De4dEyE's Magneto Q&A thread

Alright… I’m making this thread cuz the mag forums are a bit scattered. All the good info is kinda lost among all the old threads, the same with the questions that were asked. So, if you have questions about mag’s matchups, resets, combos, or random questions, post them here and I’ll answer them.

Note - this is just so that the forum goers have an up to date thread to get info from.

Anyways… ask away.

can anyone go into detail about his unblockable

if its even unblockable.

Alright. First of all I would like to know some good resets, doesn’t matter the difficulty.

Also, I would like to know the best way to go against sent, when using MSP. Thanks!

I would like to know how msp can beat blackheart-AAA, storm-Expan, capcom-AAA. this team gives me alot of trouble.



Launch, fk, ad.df lk, lk - dash under, then do a cross up tri jump fk/fp, go on from there.

Or, dash under, fk throw (aim down), cross them up or go high-low.

Another reset, this one in the corner, do a few reps of the infinite, then go lk, lk, ad.df lk. Only one lk, then fk throw and continue. A lot of people don’t expect a throw to come so abruptly, they’re waiting for 2 lks.

Another good one is the Jose Garcia reset. Which is:

Launch, fk, ad.df, lk, lk, land - then sj lk, ad.df to the other side, lk, dash under and launch back up into another fk, ad.df etc. combo.

As for MSP vs Sent; It matters heavily on what assist Sent has. Much of the time Sent is paired up with Capcom/Cyke for an AAA. For those, it’s quite hard to rush a run away sent that has one of those assists. You want to super jump forward if he has capcom, and try to land directly on sent with a fp->fk. Try to save your airdash until after you block the bolt from capcom. Once you’re able to land a good hit on sent, either inifinite him/ unmashable tempest him/ or better yet, snap the assist in.

Easier route: Kill the assist. Beat the shit out of whoever the assist is. If sent is flying while you and the assist is on the ground, dash up to the assist and launch, fp, fp, fk. Hit it with all fierces. Once you’ve beat it up enough, chances are Sent won’t call him out for a little while. So that gives you more room to get on him, meaning go for a snapout. All you really need is two lks, either on a grounded sent or an airborne one.

x b 4 t M a N x: I’m not too informed on the supposed unblockable. From what I hear, the very last frame of the animation is supposed to be unblockable - it messes with the other chars block or something. Not sure if it’s much use either, since if you want to superjump cancel out of a sweep, you’d have to sj in the middle, not the very end where the unblockable frame is supposed to be.

kcfantasyboi: Wavedash. Even though BH is somewhat easy to rushdown, he can still give headaches. If the BH player is an inexperienced one, he’ll simply sj demons, airdash then demons again. Try to cross him up when he’s landing, or play a high->low game. If he’s not a newb, he’ll be much more cautious when sjing. Try to trick your opponent with a double or even triple triangle jump (if the first is blocked). And if he does inferno -> HOD for chip, pushblock the inferno, then simply jump out of the HOD and attack him. I’m guessing he tries to trap with storm and Inferno. If so, just superjump and ad. forward and land on them. Double snap and kill storm.

For Storm? Play like you would every other Storm player - on the ground. Trying to chase after her, whether you’re mag or using storm also, is definately a bad idea. Her fp and fk have insane priority, meaning trying to jump up at her usually ends with a facefull of lightning. Go for throws and cross ups when she hits the ground, and always watch out for Capcom. If capcom hits you + hail = ouch.

Note: every team that has capcom in it - Snap him in. Capcom is a huge hole in a lot of teams. Most players rely on their first two chars to win, and if cap comes out, usually resort to a corridor + super. Don’t give him a chance to do that, but conversely, don’t blindly run into a corridor in your attempt to kill him.

Well, If you have any more questions, or if some part I wrote is too vague for you, just post again and I’ll help out.

This is rollable though, so I wouldn’t rely on this reset.

Another reset: Launch, sj hk, airdash d/f lk, ad. lk, land, triangle jump down with lk.

Your opponent will probably be blocking either back/down, or forward/down, depending if they’re expecting you to reset from behind.

You can also go for flying screen resets. Personally, I like these because triple fierce combos are quick and damaging. After you cause flying screen, trianglejump down as your opponent is getting up. From here, there are 3 options:

1. triangle jump with lk, c. lk.
I use this until my opponent learns how to block correctly. If the first j. lk is blocked, the c. lk comes out quickly afterwards.

2. triangle jump with lk, lk, c. lk.
When my opponent learns how to block the first option, they will usually block down right after the first j. lk. Mash on lk quickly, and 2 will come out before you land. Remember though, if you land both j. lk’s, then you’ll cause flying screen if you press fp or hk after a launcher. I would go for otg c. lk, c. hk, sj cancel into infinite (assuming you have an assist that knocks down, like psylocke).

3. triangle jump whiff j. lk, c. lk
If you think your opponent will block high, you can jump lightly early, triangle jump down, and whiff the j. lk. Your opponent will be blocking high while you c. lk, c. lk, whatever.

These work best if you have Psylocke has an assist. Lots of people like to call Psylocke once they land and do c. lk, but I like calling Psylocke earlier. Jump, call Psylocke, then triangle jump down. That way, as soon as one of your lk’s hit, Psylocke will hit. I also think it adds to the confusion when there’s more on the screen.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I will try it. My MSP to me sucks but i will get better. Lightningstorm always beats me. He is the one that is #1 in Kansas City. I will try my best. Again thank you

what is this triple fierce combo someone mentioned? is it fp,fp,hk? how come flying screen doesnt occur after the first fp?

