DAMAGE CONTROL w/ 3S and SF2HDR *$100 pot bonus each!* --Doylestown, PA (12/20/08)--

Yo dude. How’s that dissertation in rape coming along?

hey we only got two cars between us and quotes works on saturdays, and elias is… elias

What time does this place close? I plan on playing till 7am.

Oh damn son, I’m going down to PA on 12/6 for NEC. Money’s a bit tight, so I can’t afford two trips.

Hey guys, just updated the thread slightly with a link to the flyer for the event. Check it out!

Alphastorm, I think the place will be open until at least 2am, possibly later. But if you (or anyone else) still wants to game afterwards we could always go to seasofcheese- i mean my place to play. If I can’t bring my arcade cab to the event we could also play it at my house.

Also, COMMON NY and NJ. I’d really like to have you guys come out. We need more people in 3S. I was hoping you guys could come down to make a good show for the Gamervision tapings and rep the EC. Either way I’ll be at NEC this sunday so hope to see some of you guys there.

I’d be willing to host casuals for a couple people after the show. Some of the State College guys will be staying at my place anyway.

Count me in, and my boy Andy will be down too. :tup:

I’ll be in for both 3S and Remix.

DREAMMMM, long time no see!

Nice seeing some of you guys at NEC, now bring that hype to destroylestown! Also, seasofcheese has by far the best setup for casuals so i’m totally down for that.

If anyone else from this thread is going to be there I’ll see you at UP this weekend.

ill be at up this weekend hit me up for casuals in ST


O yeah, since I have a lil extra pocket change I’d like to make an open money match in 3s to any Urien or Akuma out there in 3s land. ft3 $10? :lovin:

Also, Seasofcheese you need to get on something in HDRemix! maybe vs myself, Iapetus, or crazymastersex?! You’re doin it. I’m in a CHALLENGE type of mood.

Comeback, see you down at UP, i’d love to play some ST. I’ll be there around 2-3pm.

Diaper Bomb, I will take you up on that challenge and I will pick akuma.

Huh? Is this the right place? I hear someone is giving away moneeey.

Urien vs Alex, ur on sukka! :arazz:

Okay, okay, I’ll follow suit. I’m auto-accepting $5 mms in 3s, ft3. I’ll do it with up to 4-5 ppl. Come get ur free $5 therapist!!! :lovin:

3s Money Matches ft3

  1. Diaperbom
  2. Alphastorm
  3. Dream

ill be their late i need to find a ride their from work… im working at a game store on 20th n hamilton if u want to u can stop in for a few games ill put on 3s for ya if u bring a controller or stick… hit me up

I will be there.
Wayne “PadSkillz” Rivers

Brandon let’s get it done for teams Holla back!

fire chocobo: I am in for $5 ft3 in 3s.

Hells yea. I’d be happy to get some money matches in HDR.

Iapetus: You were the one who introduced me to Street Fighter. Now I’d like to see how the grasshopper does against the master. You up for a HDR money match?

Diaper Bomb: It sucks that we were pitted against eachother at NEC, but here’s your chance for revenge. Money match?

Crazy Master Hand: I challenge you to a Guile mirror money match. Interested?

I figure these matches would be first to three or first to five wins, ranging from $5 to $20, but we can work that out later.

Anyone else is welcome to challenge me to something in HDR.

fire chocobo, if it’s only for $5, you can pick my character :slight_smile:

I’m also open to $5 random character select matches in HDremix. This offer is open to anyone and until I run out of money.

Haha, yeah I havent checked this thread in a minute. If your driving let me know cause I rather not catch the train :rofl: Also take me off of HD Remix please.