Dandy J's KOF Tutorial (designed to help transition from Street Fighter)


The author is Dandy J, and he did a fantastic job. This is ESSENTIAL viewing for all King of Fighters players.

PS: Added updated version. My apologies to Dandy J, I rarely go Shoryuken these days.

I would say something about how this has been posted like 6 times already except that I do think this should be stickied, if not alone then maybe in some kind of KoF general knowledge thread. Thoughts, anyone?

Yes. I already posted the links in another thread of a guy making a KOF collection without know of this thread or the other 6 posts. Great job of that Dandy J.

Excellent job Dandy J, as a total KOF noob this is an awesome guide to help me before KOF98 on XBL and KOFXII!

Dandy J = KoF hero :china:

Mad Props to Dandy J. I’m subscribed, and I watch these videos every other day. I can’t wait to put this stuff into action.

cant wait for part 3 x_x

Is part 3 ever gonna come out? Damn, it’s taking a good while. Sure I shouldn’t be complaining since Dandy J isn’t getting paid to make them. But seriously his tutorial vids is what finally got me interested into KOF, and I’m impatiently waiting on a new one.

Yeah, this was definately well made vid. Props to Dandj.

OutRun has been stealing my attention haha… part 3 is coming along slowly but it’s coming. Just a heads up, part 3 will pertain more to kof98 and older KOFs. What will be covered:

  • run-under anti-airs
  • anti-mash strings
  • rolling, all aspects (using and defending against them)

and more that pertain to legacy KOFs:

  • throwing (‘instant’ run in throw, option selects, etc.)
  • guard cancel roll
  • cd counters, using them, baiting them, etc
  • corner cross-up
  • alternate guard

Plus some other tidbits. ETA: “when it’s done” - id Software ™

wtf, outrun?


I’ve been playing KOF2K2 UM like a mofo ever since I’ve seen those vids and I still go crawling back to them for things I may hove over looked. I’m using Kusanagi for he seems to have ALL the basics I need to get a better feel for KOF. It’s almost like a gate way for me to test my skill in GGPO 2K2.

Keep up the good work Dandy, and quality whores like myself can’t settle for anything less than those half a gig megaupload .avi Lol.

Also, very well crafted. I can’t wait for you to make the Street Fighter one. Yeah, your Street Fighter one will be beastly. You said it would be done sometime in a few months right? Awesome.

WOW !!! very nice
man… after years of playing KoF this guide make me a better player overall
thanks Dandy… hope part 3 will be coming soon :rofl:

You need to also explain command moves:

–Losing properties when canceled into, but also becoming cancelable when canceled into.

Also might be useful to note you can empty cancel some normals into command moves and still retain their properties (e.g. Vice, c.D empty cancel to f+A, fake sweep into overhead). You can also cancel a normal into a command move later than you normally would to retain it’s properties. A good example of this is 2k2 K’ where you can do s.C, f+A for a 3 hit combo, but depending on how late you cancel into the command move determines whether it keeps the knockdown property or not. These techniques are more useful for certain characters than others.

dude i am like top 5 on every goal ROFL!!!

Sounds like a part 4…this one is already going into KOF98 (and other older kofs) specifics, and since I don’t know if slow cancels and stuff will be in 12…yea I’d probably switch the format to just 98 for that.

Dude, you should do vids focusing on just 2k2, XII, and (eventually) XII. We, the community, would gladly wait for them. Because, thanks to the your tutorial vids, I’ve gotten into 98 much more. But 2k2 is a real struggle.

oh wow i didn’t know outrun got released on xbl, wtffff.

i’m gonna get on dat

Wow these videos are amazing, thanks.

The basics don’t really change much between '98 and 2k2, other than the fact everything is faster. BC mode is always character specific so you can’t really do a general tutorial for that. Is there something you are having particular trouble with in 2k2?