DC Comics Thread

This thread is about DC comics. We are talking about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Robin, Green Lantern, Flash, Justice League, Teen Titans and all of the insane amount of characaters you saw on Justice League Unlimited! So come here to talk about DC comics, TV shows, cartoons and movies.

Remember, not everyone is reading what you are so use spoiler tags when necessary.

“To the Bat Poles Robin!” :rofl:

So to start, DC Comics I read this week.

52 - Nightwing was in it, HOORAY!

Morrison’s Batman was really good this week. Spoiler -



Say it ain’t so Batman got his ass kicked oooh…

green lantern is the shit


JSA motherfuckers!!! That book is too good and it’s really picking up. You guys need to start reading that. I feel like I’m the only person reading it. :sad:

For some reason, it ALMOST seems like DC is setting it up for the next age of comics. It feels like the heroes(i.e. the current identities) we currently know won’t be there much longer. Is it just me or does anyone have that same feeling?

Also, the Flash is getting kinda…good. It’s not Geoff Johns ‘good’, but tolerable nonetheless. I still think it was a tad too early to bring in the Rogues Gallery, but whatever. We’ll see where this goes.

Thank goodness we can talk about other comics in this forum now.

I liked the previous two Flash issues. The last page in the latest one was kind of a headscratcher. Forgive the pun, but I think this comic is picking up some speed. Doesn’t hurt that Tony Daniel (from Teen Titans) is becoming the regular series artist. Check out some of his Flash sketches here: http://tonydaniel.blogspot.com/

I really want to get into JSA, but I don’t want to have to pick up another title. I’ve already got JLA, Flash, Teen Titans, and 52, thinking about picking Robin back up, too.

Yeah I think when World War III kicks off, Batman picks up a sword and Jason Todd becomes Red Robin things are gonna be really different. No worries though, fans bitching about stuff will always make everything go back to the status quo sooner or later…

What’s up with DC doing a retcon of Spoiler’s death? Bullshit like that you can’t cover up.

If that’s the case…Leslie Thompkins should not be sandbagging it in Africa.

After Infinite Crisis they can do whatever they want, it’s a new reality due to Alexander Luthor combining different aspects of different Earths. Like Batwoman being alive and a lesbian for example.

Of course we are all just gonna attribute this to Superboy Prime punching out reality, that’s how Jason Todd came back to life, people seem to reference that instead of what Alexander Luthor did… 'cuz it’s funnier. :rofl:

Nah I’m reading (Vandal Savage is back, squee.), I lost all faith in Marvel since my main man Cap died (Supposedly) and they love doing year long arcs I don’t like. Other’s I’m reading are the new JLA, very good comic, I consider the “New Avengers” of DC (Pre Civil War).

Green Arrow continues to impress me, I love GA to death. His battles with Doctor Light and Deathstroke are amazing, and if you know the characters it shows GA’s uncanny abilities. Also: Boxing Glove Arrow, 'nuff said.

To Chairhome: I haven’t really been wowed yet, I loved Wally and it’s kinda hard to adjust to Bart as Flash, I liked him as the jokester Impulse/Kid Flash.

About Infinite Crises, Some things I liked and some I didn’t. SB’s death: NO! 52 being published because of it? YES. Black Adam and Question all the way folks.

For the weird fans like me who actually care about her! Hooray!

put me down for week 1 (as in the last issue of countdown) i mean it is counting down right?

Can’t fuck with nightwing

Pained Auron - Yeah it’s counting down, but Deathscythe already took week 1. So far, it’s looking like this -

51 Countdown Poo!

Taichi - Week 36
sano - Week 33
Deathscythe - Week 1

For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about, we have an ongoing pool where we guess which week 52 will ship late. ‘Poo!’ came about because of a typo Zephyranthes made, I thought he was serious and it stuck. There’s only 2 people left (no new entries) in that pool so if either one of them wins they will win X-Force # 1 from Zephyranthes’ collection drawn by the… ‘amazing’ Liefeld… If no one wins Zephyranthes will have to put X-Force #1 on his refridgerator.

And after that we are starting a new pool for 51 Countdown. You have to guess the exact week the book ships late. So far the prizes are Superman Red and Blue and Maggot’s first appearance in X-Men. I’ll toss in a Liefeld book too once or something equally… ‘good’ once I see what I have. So if you want a week pick one and we’ll put you down.

You can also pick issue issue #0, that will ship the week 52 ends, only because DC wants to make it a full 52 issues and not 51 so they can say they published a book on time for 2 years straight…

51 Countdown is gonna be FIRE with Paul Dini and McKeever on board. I’m liking 52 but 51’s gonna own it. That joints gonna be like Justice League Unlimited with people dying with lots of great bright red 52 blood and gore plus great character interactions McKeever style. Plus it’s freaking World War III oh snap! Only bad thing I’m seeing is that Jason Todd is a major character booo… however they’ll put him in the Red Robin suit so Nightwing can stay Nightwing so hooray!

put me down for week 0

Okay. So far -

51 Countdown Poo!

Pained Auron - Week 0
Taichi - Week 36
sano - Week 33
Deathscythe - Week 1

Green lantern is going to be the bomb when the SC comes out. Anyone think the Manhunter Grand Master will become part of the SC? Definitly green lantern the best right now and everything else is ok. I like Blue beetle and checkmate as well though I really think that should be picked up. Anyone think that the cosmigods in USAFF should have been more than what they were depicted as? I thought they would be on par with the celestials from marvel. I hope they make a comeback in the DC universe.

Put me down for not being late on any week. Like 52. :smiley:

I really am not liking the current editorial direction DC is taking.

but since I’m a DC Fan for life, I take it like Boston Fans take the Red Sox sucking year in and year out.

that said, Green Lantern CORPS Rules, but fuck Hal Jordan.

As far as Editorial, My only real beefs with DC are -

  1. Too much Jason Todd exposure who I feel should of never came back to life in the first place so I don’t need him rammed down my throat every five seconds.

  2. A hero who… they decided to kill off in 52 for no apparent reason. The character became popular because of Justice League Unlimited, why would you want to kill him off now, that’s just stupid… Not that death means anything in comics, see #1. Still it feels like they put a whole bunch of people on a dart board and the dart hit this person so they decided to kill him off, no real point to this person’s death.

person who died in 52


The Question

Other than that, smaller beefs I guess. Still read plenty of DC books and stuff, enjoy them for the most part. I think between DC’s World War III and Marvel’s World War Hulk 2007’s gonna be the year where America gets jacked up big time. :rofl: So '07 should be a strong year for funny books.

Though on a larger scale of things with DC, the WB/DC embargo that kept Batman villains off of the last season of JLU, not allowing Bruce Wayne to appear on Smallville, things like this are just retarded IMHO… but at least they can put some quality stuff on TV.

my real beef with DC, is that I think Legacies should go forward, not back.

I don’t see any real reason in giving Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen their old names back.

I just don’t like how they’re going backwards.

If you’re not the first to carry the name, then you shouldn’t be the last.

Enough bout Batman Green Lantern, where is Blue Beetle???