Dashing forward into Ultra?! Wha?!

Check out this vid where I think it’s Crackfiend who (what looks like) dashes forward before going into an Ultra (8:07).


Pretty amazing stuff. Nothing but failure on my end.


That looks very interesting. I’ll try it out later.

It LOOKS like he was walking back prior to the dash…so I’m guessing hold b, f, b, f, f + PPP

Craaaaazy old.
The correct way to do this, which works for all charge characters, is B[2s], F, F, B, F+PPP/KKK.
Pretty useless, but always novel.

This has been discussed a long time ago.

Useless? That’s not what I see in the video. Looks like that method goes through a hadoken spammer from full screen.

it catches people on jump backs, and its a good way to bait some throw attempts if c.lp x3 dash + throw is your thing.

its far from novelty. its practical but you must have at least conditioned the other guy to get baited to eat it.

isnt this in another thread too? u can dash ultra SA2 and from a SADC, and ive found uses for all the situations above.

This is actually something I’ve always tried to incorporate into my game, but whenever I play it never comes across my mind. Yes it is practical in several situations. Do 2xc.LP>c.LK>dash forward>throw a few times in a pressure strings and then switch it to ultra when your opponent becomes to used to you throwing.

is it possible to do a dash back into ultra???


dash back ultra has its uses too.

charge SA on knockdown, and dash backwards to see if they wanna do some armor breaking move, and if you manage to catch their startup…


b, SA, f, bb (release),f + ppp

Useless i think not im gettin pretty good with this move with vega. i bait enemys with this move, i make them jump at me or dash forward at me or even throw a punch or kick. for me this move is pretty much the s""".:lol:


Confirmed! B(2sec), F, F(wait for the dash to come out), (quick)B, F, PPP works perfect.
Sorry if this is a repost. I tried looking for this all over the forums but couldn’t find it myself. Anyway, awesome… thanks for the help. Good lookin’ out on the advice everyone. Yuz the $hit son!

i can do it too. much easier on the 360 analog stick. almost impossible on the dpad.

i never understood the commands to do this; looks like ill be trying it out in training mode tonight :smiley:

damn that move looked sweet… if only it was ftw… nice find(even if it is old)

I normally just do b, f, f, b, 180 f. Seems to work well for me and I do incorporate it into my game. Works really well against a sonic boom happy Guile at midscreen range.

It is VERY useful! When I am playing I always super/ ultra through fireballs. So people who play me often know this and they distance themselves further out. Today for example I had a 74 win streak at A.I. and I was taken down by Ironfist who has an amazing Sagat. He has played me 100’s of games and knows the spacing. So now I stay out of range and I dash forward randomly and if I see a fireball I press the all 3 punches and Bam my Keno Eye FTW!

why can’t i do this? :frowning:

Came up again yesterday in a new thread (now closed). Since this is the main one, here’s a link to a better video of it (both Super/Ultra).


Hey can anyone tell me when and how to do this? I’ve done it a couple times in matchs now but It’s hard as hell for me so I pretty much gave up doing this. I can do it in training mode like 5 out of 10 times but when it comes to doing it live I end up eating like 5 or 6 tiger shots. Does it matter if your standing or crouching? Can you do db, f, f, b, f or is it strictly b, f, f, b, f.? I seem to have done it in both positions but standing seems more consistant.