Dan Arcade Changes

This thread is to let everyone know what changes are being made to Dan in the SSFIV Arcade Edition, and to discuss what changes SHOULD be made.

Heres what we know so far…
Dan’s Jumping Taunt height has been increased(?)
Standing Mk is NOT Slower
St lp and Close mp have more frame advantage on hit(?)
N.j HP has more range underneath Dan, and has pursuit propertys, knocking down foe when caught mid air and juggleable

Updaing first post with some details.

Yup, and that’s probably all he’ll get >.>

:confused: thats probably accurate, but its always fun to speculate.

If cr.mk linked into HK dankuu, Dan would be godlike.


I mean, its only on counter hit now and its still pretty good. At least cr.mk to knee, plz :3

Dan… only limit, the sky :smiley:

I will like be able to combo something after the near standing MK

ex Gadouken works, might be corner only though.

After the second hit you mean? As it is now you can KRK or Gado off of the first hit, I suppose those would be cancels…

Yeah, we’ve wanted that for quite a while now and TBH I’d settle for c.MP xx Dankuu full combo.

You talking about after the second hit? Cancel or link? Cancelling the first hit he can combo into KRK and EX Dankuu though there’s absolutely no reason to do it.

There’s a few things that need to be fixed that they haven’t bothered to yet:

  1. s.MP xx Dankuu comboing properly on all crouching characters.
  2. Hisshou Buraiken being able to properly combo after a simple c.MK xx Gadouken.
  3. Gadouken vulnerable hit box shortened so he doesn’t punch and trade with stuff half way across the screen.

Few things to make stuff more useful:

  1. Fast recovery on Air Dankuu.
  2. Instant recovery on Air Taunt.
  3. Taunt actually building meter!

Refix: Put his stun rating back to 1000, there was absolutely no need to put it to 900, even better and raise it to 1050.

Better frame advantage all round would be nice, even if it’s just making far s.LP about to link into c.HK it’d be something, don’t need to link a couple of c.LPs into KRK. If we throw out a couple of c.LPs and connect the best we can really do is land 2-3 more light attacks, being able to link it into a c.HK for a hard knock down would be very handy for the rush down. Being able to link s.MP into c.MP/c.MK would make the KRK confirm more reliable I think as well (though I can check it out in training with CH).

Haoh Gadouken needs to work like it fucking should do. I don’t mind the dropped hit on the juggle so much though be better if it didn’t, it’s the fact that it loses hits over distance that pisses me off, remove that shit. Would be nice if it was faster activation so that could link after Knee that isn’t super meaty in the corner too but might be a bit much.

i was mean after 2nd hit,something like gadouken or EX gadouken

for example

j+MK(cross up) -> closeMK (2 hits) -> gadouken

i will like it a lot! :smiley:

Better off just doing c.MK xx Gadouken :stuck_out_tongue: Even if s.MK does more damage than c.MK (probably does) forcing the low block is better anyways :wink:

All I want is to be able to link jabs into srk like every other shoto…

Hit confirm jab and lks are gay homie. Dan doesnt need that shit. Theres a lot more things that can make him better and keep him original/to his current playstyle.

I actually like the fact that his combo game is so weak. Puts him at the execution level of a grappler lol.

I fucked up an FADC Haoh the other day and it got me thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if Dan could juggle with his Cl. RH Sagat Style?

Since Dan doesn’t have 360s or even 180s, grapplers have higher execution barriers than him :rofl: Heck I mess up 360s a fair bit on Hakan, and getting 360s instead of 720s is annoying D:

I’ve said it before, getting s.HK to juggle like Sagat’s f.HK would be cool (Sagat’s s.HK doesn’t juggle methinks, it’s the high step kick they all use after TU FADC :P). ATM the only use s.HK has is best way to cancel into Super for maximum damage, if they tweaked it a little it could make a situational AA as well and adding juggle knock down would be awesome to boot. AA s.HK > EX KRK FADC > Haoh, that’d be sex, or even just AA s.HK > Haoh :rofl:

I honestly feel like neither of those two suggestions would make Dan OP in any way (The RH would have to only juggle as an AA though, Guile gets that luxury because he can’t ultra into it directly I think). In fact, considering that his combos are so poor, giving him more options to land damage compliments his weaknesses well, making Dan even more fun to play.

Jab Jab Gadoken

That would be cool, give cl.hk juggle like sagat and cl.hp overhead, and maybe make it so knee juggles too? How bout krk fadc cl.rh knee haoh gadouken?

Its funny because I main Zangief, I consider myself to be pretty strong with him and for some crazy reason, Dan is pretty much my secondary outside of the grapple chars. I think there is alot of merit to that comment. I usually tell people that Dan is all Yomi. I still use U1 for the punish instead of peoples offensive Krk to U2.

Replace Hissho Buraiken with Otoko Michi (reverse Raging Demon input)!

Also, taunts build meter.