'Darkstalkers' trademark renewed


Admittedly that’s all we have right now and I know how SRK is about rumors but this is the glimmer of hope fans have been waiting for. God I hope they aren’t going to troll us with another collection or a digital HD remake/upgrade. Let this be the real deal Capcom. Let the darkstalkers return…

Didn’t we receive a teaser on E3 about Darkstalkers?

Edit:Sorry, mean’t Comic Con.

Odd choice for the title
when is Captivate again?

^Yeah you are right. I just don’t want to get my hopes up but what the heck! (how the eff do you edit topic titles?)

I definitely remember that image. Having a trademark filing helps to cement it.

That’s pretty interesting.

I didn’t mean the topic title
Why call it “Darkstalkers”? Why not Darkstalkers 4, or Vampire: Fish has the psycho crusher again?

I guess it’s like the new Spider Man movie.
it’s not a sequel to the third one but a completely new series or something like that.
So yeah.
Despair, for Capcom will fuck with your favourite series

WTF… why has Capcom let the trademark lapse in the first place?

You should change the title to say that they trademarked it instead. The game has not returned and it’s just going to piss people off.

SRK thread titles…

They forgot that DS existed in their three year Street Fighter craze that is sorta still ongoing.

They’ll reregister all the time. One thing to fear though, is if this is going to be a reboot since it’s just simply “Darkstalkers”

I just hope that, reboot or not, it gets it’s own graphical style. Sure there’s something common between SFIV, MvC3, and SxT but I think that Darkstalkers needs it’s own style (I’m not saying it can’t be 2.5D but it just needs to have it’s own Darkstalkers style unique to it and only it). Story wise I liked where the last Darkstalkers ended and gameplay wise it could use some updating and refinement (was never a fan of going into dark force or whatever the heck it was called for example). I mean if it is a reboot it won’t necessarily tarnish what came. No attachments means more freedom for sigh Ono and co. If this ends up being a current gen fighter it’ll be their last new one.

I can’t bloody change the title. Been awhile since I’ve had to (probably the first time since the site overhaul) and I don’t see where I can change the title like how I edit the opening post. If a mod would like to change it to “‘Darkstalkers’ Trademarked” that would be great.

Oh well, nothing can be done about that now.

Hopefully this is the real deal.

Initial thoughts: :rock:

Realizing Ono might produce it: :sad:

Now let’s wait for the hipsters and bitter old men to claim that Ono/Niitsuma/whoever will…

gets out reading glasses and index cards

“Ruin the franchise, make it ‘dumbed-down’, ‘scrub-friendly’, or any other adjectives to hide the fact that I’ll probably lose to people that I think I’m better than.”

Yep, I think that about covers it.

^Haha. I mean I think that Darkstalkers is mostly accessible to everyone except for later additions in the series like I mentioned before. As long as he doesn’t fuck with the “Downs” structure over traditional rounds it’ll probably be a great game. If it is indeed a new game.

I wouldn’t mind if Ono did this game.

Niitsuma on the other hand . . .

They only had “Downs” in Vampire Savior. The other two games had rounds.

Was VS the last one? I always get it confused. It’s Nightwarriors, then Darkstalkers, then Vampire Savior?

Either way I liked the downs style better. There was never any rest till after a match.

I loved the Downs idea, i hope that is built upon. It was unique.