Dante in Team Best Friends

i’m sick of trying to play this game tactically by zoning and am just going to learn to rush the fuck down while at least having some range options. How well does Wolverine/Dante/Akuma work?

I was thinking of jam session assist, but I was wondering if weasel shot would be better? I’d rather Wolverine on point since his assists are crap, and Dante isn’t as good of an anchor as Akuma…unless I’m cokmpletely wrong? Any help would be awesome.

It’s a great team. Daigo uses it, and even without knowing too much about the game itself, with just his fundamentals was blowing a lot of people up.

Your order is correct, and jam session is probably the best call.

Weasel Shot is good as well, but Jam Session is probably the best as it it’s good for mixups and lockdown and shit.

Definitely a good team, Akuma+Dante teleport is unblockable on reaction. I wish the scaling was a wee bit better but w/e.

You wish the scaling was better?

Get the fuck out :[

I’ve gotta deal with Doom Beam’s harsh ass scaling. I love that assist though either way. Just clears paths like the sun.

Not the damage scaling. The hitstun scaling. You can’t do much besides blabla>launch>killerbee>blabla.

I’ll stick to my assists that let me do full, real combos.

I know, but that’s how it should be. Why would such an insanely potent mainly safe assist give you something like 3 meter, especially when Dante can burn anywhere up to 5 bars to continue his combos?

terrible idea

Yeah I like Akuma assist because of the utility. Once you get in their face he gives you LOOONG ass block strings that they can’t advance guard or nothing and he comes out was faster than Sent allowing you to get that block string easily once you touch them. I’ll take the hit stun scale for such block stun cheapness every other 5 seconds.

I’m kinda missing what you’re saying. What is so good about block strings, and in particular why can’t you advance guard Akumas? The range on his normals is absolutely terrible, so what does he offer?

Tron does that as well.

And you guys can disregard whetever I said about the scaling being too bad to do a good follow up, i didn’t know what the fuck i was talking about, my tests weren’t conclusive enough.

You can go into J.H>5M>5H>Cold Shower>Prop and 5H>Volcano>J.H>Airplay>J.H>5S>Stuf>Killer Bee>Charge shot loop and J.H>2M>5H>5S>Charge Shot>Prop. Fuck this assist

All assists should scale the hitstun proration much more. Especially Tron and Haggar and Akuma.

You can technically use advancing guard against Akuma’s assist as with any assist. However, assists do not get pushed back by Advancing Guard, so when people say that, they just mean it allows for a lot of extra pressure and mix-ups while the assist is soaking up your attempts to Advancing Guard.

Yeah I would totally play team Japan if Akuma had better hitboxes. Teleport with Akuma assist is pretty much unblockable.

Everything you post in this thread just makes me mad :[

I’m not talking about the assist. I’m talking about the character. After playing Trish/Zero/Dante/Wesker for so long, I can’t get used to this guy’s stubby limbs and bleh normals…

His hitboxes as a point character are fine. e_e Watch Daigo and Tokido play to get ideas.

Random tatsu and strategic beam super mashing for the win. Better than J.H and DAT PIPE I guess lol.

When random tatsu’s are only punishable when the correct one is called out AND he doesn’t have meter? Yeah, it’s actually really good.

I think it’s a bit smarter to try and zone more with Akuma, unless you got DAT X-FACTOR. Then it’s time to rush down and yes, random tatsu it up and if you’re lucky, punish with Akuma’s normals into a simple combo. Don’t really need anything more if he’s got DAT X-FACTOR.

Lol niggas be on that Akuma bandwagon. I seen you random tatsuing and beam supering and dropping combos because of stubby limbs.