It’s either fp, airdash fp, hk or hk, airdash fp, hk.

Flying screen occurs if you jump in with 2 attacks, launch, and hit fp or hk. If you jump in with 1 attack, j. hk for example, you can launch and hit hk or fp, and flying screen won’t be activated.

Btw, I made a mistake by mentioning triple fierce combos with flying screen resets. A triple fierce combo will cause flying screen, then cause the opponent to roll away. What I meant to say was a double fierce combo, preferably fp, fp. Because hk pushes the opponent away farther.

Although, you can follow up a triple fierce with c. hk before they roll away. Then you can try to reset from there.

weird reset with mag
Launch, fk, ad df lp, land on other side then whatever you want.

I think people should abuse…
lp+storm proj, d. fk,…into whatever against Sent/capcom. I think Mixup does this. I dont know but if he’s around maybe he can tell us more.
it works ok against others too but its really effective against sent/capcom. If and when sent gets hit by the d. fk, then just dash over to him while he’s still getting up and make him guess.

Sometimes against storm while she runs away and he like to abuse her fp, then sometimes i’ll just throw out random hypergravs when shes near the ground but not to close.

Against Blackheart(ugh) just be really patient and just dash up to him to make him panic. Because if he knows you can make him guess and your right next to him then hes gonna try to push you back with his assist or with his pokes. But be patient. I hate playing Blackhearts.

s.lp+STORM.proj,, TYPHOON HITS, (otg), INFINITE (till 30 or 40 hits), SNAP IN CAPCOM, GUARDBREAK (, ad/df+lk, lk), INFINITE (30 or 40 hits), JOSE GARCIA RESET (, ad/df crossover lk), INFINITE (till 40 hits), RESET (land or dash behind…etc this is what i always try to do!

this here is teh CAPTIN COMMANDO killah

:stuck_out_tongue: FEEL THE RESET!

You can’t infinite for 40 hits, reset, and infinite again for another 40 hits. You’ll cause the character to undizzy and fly upwards.

i dont know what you been smoking but the whole consept of resetting is to prevent the dizzy and to “reset” the damage meter (im assuming you know that after 10-15 hits less damage is taken) … this is why it is called a reset … it starts everything (hits , damage , dizzyness ) over … not to mention all the power would more then likely be gone befor you get to 40 on the second set

s.lp+storm proj , <~~ this i think will only work with a dash under reset or tri jump over + hk because wont it do his little upercut if you use lk on the tri jump … i dont know , i can check it out and let you know … if you can download the -mags expo video … there are alot of resets and combos in there … if you need to pm me and i can send it to anyone that wants it by e-mail

No, he’s right. In order to reset the # of hits to dizzy, you have to stop hitting your opponent for like 2 or 3 seconds, which is way too long to reset.

Anymore questions?

can someone clarify the infinite dizzy thing?

to my knowledge after around 50 hits the opponent will ‘dizzy’ out of the infinite, and when this happens they spin up really high and back down…

so question…why can’t you just OTG them and do the infinite again?

:stuck_out_tongue: oops… well insert some random’s in there, that’ll fix it.

You can’t OTG them because they recover before they hit the ground. But most people chase up after them and throw their opponent before they do.

To prevent “infinite combos,” Capcom decided that after a certain number of punches/kicks, the opponent will fly upwards out of the combo. This only applies to punches and kicks, so infinites like Hulk’s infinite is a true infinite: it only involves special moves.

At first, I thought that as soon as you landed 30 punches or 30 kicks, the opponent would undizzy, which is why when you switch Ironman’s infinite every repetition from [j. lp, j. lp, j. lk, j. u+hp] to [j. lk, j. lk, j. u+hp] you could get more hits in before the undizzy.
But you can do Magneto’s [sj. lk, sj. lk, airdash d/f lk, a/d lk] up to 40 hits or so.
I dunno, I havent looked into it. :slight_smile:

And you can’t OTG because the opponent recovers before reaching the ground.

Thanks for all the resets!

I do have another question about the Jose Garcia Reset. I tried it today and they blocked one of the lks. This is what I did:

Note* Blocked hit in red.

launch, sj. fk, ad/df lk,lk, sj. lk XX dash under lk dash behind c.fp. etc.

First of all, is it possible that I might have dashed under too slow? or Did he just guess?

Also, if they do block that lk is it a good idea to go on with the reset with the, dash behind c.fp. etc.?

And finally, I wanted to be more specific on my question about fighting against sent by adding certain assists he uses. I guess I am dominantly worried about sent/cable/capcom. I use MSP and sometimes I throw Doom in storm’s place. Anything will help 'cause I keep getting my assed kicked against sent man!

Thanks again.


it has come to my attention that some people dont want their e-mail shown in their profile and other people have problems downloading videos from other sites or just finding them

seeing as i have some 30 - 50 videos im just going to build a web site and put them all on there for download … it will be about a week … im always getting new videos every day so there will always be plenty to look at

but untill i get the site set up if you want to get them from me still untill i get the site up just pm me and i’ll get them to you and … remember to let me know what your email address is so i can get them to you A.S.A.P