Dan getting the Shun Goku Satsu?

I was reading the SF - Sakura comic (by UDON) recently and Dan gets the Shun Goku Satsu while fighting Sakura. And his eyes are red and he has red aura around him. Plus on his back, it was written ‘Father’.

He does the teleport…and being Dan he trips over Sakura’s bag and loses his SGS. :china:

My point is since his story is related to Sagat and him being a popular character (or atleast i think so), would Capcom give him the Murder Intent in the future SF to fight against Sagat?

Murder Intent of Hilarity

did anyone else just jizz in their pants?

Here’s some pre-release footage of that in action


sorry it plays at half speed, the demo version of FRAPS limits your game to 30 FPS and I forgot to set the game to Fixed speed (since my computer is a beast)

Street Fighter Legends: Sakura is a good read. Sakura Ganbaru! was good too, lots of Dan action.

Nice patch to the game. I actually saw one where they gave Akuma Dan’s moveset. Loled at Akuma doing Dan’s ultra and smiling at the end.

oh man, that is EPIC


haha, that’s amazing

LoL. Akuma doing Dan’s Ultra was pretty cool. The SGS with the lights on.

His face being messed up is priceless.

I wish they’d fix it.

They would have to redo the skeleton for the animation (alot more work that just making dans model utilize akumas animation set.) The way the skeleton and snap points are set up it fucks up the model, some are ok like a ryu and ken swap. Some are utterly hilarious (like sakura gief she looks like an ape)

Someone’s managed to do move swaps without screwing up faces but I understand it’s a very long and tedious process that’s probably unique for each character.

Still wanted to know if it’s apossibility that whether he might get the SGS? Since he was able to get it in the comics so why not

Plus Sakura seems to be getting the sgs in the sf4…her ending

as much a chance as Ryu has of using it in a core SF game… better chances in a mixed series that doesn’t follow a strict canon.

it would have to be much weaker than akuma’s in dans case. I would actually argue Dan might be overpowered with it if, it was just as strong. All it takes is one focus crumble or one punish opportunity and bam SGS and Dan doesnt have the weak health to even the playing field quickly. You could literally build a strategy around building revenge meter (focus and run) all match, then just look for an opportunity to SGS, and destroy them dan can play keep away with the best of them, and this strat is viable to him because of his health, akuma cant risk f-ing up a strategy like that because if his health, whereas for dan it wouldnt be a big deal.

But if it was no better than dans current ultra damage wise, id rather keep the current one.

Chun doing Sagat is fucking disgusting too… @.@

And they shouldv’e done that akma dashing.

I’m not sure Dan ever witnessed the move (Ryu and Ken most likely have at this point) and I doubt he was ever taught it. That might be a hurdle. Comics and manga seem to depict characters figuring out the move anyway which is not that far fetched for SF I guess.

With Dan being a joke character and all I doubt he will every seriously learn the move. Maybe a joke version of sorts.

like from MvC2, where he blows himself and his opponent up.


its literally only good for ending a round, dont use it unless they are gonna die from it.

I think in the God Rugal CVS2 scenario, Rugal witnessed it, survived it (thanks to Orochi powers) and that’s why he was able to copy it. Well Rugal copies moves from people all of the time. Obviously CVS2 is in some alternate universe (and no matter what scenario you get, Rugal dies and Gouki lives) but I think you have to at least witness, experience or have been taught the move to be able to do it.

Of course in martial arts anime/manga/games this isn’t always the case. Ki/chi/fighting energy can make you speak into people’s minds (DBZ with Goku saying ‘I need more power’ in the movies, Naruto vs. Sasuke fight) communicate with trees (Ryu Final), and allow you to speak to the dead and make you figure out stuff you were never taught before (Hokuto No Ken AKA Fist of the North Star). I’m not exactly sure how this works in SF land.

At least I ‘think’ the way Dan did SGS in the comic isn’t possible in the games. It WAS funny though and when it comes to comedy anything goes. :rofl:

I’m not sure if it’s the MvC2 version but winning with the Otoko Michi has him give the thumbs up whilst still lying on the ground and saying “yoyusu…” classic :bgrin: