Dashing forward into Ultra?! Wha?!

But how do you do it on dpad?I cant dash that fast.

Well on pad you should be more precise. I play rog on stick so it’s pretty simple. Actually this is great thing against shotos. Can’t eben say how many times i punished hadokens from 3/4 of screen. This is really scary for all shotos + the damage is big…

the thing on dpad is that is that you cannot dash fast enough with the thumb.If i use my right had to to ff ,f and my left hand to do b, b.I can do it easily but it’s not very effective in real matches.

Its all about how you position your hands on the stick. :slight_smile:
AND, keep your nervousness in check during a tournament, otherwise that dash ultra will fail over and over again.
For example, when on the player two side of the screen, im left handed so, I use my thumb to perform the dash motion and the inside of my palm/index finger to go back, then my thumb to go back towards. But it has to be pretty fast, but not too fast as your dash wont come out.
This takes TONS of practice, I try to do this dash ultra about 50 times a night before I go online to play.
But when im at tournaments it almost never comes out, due to me being so nervous and my hands are shaking. Until this calms down, and it will with experience, its not consistant enough yet.

this is very useful

something you should learn

it use to be hard when i started

but its really very easy when u break it down


0.32 seconds in

if timed right u can get full hits from the ultra

i did it in that video just to show off but still lost loool

It’s an extremely useful tool once you can pull it off at will.
I like to REALLY **** with people who FA from just outside LP Dash Straight Punch range. As soon as you see that FA from distance, dash in Ultra.

They forward dash, you get the FULL Ultra punish.
They back dash, you punish (and if you’re a lil lucky, you catch the end of the back-dash and get the FULL Ultra punish)
The hold/release the FA, you get the FULL Ultra punish.

The look on their face is best.

Ya just starting doing it in match’s I’ve done it a few times can only do it on one side though. I guess i’ll keep practicing wiffed a couple ultra’s in the process. I wanna perfect it so it’s more usefull for me. The guy I did it to concidently stops throwing fireballs when he sees me back up.

Hi my names thxyoutoo and Crackfiend is my hero and friend. Some nights we talk to each other about how awesome we are for being able to dash ultra on command.

The only advide on dash ultra i can give is make sure you finish up (f+PPP/KKK) right as the dash is finishing. So, memorize the rhythm, I like to think of the motion as 3 parts:
-charge b
-f, f, b
-f+PPP/KKK (as dash is finishing…and on reaction to a fireball if it’s meant to punish one)

Timing is more important that d-pad accuracy. Also, I find it useful to hold forward at the end. It’s tough to get it consistently in fights (especially from the 2-player side for me), but it’s nice for lvl2 focus punishes and such. Truth be told, I practice it all the time and still have trouble with it…although that might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been taking a vacation from playing SF…and the fact that I stabbed my left thumb with a leatherman saw last fall.

hmm, just noticed what ephemeral wrote about using the focus-backdash ultra to bait and punish people on wake-up…that’s nice. Must have breezed over it before.

anyone else regularly include back-dash ultra into their games?

It can be done with a lot of charge characters. It’s nice for dashing forward at a projectile then ultra.