DB's Template/Artwork Thread

Who am I?:

I’m known as DonkeyBlonkey around the community so Hi! Or you could just call me Kevin which is my name… Anyhow, I am based in SoCal (South Bay Torrance to be exact) I am currently a college student that works so try to keep in mind that I have school work and actual paid work. I generally like to produce an artwork once per week or if I’m in a really good mood, two artworks :O.

My Rules that you must follow (PLEASE READ!!! BEFORE YOU POST!!!)(Rules are subjected to change in the future):

1. My thread follows the 2 slot system (Could possibly change through seasons such as summer vacation or winter break, I could increase the slots to 3-5.) Meaning I only work on 2 commissions at a time (Generally whoever is in the first slot has the most priority on their request and the second is obviously second priority) If both slots are filled, you will be placed in the wait list and the wait list has no limitations in how many people are waiting for their requests to be answered. Always provide your email so I could send the finished product to you.

2. On this thread, people will not argue (I’m sure you guys won’t :slight_smile: ) and do not post your long list of what you want on your artwork. Just ask that you want an artwork done, then I’ll ask you to pm/convo me the details.

**3. **Anyone that’s curious in how I prefer to design my arts should know that I don’t really have a set style. It varies from time to time and I try to keep it different every time.

4. Also I will only do one artwork per person. If one were to ask for two, I would ask them to choose only one. Once finished, they will be placed back in line for their 2nd artwork.

5. Do not rush me. I try to make the arts as good as possible. If you are impatient, then this thread is probably not for you.

6. Some of my previous templates are up for grabs. BUT ask for permission before you go about printing them. I will confirm if one is being used by someone or if it is available. I will then ask you to provide your email and send you both the .jpg file & .psd file. (Note the commissions that I finished are not on here as I keep them personal with the client. If you want their template, then ask them yourself)

7. Now the final crown jewel. I do my commissions for free! Moolah donations are not welcomed but I do accept arcade parts (Buttons, balltops, joysticks, etc.). Nonetheless, donations are not necessary.

(>^^)> SLOTS: <(^^<)
(I’ll organize the slots later…)


Just got off hiatus… just kidding

Previous Templates/Artwork I worked on:








More Templates: http://s1072.photobucket.com/albums/w380/DonkeyBlonkey/

Finished Commissions:






One of my Sticks:








Hey, if you’re still doing templates I have a pretty big template I wanna get done, normally I do my own but when I draw blanks a jump on here, and man am I drawing blanks, I’ll provide the blank template since I made it.

I’m interested.

ok u seem perfect im new to this so my email is bebopyamom@yahoo.com so whenever ya ready let me kno thank you.

Top Panel Artwork I made for Naoto Shirogane is finally on his stick. Nice job!



im interested

PM me for details.

im interested too. what I would like on my template is makoto from sf3/ssf4,logos from various things i like and my gamertag.

are there any open slots right now?

They’re all full at the moment. Just PM me so I can put you on the wait list.

Are there any slots open?

Currently I’m on a hiatus at the moment. I can add you on the waitlist and inform you when I get off hiatus and resume on the requests.

that would be fine. Would you like me to PM you my info?


I’ve never changed artwork before and was wondering is it difficult to change? This may sound dumb, but I was wondering how hard it is to cut the hole for the buttons and stick. It seems like it would have to be perfect or it would mess up the template or just look bad

can I join this waiting list?

It doesn’t have to be too too perfect as long as you don’t cut over the rim of the button area.

In other words, you can cut/have a messy cut beyond the template button holes but try to avoid reaching the rim of the buttons.

Yes you may. Just PM me.

Also I am in a hiatus right now so I won’t get back to artwork making for a while.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Just got off hiatus. I am now accepting commissions and working on ones that have been requested.


hey DB think its possible to replicate the street fighter x sanrio stick art?

I can create my own version;however, I have no intent on copying the exact artwork.