Dealing with Losses

How do you normally react upon losing a game ?

For me, it depends. If i lost really convincingly, then it would not have been too bad honestly. Other than that, when a lost is due to a frequent pattern which i could not counter or no answers, or when the loss is by a 1% life, most of the time i will feel angry with myself, disappointed and even thinks about quitting the game for good and go play single player games.

After a few minutes or hours, that feeling slowly goes away and i compose myself for the next battle.

I try to be positive about all my losses. It’s harder when I get completely destroyed since I can’t find something to improve upon (I mean I got destroyed right?), but if it’s a close match I usually walk away with some knowledge.

For example, according to my win % ratios, I am worst against Blanka, Balrog and Zangief (all around 65% win %). Knowing this, I go into Training Mode and after recording some of their most common combos that beat me, I go back to my main and try to find counters or openings.

For example, I didn’t used to know that Balrog was easy to crossup and usually his headbutt will whiff. That’s knowledge I can use the next time I face him. Same goes with figuring out when I should counter attack Zangief’s lariat and with what.

In short, some losses can be frustrating (esp. when I’m really close to a BP goal I have in my head), but I try to learn from them.

i usually only get upset when its my fault for losing, like if i mess up on execution, or if i eat something that i shouldn’t, but if i lose to someone i feel is truly better than me i don’t get mad, i want to get better and better so i can best them the next time i play them

I just keep playing. There really is no point in trying to win all of the time unless you are in a tourney situation. Sure if you are losing you can go for throws or up the pressure but why not do that from the start. I notice a lot of talk about win %. That means nothing because if you are playing people better than you or practicing bad match ups for your character then you will lose a lot more than you will win.

Just have fun with the game and play the characters you like to play not just the top tier. If your goal is to win Evo then seek out better players. There are a number of good players on the boards and you will learn a lot by losing. As for the training mode, it really doesn’t help you with strategy but you should use it to practice the combos that you are most likely going to use in a match situation.

I can deal with matches where I get completely destroyed.

I mean obviously I was out classed.

but what eats me up are the close ones… ones that you know you should not have lost.

I do the best I can to shake it off, learn from it, and move on.

sometimes easier said then done.

I just accept that I’m going to lose a lot and focus more on perfecting my technique. I don’t get mad when I lose, I get mad when I don’t execute the moves properly. For a while I was playing without the HUD because it was a distraction from executing the moves. I was worrying too much about things like how much life or time I had left.

I figure winning will come naturally with execution, so why get worked up about it in the meantime.

After cutting myself I find the nearest baby I can and punch it as hard as possible.

Well since is changed my main from balrog to fei long i lose alot and i think what i do is the LEAST healthy. i know im mad about losing but i say nothing and do nothing i just keep playing. im probably going to have a stroke,heart attack, or develop a tumor do to stress/anger built up.

This is the time when I wish the Championship DLC is out just for replay function. Usualy I know most of the losses came from many careless mistakes that I have made, or things didn’t come out (like trying to get ultra out, ended up dashing right into the fireball etc). So far never ended up being completely trashed out by an opponent.

I just get over my losses and try not to make the same mistakes again on the next match. Besides being a Chun-Li user, I expect to lose alot.

i dont get that mad, as i know alot of people are better than me and i take it as a learning experience. its those select few that i know i can beat, but dont that rile me up. :china:

Your reaction is totally based on your mindset when you come into the match.

With that given, I go into all my matches with a competitive spirit, an eagerness to improve, and most importantly to have fun. No matter what the outcome is you always come out on top.

Well said. that is also my motto but sometimes ur frustration just gets the better of you.

I used to break joysticks. True story. Now I just smoke :slight_smile:

I get a little annoyed if I feel that I should have won, or if I messed up a move/combo.

Most of the time though, I lose due to the other player being better than me - which is fine.

Rage quits piss me off though.

I think it’s alot easier to get angry playing random people online as you don’t really know who your playing and sometimes automatically go in to matches with the misconception that your gona beat the hell out of them. I think it’s best to remember that the person your playing has probably played/trained at street fighter just as long or even longer than you and they want to suceed/get better just as much. Thats usually how i deal with most of my losses.

It can get frustrating though, i usually only win about 1 out of 5. I’m a bit pants.:confused:

I embrace it unless I felt it wasn’t fair due to sudden lag, then I would sulk for 30 seconds and get back to fighting.

I’d just deal with it. Either just chalk it up to some silly mistakes I made or that the opponent is actually better than I am.

Think what beat me and how I can beat it.

I get mad momentarily, unless its to a really retarded scrub tactic (random ultra anyone?) then I generally leave the arcade for a couple mins.

Best thing I can do is just shrug, its just a loss.