Dance with the Claw: Vega Match-up Guide/Discussion

Any help is much appreciated. This thread is meant for things like:

  • questions regarding the matchups
  • tipps/extra info you want to share
  • mistakes you want to point out
  • discussion

Vs cammy:

People say that this is an easy matchup because cammy don’t have and overhead and if you just block and counter his jump-ins with ST she will be forced to take risks coming to you…
…but, so far i know, if she does spiral arrow up close and you block it, you can punish that, but if she does from her max distance she is near 0 frame advantage at the end of the move, and she usually either grab or shoryuken.
His aerial cannon strike, the attack going diagonally down is the same, you block and she either grab or shoryuken.

How can we suppose to turtle and take the lead if she can get in and poke and tick throw fighting close, wich is, so far i know, the worst thing for vega?
Rely only in teching all the trow she may use just after a move, or one and throw, or two, or cannon strike on the ground and then throw?

Option teching against her is very painful. I found out the hard way today. Random FA’s and Cannon Spikes during blockstrings lol
Every time she gets a knockdown she puts you into a 50/50 game. Cannon Spike or throw. I ate 3 Cannon Spikes in a row today.
Really, if she gets close you are going to get raped if you don’t watch out.
I beat a Cannon Strike with neutral jump hk today, because I predicted she would do it after lk lp lp or something. Find out the players pattern and knock her out of it if she keep doing it.

Spiral Arrow is the worst part about this matchup. It’s almost a free get-in-on Vega card, considering it’s tough to punish at the right times (and it sucks when you’re caught standing). Knowing how liberal most Cammys are with Cannon Spike, my first instinct is to always, always be ready for a grab. Otherwise, if she’s up close, I’m blocking low. At least this way, the first Cannon Spike she uses is a free sweep (and get-away) for me. If I get grabbed, that’s fine. Less damage than a Cannon Spike, and they both result in a knockdown. It’s a less-than-desirable trade-off, but grabs are easier to deal with than Cannon Spikes. If they start grabbing alot, then catch them off guard with an ST, or just back dash and

Aside from that the airborne Cannon Spike is also a bad part of this matchup. She can use it to go over top of low pokes and begin jump-in offense early because she can dive out of any part of her forward jump arc. Unless she manages to combo however this situation basically becomes the same as the one above. Most Cammys like to follow up with another Cannon Spike in this situation, so be careful. If you block more, you can easily punish Cannon Spikes with EX FBA and sweeps to discourage her from doing them, because Cannon Spikes stuff jump-outs and basically everything.

When you see Cammy Hooligan grab, try and meet her air-to-air. This is basically a free hit… Use j. fierce or j. rh to take advantage of her lack of height. If you have a height advantage when you go air-to-air like this you’ll own her everytime. Otherwise, don’t just sit there. Expect the sweep, and just move out of the way. Barcelona to the other side of the screen if you have to: but she can punish this if she cancels the flight of the grab with a whiff, then Cannon Spikes. Spin Knuckle seems unimportant in this matchup, but I’m sure that a Cammy could use it to go right through a c. mp and catch you off guard. It probably wouldn’t hit you in that time cause I’m positive c. mp recovery < Spin Knuckle startup.

As far as footsies are concerned, Cammy can hang with Vega with pokes and the use of Spiral Arrow. Her ground game is threatening for this reason, so try and stick to c. mp, st. forward for really long pokes that keep her from being able to poke you back. Air-to-air she has some pretty decent moves but not compared to Vega. I’ve never been air-thrown in a match by Cammy so take advantage of that.

Cammy can also deal out HUGE combos with meter, that can also end in an ultra. For this reason, stay away at all costs ( and always be ready for a cannon spike) because if she hits you with one she can combo straight into an ultra for huuuuge damage. Oh and her focus attack is really good at catching low attacks: be frugal with heavy pokes when it’s crunch time, as one focus could mean 2 cannon strikes, a close fierce, cannon spike, and an ultra… lethal to the max.

This matchup is pretty confusing… on paper it looks like given the right player, Cammy can destroy Vega. however I’ve never run into a Cammy like that, so until then, be cautious in this matchup is the best advice I can give.

I need strats against chun li and what to look out for. Anyone have any pointers?

Cool. Good work Sasaki. Sorry I never really updated strategies; sorta slipped my mind over time.

