Dan getting the Shun Goku Satsu?

No Problem! :tup:

I can totally see Dan tired of being the Butt Monkey of Street Fighter and either :
-developing some kind of angst that makes him join Bison for more power
-developing so much anger that he is able to feel the dark hadou (dark gadou ?) and power himself up with it
…Yeah, not really.

was sentinel playable in MVC1? I dont think so.

Yeah, in the comics he does. I’m not sure if Capcom’s story actually has it, but most of the comics are licensed by Capcom, meaning there’s so many variable stories.

But I mean with the death of his father and being the toilet paper of the other fighters, its time for Dan. Change we can believe in. Dan Hibiki/Sakura Kasusgano for President in 2012. Just kidding.

He does have deep anger inside, plotting revenge. He’s never really gotten it though, and Gouken kicked him from the training because of it. He trained with Ryu and Ken actually… but that’s getting off topic.

That video doesn’t show him winning with the move though and therefore doesn’t show him giving the thumbs up afterwards :stuck_out_tongue: I think he has the Otoko Michi in the Capcom vs SNK games as well.

lol Pretty funny.

In case you guys haven’t noticed already, Dan’s current ultra IS a parody of Akuma’s

Instead of magically driftoporting forward he just runs, and instead of blanking out what happens and doing brutal damage, he puts on a show

Sounds like Dan to me :tup:

Shun Goku Satsu: So Easy, Dan Could Do It.

Dammit Dan! You broke it!

I read that comic too, and seeing he using SGS really made me think, and i wouldn’t say it is impossible, i mean, maybe not the SGS but i think it’s really possible for the murder intent to awake on him. Although Dan in comic series just appear for joke parts, he is one of the characters with one of the most tragic and bitter story, his father was murdered in front of his very eyes and he couldn’t do nothing, he was left alone with no friends and family(it’s kinda ironic). Ryu seeked revenge while thought Gouken was dead, why Dan is so discriminated(by Gouken) for seeking revenge as well?

There is even a picture from the one of the covers of the issue #3 from Street Fighter IV mini-series, which show the shotos(including Dan) with the Dark Hadou

I think Dan is awesome in this picture

Totally agree with you

Dan doesn’t need to lose his funny way of being, but i think he deserves some changes, and he sure have a backgroung for that. I believe that Dan’s time to shine(in a more serious way) will come

What I’d like to know is how they got Sakura with the Satsui No Hado on the cover, and I ask that cause she’s not like Dan. She has no bitter tragic story, and in the Sakura Ganbaru series Gen doesn’t kill her cause he senses purity in her Hado. That’s just another point.

But it is ironic with the Akuma/Ryu thing and Dan/Sagat thing and Gouken’s view on it. I think Gouken tried to stop Ryu from possessing it and died shortlyl after, thus Ryu got it after Gouken was in a coma.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom in a future installment give Dan the Dark Hado and make him face Sagat, thus almost killing him or himself or something like that. Just a thought. I think Capcom’s got something for Dan, since he is very popular. I think Dan will do something awesome soon.

Dark/Evil/Sun Burnt Sakura wasn’t a new concept at that point, they just wanted to have a picture with all the “shoto” characters in “Evil Mode” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sakura is pretty sensitive to ki, she has much better ki control than the majority of the cast and is practically on par with Ken. Even the BLEECE project seemed to draw out the Satsui no Hadou from her :o

I forget this is the Dan forums :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think Dan is sensitive enough to ki to be able to use the Satsui no Hadou, the serious nature of it doesn’t really fit Dan’s character either. Think the closest Dan will get to it is the Otoko Michi :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the only way of Sakura going “evil mode” is if anything really bad happens to Ryu or her mother maybe. So far, Sakura is a character with no real problems or a dark past.

About Dan, it’s not that i want him to get the Dark Hado, i just want him to have a more serious role and get some more respect, and you don’t need to sacrifice his joke concept to it

Awesome pic of everyone in Satsui no Hadou. Though Gouken will never get it as evidenced by SF4 since he uses nothngness. Everyone else, very possible. Even Ken if something happens to his wife.

I believe Dan will most probably receive SNH one day…when he meets Sagat…

didnt he already fight Sagat? like somewhere in the alpha series? He gets his ass whooped, but Sagat says something to him that makes Dan not hate him. Which is why Dan opened the Dojo instead of always looking for Sagat.

Dan had the Otoko Michi in MSH vs SF. it did WAAAAAY less damage than it did in MvC2 but if you won with it, Dan did a special pose.

as for the whole SGS thing, Dan already has his version of it. with his super, if anything he could expand on that get some kinda “good” version.

I think Sagat threw the match. But either way, I don’t think Dan’s still looking for Sagat, but still has some resentment towards him.

Yeah Sagat apparently let Dan win, it’s Alpha 2 when Dan figths Sagat since his Alpha 3 bio says he already “defeated” Sagat.

I think Dan’s Otoko Michi has two versions in MvC2, seen videos of it doing 35-40% damage and like 100% damage x_x?

Yatta ze?! boom Oyaji~! …yoyusu :tup:

Yeah, Sakura has it in the EX plus A series.

Yeah, I dont know about Dan getting the dark hadou stuff. It would probably make him too viable of a character, defeating the purpose of him being a joke character. The whole fun in using Dan is that he’s so shitty and it’s like a jab to use him.

But if they did give him some kind of demon esque move, he shouldn’t be able to land it off a focus. Like as he activates it he should initiate the legendary taunt motions for like 2 rolls, then dive forward similar to the otoko michi. Like he should only be able to land it after somebody whiffs an ultra, or is just plain retarded.

And it should do minimal damage but just leave them stunned :rofl:

Haha true , I love how you can just focus attack his ultra though