Dallas, Texas 6.2 DFW Metro area. First post updated with new info

Welcome to DFW Fighting Game community…

This thread is dedicated to all the fighting game fans in the Metroplex and we welcome all new comers. Please see below for a list of gatherings in the area. If you wish to add a new spot for gamers to game please send me a message and I will add it to the list.

Friday night action takes place at Fight Club every 2 weeks. Check the thread often for upcoming tournaments and gatherings.

Fight Club information.
9616 Orinda Dr
Fort Worth tx 76108
5 minutes south from old location!!
I have an Alaskan Husky (hair everywhere) house dog that’s friendly and will be sniffing all crotches… Sorry!!
and don’t let her run out!!
This will be every 2 weeks starting with after the 4th
Dec21, Dec28, Jan4, Jan 18, Feb1, Feb15 … etc.

If you have questions contact Jeff or myself
John Martin 682-622-6384

832-545-8098 ask for Jeff

Edited 1/7/13

This is a current and update list of Live/PSN gamer tags for DFW metro area players.

If you would like me to add your info, send me a pm with your gamer tags.

SFighterlove - xbox: EAMendietta , psn: EAMGUNNER22
Nmbr1Krush - xbox: Nmbr1Krush , psn: nmbr1krush
Retekin - xbox: Retekin
YungB254 - xbox: UrienRose (his gf account)
CatBread - psn: Void-Vision
FindMyFarms - psn: findmyfarms
b4llz - xbox: res b4llz , psn: b4llz1974
neroiscariot - psn: nero7154
lifefire940 - xbox: lifefire940
IceColdEdge - xbox: IceColdEdge , psn: IceColdEdge
Orochi Ryu - xbox: skatormss
rury.gon - psn: NikeAdikt_v2
DREY323 - xbox: DREY323 , psn: DREY323
identity - xbox: oh identity
Hackuma - xbox: HighAndWinning
JDad - PSN: Snaake89
Ecks007 - PSN: Ecks007 XBL: Yoshi Ecks007

Our old thread experienced rapture two days late…

so like if the old thread doesnt reappear…

Jeff or Kent can you PM the fightclub stuff so I can edit the first post with info?

Man should have talked about more gun play. Obviously was the softest thread in the forums, repented and is off to internet heaven…

I already hate this.

It looks like we can post up pictures on the threads now.


MK this shit is serious business

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ugly forum. Strange that the old thread disappeared I just saw it this morning.

this shit is ugly looking :confused:

SRK Dark is a bit better, but still the ugliest forum I have ever seen.

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Man it fukin sucks they took away the thread tags. There had to been easily over 100 threads all over srk that was tagged either “chuvy sucks” or “chuvy is a bitch” or both…

it was about time we got a new thread! let’s just stick to this one. :slight_smile:

who wants to go cruising in my new challenger? joe, we should take it to the bars and get you laid… for once

Man you must have a sick job with all these rides…

the achievement/awards thing is silly. reminds me of giantbomb.

no offense tristen.

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