Damnit Japan! Robot programmed to love goes too far


TLDR: Robots be spawning multiple tentacle dicks and be raping cute lab techs with their short skirts n spectacles n all that shit.

I think its cool they have gotten programming up this far, but to say at this stage robots can love is utter bullshit. Until they produce tentacles that is.

Frank Approves

“Baby that ain’t love, I believe you’ve got the wrong emoticon…”

How low does your iq have to be to believe this sort of shit?

Bad enough it’s one of those lame ass top ten list click sites

You dont want your ass to be loved by a Robot or what?

nigga how do you not have an ad block?

and its japan…anything with robots is possible when japanese people are on board.

The Japanese are replacing their own kind. Soon… soon female sex bots will be ready!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I don’t know who they are trying to fool.

Decensored for those who aren’t in the know of how these things work.

The site admits the article is fake in the update gaiz. Not to mention this is from 3 years ago

Sounds like a bullshit article.


And this is why you shouldn’t date robots!

paging the weeabo hunters @Angelpalm, @Lousichiper, @Nickrocks, @TheEpidemic, etc.

I agree, I believed it at face value at first. its fucking japan and asshole scientists never know when to stop until its too late and they go “ohhh i didnt know itd be this badddd” man foh

Did this nigga say ad block?

Holy shit, the fucking articles ARE the ads goddammit is this some high level trolling you are doing here to piss me off Maxx!!!


might as well throw my two cents into this conversation

There’s hope for some of you: