Darkstalkers HD Remix Support Thread

Alright so Capcom-Unity is rallying some support for a Darkstalkers HD Remix and SVEN over at C-Unit is suprised at how many there have voiced there support. I figured anyone interested should voice their support and hopefully get this game made! Post in this thread and we’ll link this to Capcom Unity, hell we’ll e-mail to Sven and S-Kill.

And who knows, instead of an HD-Remix maybe it would lead to a sequel?

Edit: Link to Capcom-Unity Thread


Nah, I’m good with Vampire Savior.

There also happens to be an existing thread about this.


Even with a major tournament game like ST, the US still had holes in its knowledge which hurt the final product. God knows what would happen with something like Darkstalkers, especially since the games are very well-balanced to begin with…

Yeah, fuck HD Remixing anything else, please.

Vampire Savior is fine as it is.

Is it out on XBL/PSN? Ive always wanted to play them and get good at them but if they arent out for XBL or PSN, they should release them.

Give Anakaris a Tech hit.

Add Donovan, Pyron, Phobos.

Don’t touch anything else.

I don’t get why so many people talk about how much they love Vampire but theres only about 10 of us that actually get on GGPO and play ever

in their mind , " i love Vampire , because of morrigan’s boobs ."

What game would this even be for anyway?

What are they trying to “HD Remix”?

Theres only one game I know of thats called “Darkstalkers” and that game really sucks.

But doesn’t everyone think VH2/VS2 are garbage? I guess that’s more because of the missing characters though.

And isn’t Victor down there with Anak?

I heard some nonsense about peope hating VH2/VS2 beacuse they took out air-chaining or some similar shit.

I’d rather they spend the money on adding GGPO netcode to SFIV:Dash. VS is fine as it is.

Why the fuck does that thread have 64 pages?

VS could use some very MINOR tweaks but its by far capcoms most balanced game.

Everyone over @ capcom unity is a fucking scrub. I tried to help by posting things wrong with mvc2 online for the 360 and I kept having scrubs tell me its just a game and its fine the way it is.

I just discovered 2df and GGPO last year. Can’t get GGPO to work though. I’ll play you on 2df sometime!

And yeah, Morrigan’s bewbs are pretty sweet.


I play the game occasionally and by no means an expert but I don’t trust anyone in America to make gameplay changes to VS.

Either release the game as is or give it the HD treatment. That’s it. If they want to create a new VS/VH game, go for it but don’t mess with the original.

Sorry guys, didn’t mean to make people angry, just figured I would see if anyone was interested. Thanks for the rep points though?

The games suck because with all of the differences they have from Savior, it would have been crazy unbalanced. The stuff in those games makes the top tier characters even better and the some of the mid and low tier characters worse.

Wow, if this happens, that would rule.
Keep the HDRs coming Capcom.