DAMAGE CONTROL w/ 3S and SF2HDR *$100 pot bonus each!* --Doylestown, PA (12/20/08)--


DAMAGE CONTROL in Doylestown!!!



Part tournament, part party, part outreach program, DAMAGE CONTROL is a tournament for everyone to get together in Pennsylvania and the Tri-State Area. (Hell, East Coast.) I figure the East Coast doesn’t treat itself too often so I wanted to do something for all the players and fans of Street Fighter. Being held in the heart of Doylestown not too far outside of Philadelphia at ESTETIKS, the coolest boutique shop in Doylestown. This tournament is also being sponsored by GAMER VISION (close…) and CYBORG-1 (Best Comic Shop).

There will be a DJ and free beverages at this event for the players. Possibly even free food? Also might have a MAME cabinet availible to play. The more people that attend the more extravigant this will be. Also, likely to be recorded and posted by Gamer Vision. So come on down! P.S. Don’t steal shit.

ESTETIKS: http://www.estetiksonline.com/
photos 1-http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq282/cyborgone/l_0061869b85951a35b8d39a4aa45e48aa.jpg
2- http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq282/cyborgone/l_30f8fd3fa8ce7dc39d88d570ad4a8346.jpg
3- http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq282/cyborgone/l_0f43a4780c18970faa421ebf2a544dfd.jpg

GAMER VISION: http://www.gamervision.com/

CYBORG-1: http://cyborg1.edgeofthorns.net/


Saturday December 20th 2008
3pm open/registration starts, 4pm registration ends, 5pm start.


5 South Main Street
Doylestown PA, 18901

Directions can be found on http://www.estetiksonline.com/


Street Fighter III Third Strike (PS2)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (XB360/PS3)

These are the two main games being run but if enough people show I would like to do TEAMS for both games (time permitting)(No bonus pot for Teams). Also there will be casual games on the side for MvC2 (DC) and SC4 (XB360). Suggestions are also welcome for other games! Also spare controllers will be there but this is a BYOC event.

Both game brackets will be run by myself (Diaper Bomb) and Fire Chocobo on paper and Tournament Maker 2.1 .


$10 venue fee
$5 entry fee per game.

Payout will be 70/20/10% for both games. Each game will also have an additional $100 pot for 1st place.


Both games will use standard rules. Double Elimination 2/3, Semis and Finals are 3/5.

If you are over 10 minutes late for your match when you are called you’ll forfeit the match and be sent to losers etc etc, standard tournament ruling.

HD REMIX will be in REMIX mode instead of ORIGINAL.


If you plan on pre registering and are coming to this for sure please list your Name(s), Game(s), and where you’re from so I can work out the seeding properly. I need at least 8 for each game to run them.

1: Brian Nowakowski “Diaper Bomb”, Doylestown PA
2: Kyle MacFarland “Comeback”, Philadelphia PA
3: Sean “1der”, Philadelphia PA
4: Therapist , Transylvania
5: Fire Chocobo , Warrington PA
6: Pete Matthews “hahano” Gotham City
7: Brandon “Dr. Chaos” , Philadelphia PA
8: Deep Thoughts , State College PA
9: Sam “Iapetus”, Doylestown PA
10: Wes Payton “crazymasterhand” , Kutztown PA
11: Bchan , Baltimore MD
12: Reljin , Baltimore MD
13: Ian Vaflor , Philadelphia PA
14: Alphastorm , State College PA
15: Dream , Philadelphia PA
16: Andy , Philadelphia PA
17: Carmen , State College PA
18: Wayne Rivers “Padskillz”, NJ
19: Sean P , NJ
20: HeartofHatred , Philadelphia PA
21: Hoenir , Lansdale PA
22: Red Coyote , Reading PA
23: Mr. Pinoy , Glenside PA

1: Brian Nowakowski “Diaper Bomb”, Doylestown PA
2: Kyle MacFarland “Comeback”, Philadelphia PA
3: Sean “1der”, Philadelphia PA
4: JMS , PA
5: Keith “Seas of Cheese”, State College PA
6: Deep Thoughts , State College PA
7: Alphastorm , State College PA
8: Sam “Iapetus”, Doylestown PA
9: Wes Payton “crazymasterhand” , Kutztown PA
10: Bchan , Baltimore MD
11: Reljin , Baltimore MD
12: Bill “Ehonda” , Yardley PA
13: Ian Vaflor , Philadelphia PA
14: Dominic Moschitti , Philadelphia PA
15: Dream , Philadelphia PA
16: Andy , Philadelphia PA
17: Carmen , State College PA
18: Wayne Rivers “Padskillz”, NJ
19: Red Coyote , Reading PA

add me ill play Brian im livin in philly but ill make a special apperance to this cuz i miss cyborg so much

im in for both games

Sean “1der”

I’ll be there for sure. C’mon, 3S players.

Hay guyze,

HD Remix how do I play dis…?

Nice. This tournament should be a really good time for EC players. I look forward to helping run it and hope to see a lot of heads there. Oh, and put me down for 3s!!!


what are the rules for hd remix? Can I use old characters?

Hey Alphastorm and JMS, sorry for the confusion about HD Remix, I’ll try to clear it up

In HD Remix we’re using REMIX mode, in which there’s only one version of each character. I decided to go with Remix mode because it’s new but familiar, but if there’s enough demand we can do ORIGINAL mode which is your regular old ST or at least based on the Dreamcast version from what I gather.

Right now we’re leaning more towards the XBox 360 version because that’s what Gamer Vision is willing to supply. I’ll see if I can get them to bring PS3’s instead but there’s no guarantee. If anyone else wants to bring a PS3 with HD Remix on it they’d get free entry. Either way I’ll try to have spare joysticks and pads for each console. Hope that clears everything up. Hope to see you guys there! :lovin:

I think I may attend, 3s and Hd I shall play.
-My first name is Brandon!

Count me in for ST!

I’m in for Remix and 3S.

Sorry to imply that there was confusion on my part. I was actually just being an idiot.

If there will be 360 setups available, that’ll be excellent–I have a 360 joystick, but I don’t have one for PS3.

Can’t wait to see folks from Doylestown and State College again.

I am there for both hd and 3s.

Time to get HYYPE!

Well if you’re doing 3S, it makes it easier for people to only have to bring one Stick, and then use a converter for the Ps3.

Count me in both games.

ill see if nj is down…

me and reljin should make it

can we get cvs2 thats just as good as the other games if not better i can gring a a copy of the game and a system and i can run it fo you

I’d play CVS2

NJ better be down! It’s not too far away from you guys.