,2, f+2, f+2, f+2,1,1+2 (b!) ff+3
d+3,2, d/f+3,2, f+1, f+4,3,3 (b!) ff+3

I have been playing Nina since Tekken 6, and she has not changed a lot in Tekken Tag 2. Nina is still an amazing character with a lot of strengths and very few weaknesses.

I will start with the weaknesses:

  • She doesn’t have the greatest range in the game, so she is most dagerous up close. Players with good back dashing give her problems. However, this weakness has been partially addressed by giving her f+2 as a fast safe high poke and by making her homing move d/b+2, which has great range, safe on block. Also ivory cutter has great range and is a good mid poke. Finally her new ff+2 has huge range and take a good chunk of damage, but it is very linear.
  • Her block punishment is nothing special, but gets the job done.


  • Great poking game
  • Great juggles and overall damage
  • Good throw game
  • Great oki

For mid pokes, these are her main mid pokes that you want to use:
df+1,2: m,h, i13, +2 on hit, -3 on block and does 30 points of damage. This is Nina’s main poke and most used move.
df+4: m, i12, +7 on hit, -4 on block and does 20 damage. Good range and good to create distance.
1+4: m,m, i15, +3 leaving the opponent crouching on hit, -6 on block, 32 damage. It is also her main bound starter and has great range.
ws+1: m, i13, great range and safe on block

High pokes:
1,2 is always great at i10
f+2: i13 with great range and leaves Nina at +8 on hit and only -3 on block.
4: i11, great range, safe and she can juggle from it on CH.
b+2,2: i12, -4 on block, +2 on hit and does 34 damage.

Low pokes:
d+4: i12, -2 on hit, -13 on block, low damage, but crushes high moves. On CH d+4,1 is guaranteed, but don’t abuse it since on normal hit the 1 can be ducked and punished.
d+3: i16, -3, -16 on block, does more damage than d+4 and also high crushes. She has high, mid and low follow ups to the move, but all of them are risky.
db+3: i20, 21 damage, +3 on hit, -13 on block, and knocks down on CH. This is one of the best low pokes in the game. It also forces the enemy to crouch on normal hit. Only downside is that it doesn’t high crush.
d+2: i20, 20 damage, -6 on hit, -12 on block and high crushes. It has great range, but the frames are not great on hit.

For beginners, here are a few simple solo juggles that you can use before you go into her more advanced stuff, and believe me her advanced stuff is extremely hard to pull off, but also extremely rewarding:

for launchers like df+2, b+1+4, db+3+4 and qcb+4, do this:
launcher, df+1, df+3,2, f+4,3,3 B! d+2,3 - you need to dash a bit for d+2,3

For ss+2 or when you launch them off axis:
launcher, df+3,2, f+2,1,1+2 B! d+2,3

For uf+1:
uf+1, ws+1, df+1, df+3,2, 1+4 B! d+2,3 - you will need to dash a bit for 1+4

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Great information. I’ve been grinding hard. Trying my best not to gravitate away to less complex characters.