Well listen, you see… All I’m doing is writing the precious info we all gathered, including YOURS, together. What people should really appreciate is guys like you who actually provide the info :'D

Thanks to all of you who contributed and are contributing right now!

I’m think i’m tearing up.

Yup. Definitely tearing up. If i blink, tears will flow down my cheeks like an everlasting rain

I havent faced many cammys that i would call GOOD (none of my local players or any G1’s) but the one move i use more in this fight than in any other is 3K flip. After a blocked spiral arrow, shes usually either throwing or spiking. A well timed flip beats both. Just dont get too predictable with them since we all know the dangers that come from using the flip. All it takes is for her to do nothing or dash after and you can end up eating cl.hp xx CS fadc CS fadc Ultra and that hurts.

oh no that is a horrible move against her. even you did it for the first time you are risking it. on blocked spiral arrow it is a free punish of your choice, if you have meter that is a free cr mp to ex fba. you can punish blocked spiral arrow as soon as the tip of her toe hits you. you don’t be hurt for the rest of the animation if you start to punish. this was point out by various vega in the cammy thread a while ago.

If she is at MAX distance you can FA on reaction. It will only hit once. Play the player not the character. Look for when they are trying to zone you. After a couple failed attempts to jump in at you they may try to hit you with a properly spaced Drill, be ready for it if you see her pacing back and forth or if she is in her zone.

I play her as a thrid and Drill (depending on LK, MK, or HK) can travel from about 3/4 screen (HK) and little less then 1/2 screen (LK). Like I said at these distances it will only hit once tho, so FA it a good answer. Just make sure to have a combo ready to maximize on the offensive.

And yes she can get in close and a good Cammy player will mix it up but Vegas big weakness is Cross-ups (among other things) and her cross-up, j.LK, sucks balls as far as cross-ups are concerned. She really shouldn’t be able to pester you too much with it.

As for the last part of your post…(bold) thats just the game man. Thats really not on Vega…its on you.

What your saying is, "if the other player gets in my head wtf am I supposed to do? " Everybody can mix it up so you’ve got to deal with the mix up…its a guessing game.

I only mean to be constructive so don’t take it the wrong way but that last part (bold) can apply to any character who is mixing it up on you.

Oh ya, Sasaki, thanks for taking the time to make this new thread. Very cool of you.


I would of thought Rufus was a or 4-6ish or even matchup. Whenever I play against Rufus, dive kick gets shut down by standing and jumping normals. Claw’s crouching normals have the range and speed to beat every one of Rufus’ normals. Is there something in the matchup that the Rufus players I’ve played aginst are missing?

Isnt spiral arrow safe at max range? Meaning any punish you try to dish out can be punished itself. If it isnt, ive been playing overly cautious for no damn reason.

I was under the impression that at max range (which i thought wasnt that far away as long as she doesnt use hk arrow) was safe because every time ive tried to stick out a poke after a blocked one i usually get dp’d. In my situation 3K flip usually works for me but like i said i have limited cammy matchup experience so i wouldnt be surprised if i was mistaking.

Ok so we are officially talking about cammy now…

Give me a couple of hours to be able to gather the info and resume it (and of course test some stuff…)

Is this where I congratulate your thread? Anyways, great stuff Sasaki, I’ll put this to use immediately…!

Thanks :'D
I will add nicovideo matches for each matchup later.


I need more help. Based on the info (the links) we have in the thread, who would like to write the Zangief matchup strategy?

I’ll gladly do Akuma, if you give me some time.

You are right, but you are right because i wrote it the wrong way (that seems good in my head, but i couldn’t explain myself).

Was i was trying to say is that i don’t understand how i can win a cammy by turtling, and that’s my fault too, because live you can defend and tech and so on… but online the offensive one has advantage because of lag, and turtling usually leads to FAIL and lose the online match.

Your advice to FA if a see a spiral arrow is good. Somehow i hardly use FA and that’s my fault… i started FA fishing and it worked great, but it only takes one blocked spiral arrow for she to start his poke and grab mixup.

It seems that she wants vega to ST or jump after a blocked cannon drill so she can shoryuken.

The fact is that tnks to your advice and Jozhear’s about what to do after a spiral arrow, i am better at this matchup, and i’m starting to improve in the right direction. Thanks to both.

Yes, I’ll leave that one open then, Riz. And I trust you already have a lot of experience based on what I saw of you playing against J.R.