Dark Prince aka Duc Jr. is officially banned from the Evo series

You heard it here first… I was chatting with with an Evo tournament director and he says that Dark Prince is banned from all Evo tournament series event. The reason is he’s poses as a threat the fighting game community. They’re taking precautious on this issue. Personaly Safety come first.

The reason is because he threatened someone on this board with physical violence.

I’m so kicking your ass at evo pryde.

Subscribes to the epicness to come.

So the means no syadicate vs duc jr aka (stage) bathroom?

And can we un-ban deodorant while we’re at it?




I’m running out of ways to say this.



Man so all the MM is gonna happen at hotels…>.>


this makes me lol and shrug at the same time.

ahahahha wow

damn wtf

he’s probably going to be banned from the hotel as well, I mean if they are taking that precaution that would make sense

When you threaten the personal safety at an Evo event, we have to become involved and handle the situation accordingly.

While the matches would have been great and created alot of hype, we can’t allow the safety of any event goer to be compromised.

I’m sorry it has had to come to this.

rofl, too good :rofl:

Hah~ Saw that coming.

he’s a fucking 4’nothing" 60lbs kid who looks like a cross between Donald Duck and a squirrel. He won’t be able to hurt anyone. It’s not worth banning a talented Marvel player like him. Espicially when he has tons and tons of MMs scheduled to fuel the next EVO into epicness.

He talks more gangster than i’m willing to put money on that he is.

holy shit

just…wow lol


You don’t have to be menacing to fire a gun :wasted:

I kinda saw it comin’ too. At the same time, it really sucks cuz he was bringin that HYPE.

He should still go tho, not to the actual event, but to vegas. Lets face it, he wasn’t gonna win the tournament, so he should just get his side money with the money matches in peoples rooms and such.

damn, i guess i wont be attending.

well since ducjr is banned,i have a confession.but on the real dont nobody let him know i said this or he will have my head.at this party duc jr and his crew was there,and everyone at the party was drinking and to fucking drunk.i hate to say it but me and duc jr was talking about marvel and before we knew it we were feeling on each other,im not not going to go into details.i guess anything can happen when 2 people are drunk.ducjr might have a girlfreind but that night with us was magical.afterwards i guess he realize what we done then he bride me with me with 50 dollars not to say anything,but i blackmail that nigga into giving me 5 to 10% of his winnings.but since hes banned and i feel more safe,especially after sharing this info to you guys.but i thought i should let you guys in on it since all this duc jr drama